Kashish Aggarwal: Leveraging His Strong Knowledge Of Food Science To Take Chandigarh Sweets To New Heights | CEOInsights Vendor
Kashish Aggarwal: Leveraging His Strong Knowledge Of Food Science To Take Chandigarh Sweets To New Heights

Kashish Aggarwal: Leveraging His Strong Knowledge Of Food Science To Take Chandigarh Sweets To New Heights

 Kashish Aggarwal,   Executive Director

Kashish Aggarwal

Executive Director

Indian cuisine is celebrated around the world and the mithai amongst them is the favourite one. With the vision to bring Indian Sweet & Snack cuisine to the world on the scale that it deserves Chandigarh Sweets was established in the year 1992. Under the leadership of Kashish Aggarwal, they want to produce the best quality products and ensure that mithai makers have enough opportunities to craft their creations. The company is working to unify and industrialize the Indian sweet and savory industry.

Kashish Aggarwal, Executive Director, Chandigarh Sweets, comes from a family that is deeply rooted in Indian tradition and Indian Traditional Food. That is why he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Technology with Specialization in Food Sciences and Technology. After becoming a Food Technologist, he felt that he is more equipped and trained to help the business and charter a new course for himself & his company which is based on both traditional craft and modern technology. With his knowledge and hard work, he has brought various laurels to his company as an Executive Director.

Kashish Aggarwal engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights. Let’s hear from him.

How would you define Chandigarh Sweets as an organization and its position in the market?
Chandigarh Sweets or CSL is a growing organisation, and we are continually equipping ourselves with new paradigms and technologies. We are well poised in the market with our automation and big capacity building to achieve economies of scale. We are giving shape to new ways of Mithai Making Process by setting up new ways to do things and most important of all, making lots of relationships in the process nationally and internationally and I believe that by this, Chandigarh Sweets is going to achieve a stronghold in the market.
Tell us about your flagship offerings and what value additions customers can expect from your offerings.
Our sweets like Roasted Burfi and other offerings like Peanut Chikki are very popular among our clients but I would rather term our flagship offering as our expertise in bringing high shelf-life food products through Frozen Technology maintaining their authentic taste and sensory to our customers which substantiates our rightful claim to offer 18-24 months shelf life of our product range.

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The value addition for our customers is that our customers are basically food businesses who are involved in Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterings supplies, and from us, they can expect hassle-free one-stop solutions for their businesses with a wide variety of products involving maximum cost-effectiveness and reduced production related problems with high standards of hygiene and food safety.

Could you tell us about how your product sourcing helps in delivering quality products to the customers?
We have industry experts in our team both in Production as well as in Quality and Logistics who verifies the sourcing process at every stage, and we like to keep our sourcing partners also on their toes as far as quality deliverance is concerned. Our quality processes encompass our partners as well. Specific sourcing from well-researched and reputed geographical locations has been the specialty of our procurement process.

Could you reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey so far? How did you over come them and what did you learn from them?
When I am saying there is a melange of tradition and modernity, that’s easier said than done. It’s a daily battle and struggles are there at every level to achieve the right mix of the association between Craft and Tech but my being on both sides of the table helped a lot. I have inherited the craft legacy and built the skill set for the technology, people from both sides listen carefully to me and I think that’s where half my battles are won, but
yes, like I said it’s easier said than done.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities you foresee?
Healthy Products and Offerings will remain a buzzword in the industry and continue to drive our behaviour as consumers and our new offerings like protein bars and low carbs products are our efforts in that direction. Apart from that, the Hygiene quotient of the product is and will continue to be an important factor for its demand and its Final Value. We are highly equipped with processes and people to offer the most hygienic ecosystem to guarantee food safety.

In the future, products and processes must be compliant and they continue to be very important factors. Today’s consumers are also aware and educated about the food safety norms and expect the offerings to them to be fully compliant in every way possible. Along with that, Ease of Use, Ease of Consumption, and Ease of Disposal will drive the market behaviour a lot.

Opportunities are aplenty as we Indians by population are 17 percent on Earth but our contribution to the world’s food is still dwindling around 3.5 percent as far as our contribution to the world food plate is concerned. But I believe that my company has the potential, and we are on the right path and will achieve our goals.

Kashish Aggarwal, Executive Director, Chandigarh Sweets
Kashish Aggarwal has completed his graduation in Food Science and Technology and has experience working in the food industry. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Chandigarh Sweets company and scaling his business day by day with the help of traditional as well as modern technologies.

•Hobbies: Traveling
•Favourite Cuisine: Punjabi North Indian Food
•Favorite Book: The CEO Factory by Sudhir Sitapati
•Favorite Travel Destination: London Kashish

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