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Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra : Navigating Healthcare Leadership With Financial Prowess

Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra : Navigating Healthcare Leadership With Financial Prowess

Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra ,  Group CFO

Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra

Group CFO

In today's healthcare landscape, financial leaders play an increasingly important role. Their strategic financial acumen promotes operational efficiency, resource allocation and compliance, resulting in improved patient care quality and organizational resilience. With ever-changing regulatory frameworks and economic challenges, their financial management expertise ensures efficient resource allocation, ultimately contributing to the organization's success and patient well-being.

CA Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra, Group Chief Finance Officer at Ruby Hall Clinic, is one such seasoned Finance leader with a distinguished career spanning 18 years across diverse industries. Armed with a Chartered Accountant qualification and an MBA, he exhibits expertise in Finance and Operational Transformation, Driving M&A, Due diligence, Integration, Proficient in P&L management, taxation, ERP (SAP and Oracle), and many more. His skill set encompasses a wide spectrum of financial domains. Renowned for his adaptability and relentless pursuit of excellence, he has worked in many prestigious organizations like Reliance, Apollo, AMRI, and more. As a pivotal leader at Ruby Hall Clinic, his strategic acumen has been instrumental in driving its growth and establishing it as a leading healthcare institution of the country.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra enlightens us more about his professional traits and his unique play at Ruby Hall.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

Having around 18 years of professional experience across multiple domains, now associated with Ruby Hall Clinic as Group CFO. I have got engaged in consulting sector, telecom and Healthcare, before joining in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Being a faculty in NIFT where being assigned the responsibility for shaping up budding talents is another feather of satisfaction in the professional carrier. The journey begun as a F&A professional that gradually developed towards relentless pursuit of excellence and performance delivery. Beyond my core expertise, I have also worked as Joint Business Head of AMRI
hospital - Bhubaneswar for around a year, successfully beyond the stereotypes.

My passion is driven by the dynamism of the healthcare industry that possesses multi dimensional challenges. The rapid evolution, influx of innovations, and emergence of new avenues do signify the continuous assessment of environment to identify potential opportunities, evaluating current position and forecasting guidance particularly in financial management and regulatory compliances. My tenure at Ruby Hall, which aligns with its visionary growth strategy, demonstrates our commitment towards both vertical and horizontal expansions and technological advancement. We as a team always thrive for optimal financial and operational strategies, ensuring better value for money. In this multifaceted role, I am deeply involved in all aspects of management, integration, transformation and acquisition, all to maintain quality while fostering growth for overall better ment of mankind.

My guiding principles are transparency, coopera-tion & adapt-ability

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

Leadership essentially is the gross involvement of required characters, entails setting up of good example and encouraging teamwork in time bound manner. My core vision is nurturing talent through effective resource management and ongoing skill development. Keeping up with industry changes, I believe that cross-vertical collaboration is essential for long-term success. Creating a profes-sional, cohesive workplace culture is critical. My guiding principles are transparency, cooperation, and adapt-ability. Every challenge in our dynamic industry necessitates a tailored solution, which emphasizes constant team updates and communication with clarity. My efforts are for empowering the team and inculcating a collaborative spirit to achieve the objectives efficiently and ethically.

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with ongoing industry trends to steer your organization towards the future?

I embrace the digital era and rely on a variety of sources for industry insights. Using social media, digital and print platforms keeps me informed and updated. Financial magazines and media are invaluable resources for keeping up with current financial trends. Furthermore, the personal connections with industry peers through regular interactions, both in person and online helps a lot. This collaborative approach promotes knowledge exchange and keeps me up to date on industry develop
ments, allowing me to effectively steer our organization toward future success.

The Ruby Hall Clinic has maintained its reputation since 1959. Could you share how it has been maintaining its reputation for this many decades?

Ruby Hall Clinic's long-standing reputation is due to its commitment to excellence and strategic approach. Our flagship Sassoon Road unit which is recognized for its 8 NABH certifications and various Quality accreditations, was recently ranked amongst the Top 10 hospitals of India, demonstrating our commitment towards Qualitative Healthcare. With three locations in Pune and ongoing expansion plans, we prioritize technological advancement and opeartional discipline. This emphasis on effective financial management and transparency which has bestowed trust and loyalty, attracting both local and international patients. Our reputation as a preferred healthcare destination continues to grow, thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality care and innovation.

What kind of future aspirations do you have in mind that you are planning to accomplish?

Looking ahead, our aspiration is to continue the good work and the legacy of Founders. As per the vision of our Chairman Dr. Purvez K Grant, we do intend to maximize our reach beyond Metro Cities limit to make our best and world-class services available at affordable manner. We are coming up with a green field project in Pune and actively pursuing various M&A activities. Recently we have started another unit in Shirur. Over the next three to five years, we intend to significantly increase our capacity, considering the increased requirement of healthcare facilities in this part of geography. Using cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and implementing trend management systems will be critical to ensuring ongoing success and growth in this evolving professional domain.

Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra , Group Chief Finance Officer, Ruby Hall Clinic

CA Jyoti Prakash Mahapatra, a seasoned healthcare executive, has more than 18 years of diverse industry experience. He is currently a key leader at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, having previously worked in consulting, telecom, and healthcare. His strategic vision, innovative approach and commitment to excellence have aided the RHC's expansion and recognition as a premier healthcare destination.

•Hobbies: Reading, Cricket
•Favorite Cuisine: Indian Fish Dishes
•Favorite Book: Loves to go through Economic/Finances arena
•Favorite Travel Destination: Any Place

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