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K.P. Dominic: Striving To Create An Impact On The Global Market For Indian Brands

K.P. Dominic: Striving To Create An Impact On The Global Market For Indian Brands

  K.P. Dominic,    Founder & President

K.P. Dominic

Founder & President

Not only is fire safety education and training necessary by law, but it is also an incredibly critical skill to acquire for the protection of employees and anyone who may be present in the building. Participating in fire safety training will educate employees with the skills such as spotting dangers, doing a fire risk assessment, taking action to avoid fires, and finally learning how to respond in an emergency. All of these are essential abilities that enable employees to effectively eliminate fire hazards in the workplace. K.P. Dominic, the Founder & President of Blue & Gray Management Consultants, has been delivering Fire Safety & Security training sessions and seminars for the past 35 years in order to make people understand these elements and raise awareness in society.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEOInsights, K.P. Dominic spoke about his vast professional journey and accomplishments.

What has been your inspiration behind Blue & Gray Management Consultants? Where is your firm positioned and how does it create a difference in the community?
Armed with an objective to promote, market and assist the Indian companies in the organizational development and help them stay at the top or reach the pinnacle they desire, we established Blue & Gray Management Consultants in 2014. We have developed a substantial channel partner network for organizations/brands such as Vista, Honeywell, and Mircom.

We began our adventure of representing and promoting reputable businesses from India to the world. Today, Blue and Gray serve as a gateway for Indian enterprises to promote their brands and innovations on a global scale, as well as a platform for foreign companies to discover about the Indian market. Our emphasis has been assisting firms in their journey
by providing them with relevant data on the marketplace, as well as offering business strategy insights on market positioning and networking paradigms.

Over these years, we hosted several seminars and knowledge-based workshops, which became a major contributor to the success of Blue & Gray Management Consultants

What are the new technologies & products introduced in Blue & Gray Management Consultants that can protect & save precious lives?
Blue and Gray have consistently been associated with the world's greatest brands in Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Technology, and other fields. We have also been actively partnered with Hikvision and its Make in India project, PRAMA. In the commercial segment, we promoted AAG's Fire Fighting devices as a brand in India, and they are now one of the leading suppliers in the country.

We are proud to state that Blue and Gray is India's only organization with a large database of influencers who are constantly supplied insights into technological advancement and educated on the implementation of best practices. Several industry leaders have signed up for our training and learning webinars in exchange for our informative newsletters on technology and product advancements. Furthermore, we established Mircom, a Canadian company specializing in advanced fire alarm systems, and assisted them in expanding into India. Many buildings in India now have Mircom Fire Alarm Systems installed to safeguard people and property.

You are also one of the founding members of the prestigious Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI). What have been the objectives behind it?
Having traveled the length and width of the Indian Subcontinent, was extremely effective in raising awareness about Life Safety and cultivating a wide network of influencer marketing in the Building
Segment. While the sector was rapidly evolvingin 2002, we felt it was critical to inculcate trust and reliability in Safety & Security products and solutions among people.

What was your experience as Founder, General Secretary, Event Chairman and President of India’s largest society for Fire Safety & Security– FSAI?
The initial ten years of our journey were spent assisting companies in their growth and recognition by professionals; it was a challenging assignment that we successfully completed. Over these years, we hosted several seminars and knowledge-based workshops,which became a major contributor to the success of Blue & Gray Management Consultants. Additionally, we developed numerous trademark events, including the PACC, IFSY, and ISFE Trade Show, as well as yearly awards for professionals, police officers, fire fighters, and student visionaries.

How do you define success? What is your success mantra that helps you to deliver positive outcomes at every level?
Whatever one's passion is, it must be pursued with zeal. Never look back, and remember that every setback brings you one step closer to success. Also, every leader should understand that their team/co-workers are the most valuable asset to the organization. We are accountable for their growth; thus, we must appreciate them, their ideas, and respect their efforts.

And the basic mantras that I believe in are as follows: the first 25 years of our lives should be spent LEARNING, the second 25 years of our lives should be spent EARNING, and the third 25 years of our lives should be spent GIVING.

K.P. Dominic, Founder & President, Blue & Gray Management Consultants Pvt Ltd
Dominic has more than 36 years of expertise in the Indian Fire and Security Industry. Dominic completed his BCom in Business Administration and Management from Bangalore University before starting his career with DATS India. Dominic also established Blue & Gray Management Consultants in 2014 to assist Indian firms in flourishing on a global dimension. Dominic is also a founding member of the distinguished Fire & Security Association of India(FSAI).

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