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Krishna Patel: The Name Behind Driving Growth And Opportunities At Nesco

Krishna Patel: The Name Behind Driving Growth And Opportunities At Nesco

Krishna Patel, Chairman & Managing Director

Krishna Patel

Chairman & Managing Director

The Indian business landscape is prepared to grow in multiple areas due to several factors such as international trade, government stimulus, and an overall strong developing country. With a young population, rising global leadership and with technology driving growth and innovation, several business opportunities exist in multiple sectors. Krishna Patel, CMD of Nesco Ltd., has driven and enriched the company from being one of India's few renowned engineering companies to becoming a diversified conglomerate with a series of adventurous, bold, and creative steps these past decades. From designing and manufacturing engineering solutions, the Nesco Group has diversified into multiple industries, including Exhibitions, Real Estate, Hospitality Events and Entertainment.

A dynamic people's leader, Krishna Patel is adept at spotting and implementing future trends, even as he hones in on new business opportunities and verticals. On the behest of CEO Insights Magazine here’s an exclusive interaction with the man himself.

How would you describe Nesco as an organization and its position in the market? Tell us about your flagship offerings and the value additions customers can expect from you.
Nesco is a conglomerate of 5 SBUs namely: Realty, Hospitality, Events, Exhibition Centers, and Engineering.

Nesco Realty specializes in the development and leasing of Platinum-LEED Certified workspace towers. The structures are truly cutting-edge, with architectural & technical know how from Singapore and Australia. With its premium IT Park, Nesco's real estate industry has set a new standard. It accommodates the world's top international corporations, including HSBC, KPMG, PWC, MSCI, BlackRock and others to name just a few.

Nesco Foods has one of Mumbai’s largest nonflight kitchens, measuring 25,000 sq.ft. with an overnight expansion capability of another 25,000 sq.ft. The facility currently produces 60,000 gourmet meals per day and is versatile enough to provide a variety of cuisine alternatives even under peak operation loads. It is one of Mumbai’s most popular hospitality providers, known for its diverse capabilities and cuisines.

The Bombay Exhibition Centre(BEC),like airports, railways, and roadways, is a primary amenity and platform for Trade & Commerce in any economy. BEC presently
holds over 200 events annually and is one of the largest private sector Expo Centers. The BEC is already India's largest private sector exposition site, hosting all messes and organizers from across the world.

Nesco Events is an intriguing division that is building a name for itself. The events have resulted in one of a kind IP properties that have immediately become a resounding success.

We are building a diverse & competent team and already have some of the best and most experienced hands in the field leading our dedicated employees

Our engineering division, Indabrator, is a pioneer in the surface preparation category. Indabrator boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing units backed by best in class technology. Today, it has built a steady and loyal customer base with a considerable market share and numerous innovations in the works.

We are an organization that thrives on the dedication and honesty of our colleagues who believe in striving for excellence in every industry in which we operate.

What are the driving forces that push you forward today?
The workplace can be challenging. One of my most powerful motivators is the satisfaction relished from overcoming hurdles. Resolving them provides me with genuine role satisfaction. I am also inspired by the possibility of making a genuine impact on the lives of my coworkers and their families. This inspires me to strive for excellence in all that I do. Even at Nesco, the culture of 'Believe' is the glue that holds us together. More than a theory, it is a daily reality that we share with the world through our goods, services, social activities, and the numerous lives that we touch.

How is the team built at Nesco, and what motivates them the most to ensure client satisfaction?
We are building a diverse & competent team and already have some of the best & most experienced hands in the field leading our dedicated employees. We believe in simplicity, honesty, and dedication. We enthusiastically honor success and learn from our mistakes by inventing and discovering new ways to grow and flourish with this ethos, we approach each new day. We are who we are today because of our people. We are optimistic and believe in cultivating a positive team that is nurtured, inspired, and encouraged to achieve its full potential.

Please shed some light on Nesco's approach toward sustainability. Tell us about your CSR initiatives. How do you encourage your employees to participate in them?
Nesco builds on the four pillars of Sustain ability, namely Economic, Environmental, Human, and Social.

We at Nesco have gone beyond the ambit of profitability to prioritize benefits throughout our numerous industries. Several investments have been and are being made in the areas of Education, Health, & Hygiene, and one of the focus areas of our CSR initiatives resulting in skill development and promoting the well-being of communities and society. Natural resources and spaces available are limited, but we ensure balanced and continuous growth inour properties, being mindful of providing clean open spaces. We are working hard to bring water and sanitation to areas that lack basic hygiene services. In Karamsad (Gujarat), we’ve developed a modern water supply system to eliminate the enormous distances and costs associated with water transportation. Our contribution revolutionized life in the neighborhoods, eventually bringing in family water connections, which had been a community dream.

Sustainable development is more than just economic growth. We endeavor to give nothing but the best to our co-workers and those who use our services & goods. We have always worked to be an employer of choice, offering some of the best personal & professional development opportunities. A happy employee is an asset to the organization and the driving force behind its expansion.

Going forward, what are the opportunities you see yourself grasping to fulfill your main goal and why? What would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
We have planned and sketched out a 15-year growth strategy. Following the same, we are building and growing along the road, and I am confident that we will comfortably attain our targets within the time scales we have set.

My advice would be to keep evolving the mission and vision statement from time-to-time. A ‘Centre of excellence’ is all about ‘excellence’: The name says it all.

A leader without authority and a reasonable level of autonomy will never be able to take the right risks and make the bold moves that a situation demands. While it is good to lead by example in some instances, it is better to lead by influence in many others.

A bridge is only as strong as the foundation that supports it: Pick your A-Players carefully. Ensure they are smarter than you!!

Krishna Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, NESCO
An alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University, USA, and Kingston University, UK, Krishna Patel is passionate about bringing a global perspective to the workings of Nesco. Krishna began his career in Corporate Strategy with Fisher Hamilton in Pittsburgh, USA. He has guided the corporate expansion of the Bombay Exhibition Center and introduced the fast gaining service verticals of hospitality and events at Nesco.

Quick facts:
•Hobbies:Sports - Tennis, Swimming, Badminton
•Favourite Cuisine:Thai, Chinese, Italian
•Favourite Book: To Kill a Mocking Bird; The Great Gatsby Passage to India
•Favourite Travel Destination: European Countryside

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