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Jayesh Khatri: Leveraging Industry Expertise To Inspire Innovation & Growth

Jayesh Khatri: Leveraging Industry Expertise To Inspire Innovation & Growth

  Jayesh Khatri,    COO

Jayesh Khatri


As a company expands and grows, its operational complexities increase, and this is where a Chief Operating Officer comes to rescue. From optimizing operational effectiveness, driving strategic initiatives, fostering cross-functional collaboration, to ensuring the company's overall success, the role of Chief Operating Officer stands crucial in every organization irrespective of the domain. One such industry expert, recognized for his effective decision-making skills is Jayesh Khatri, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ashish Life Science. Renowned for its global presence, Ashish Life Science actively contributes to the enriching the life of animals and humans by taking care of Animal health. Jayesh Khatri, serving as the COO of Ashish Life Science, has been instrumental in emphasizing the company's strong footprint in regulated markets such as ANZ, EU, UK & Canada and driving the excellence in existing markets where Ashish Life Science is already present. With a specific emphasis on the well-regulated European & ANZ markets, Jayesh is actively working to demonstrate the organization's capacities while simultaneously pursuing growth opportunities in other promising markets, including the EU, UK, ANZ, and Canada. Under Jayesh’s leadership, Ashish Life Science has made substantial investments in enhancing its technical capabilities, exemplified by the establishment of a dedicated animal health Research and Development(R&D) center staffed by 40 skilled scientists.

Additionally, the company has achieved remarkable growth, expanding almost 2.5 times over the past three and half years.

In an exclusive interview, Jayesh Khatri offers valuable insights into the success story of Ashish Life Science.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.
Over the past twenty years, I have devoted my career to the life science industry, accumulating extensive experience in various capacities. I began as a production in-charge at Atul Limited, where I supervised production operations.
Later, I joined Comed Chemicals Limited, focusing on Research and Development (R&D) formulations. During my four and a half years at Dr. Reddys, I specialized in the CRAMS business (CPS division), expanding my knowledge of various models, processes, and technologies. This led me to project management roles and eventually brought me to Glenmark in 2010, where I spearheaded the execution of portfolios for US(ANDA) and EU (MA) markets. The following year, I joined Cipla and led significant business transformation initiatives collaborating with Mckinsey. Subsequently, I held leadership positions at Enaltec Labs Pvt Ltd before assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Ashish Life Science (ALS). Throughout my journey, I have gained expertise in diverse areas such as API & formulations, Human as well as Animal health and successfully transitioned from technical roles to techno-commercial and commercial roles while maintaining my technical proficiency.

Ashish Life Science is committed to providing the same level of capabilities in Animal Health that India has contributed to the field of human health

What are the values Ashish Life Science follows to consistently maintain its mark in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?
At Ashish Life Science, our unwavering commitment lies in delivering Animal Health capabilities that match India's significant contributions to the field of Human Health. We uphold a set of core values that revolve around incessant improvement, upholding stringent quality standards, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

How does Ashish Life Science ensure quality is maintained at each level of its products and services for both human and animal healthcare?
While Ashish Life Science's primary focus is on Animal health rather than Human health, we fully acknowledge the significance of the 'One Health' concept in today's world. As a result, we are deeply committed to upholding the same rigorous quality standards for the development and production of animal health medicines as those practiced in the realm of human health.

What are the factors you take into account to ensure the smooth running of business operations?
In order to ensure the seamless functioning of our operations, we have implemented a range of crucial measures. Our primary emphasis has been on establishing an efficient supply chain network, optimizing our warehousing capabilities, and aligning distributor inventory. Furthermore, we have integrated IoT technology to enable predictive maintenance and real time monitoring of production output. In line with our growth strategy, we have expanded our manufacturing lines and obtained the necessary regulatory approvals in accordance with industry standards. Acknowledging the vital role of IT security and infrastructure, we have appointed a Chief Digital Officer to enhance our IT systems, strengthen backup security protocols, and drive digital transformation initiatives. Additionally, we have introduced a user friendly mobile app for our esteemed customers and established a dedicated call center within one of our subsidiaries.

What has been the success mantra in your journey so far?
I am highly dedicated to lifelong learning and consistently strive to expand my knowledge. Through my adeptness in people management, I have earned admiration and built positive relationships throughout my professional trajectory. Embracing a "Muni" mindset, I place emphasis on a greater purpose beyond individual interests in the corporate realm. By remaining attentive and forward-looking, I have made substantial contributions to fulfilling organizational goals in the various companies I have been associated with.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?
As previously stated, my work philosophy is rooted in a Muni mindset, where I embody the principles of Karma Yoga and actively pursue knowledge through Gyan Yoga. I wholeheartedly welcome challenges as they present invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. Leveraging my current skill set, I am confident in my capacity to lead organizations towards success and make meaningful contributions to their advancement.

Jayesh Khatri, Chief Operating Officer, Ashish Life Science
Jayesh Khatri, the COO of Ashish Life Science (ALS), brings over 20 years of experience in the life science industry, with expertise in production, R&D formulations, project management, business development & business transformation. With a successful track record in renowned companies like Dr. Reddys and Cipla, Jayesh's leadership as COO has been instrumental in driving the growth and operational excellence at ALS.

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