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Lakshman TL: Striving To Take Remarkable Measures For Indian Healthcare Domain

Lakshman TL: Striving To Take Remarkable Measures For Indian Healthcare Domain

Lakshman TL,Chief Operating Officer

Lakshman TL

Chief Operating Officer

The smallest spark ignites the fire that lies deep inside you, and suddenly everything is possible”. In 2001, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai for a knee joint replacement surgery and the incident evoked the desire of Lakshman TL (COO, HealthCare Global) to explore the healthcare space. Although Lakshman was working for Standard Chartered Bank prior to that, he envisaged a lot of opportunity in the healthcare space and fell in love with the system as well as the industry. Envisioned to do something remarkable for the Healthcare industry which includes funding the state from a financial perspective and ensuring profitability as well as sustainability, Lakshman entered into the healthcare space after quitting his career in the banking domain. With a notion of making a difference to society at large, Lakshman’s voyage in the healthcare space turned successful owing to a few advantageous factors such as limited competitors within the industry, nascent stage of the advanced healthcare system, and people’s enthusiasm to spend more on healthcare space for their wellness, and so on. Slowly increasing his pace across some of the well-known multi-facility hospitals and healthcare centres of India, Lakshman gradually discovered himself as the COO of HealthCare Global - India's largest Cancer Care Provider.

Lakshman engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights

Tell us about the unique healthcare services offered by HealthCare Global that make it different from others in the industry?
The hospital has got three Divisions. The first is oncology which is led by some prominent leaders of the country. In second comes infertility business. The third multi specialty hospitals and major uniqueness about our hospital is that most of our promoters and partners, who
form a majority of our network, are doctors. Starting from the founders to the chairman, almost all the top-notch executives are doctors. Our only intention is to help this community to strive and bring in quality or value-based medicine arcade for patients. That's our unique proportion. In terms of technology, we always incorporate cutting-edge technology and it keeps us well ahead of our competitors.

As the economy is growing, people are looking for good healthcare as well as infrastructure, and they are right so

Tell us about your role in helping the hospital tackle the challenges of COVID-19?
We dealt with COVID quite pragmatically because we were amongst the foremost hospitals of the country to be approved by the government to deal with the first cases of COVID. Through our advanced technological implementations and infrastructure facilities, we handled more than 1000+ COVID patients and conducted about one lakh vaccinations in our multi specialty hospital.

How do you plan to apply your vast experience in providing the best clinical facilities to patients and take the company to higher levels?
Being a completely doctor promoted hospital, all our multi specialty hospitals follow a single and advanced model that is interface affiliated. Ensuring healthcare facilities of premium standards, patients get the treatment they deserve, or what is right for them. They have all the rights to demand advanced healthcare facilities and we try our best to provide those services for them. The third and important thing is the pricing transparency we follow and most of our patients who walks in the facility are completely aware of the prices we charge. This arrangement also eradicates any kind of confusion or conflict at the later stage, when the patient is discharged.

Share your anticipations on the future of the Healthcare industry and what is the roadmap that you have planned for Health Care Global?
The healthcare industry is growing
at a rate of 17-18 percent CAGR year-on-year. Post COVID I am witnessing a lot of technological changes happening due to the intervention of AI and ML across the healthcare space. Nowadays, more doctors are adopting new technologies and advanced ways of treatments, making this arena even more promising. Apart from the existing hospital trying to prove them selves within this competitive sector, I also see a lot of start up hospitals mushrooming with innovative healthcare models. There fore, I think, in the next 15-20 years there will be a huge demand for quality health care. As the economy is growing, people are looking for good healthcare as well as infrastructure, and they are right so.

There are a few challenges in this sector as well in terms of quality indices. Elderly people in geriatric care, need more focus as we progress because the population is growing. As a developing country, we do not have a dedicated system for geriatric care. Besides focusing on the areas of expertise, the leaders of the healthcare segment also ensure that the world is getting quality care and simultaneously longevity of the patients’ lives.

What is the message that you would like to convey to upcoming professionals in this industry?
The right path always leads to good deals. Without opting for any shortcut, go for long-term investments in the Healthcare sector because it takes time to gain the confidence of your patients. Remaining committed to the patients and their families will benefit you in the long run. And Travis all of this is what I was. Lastly, keep upgrading your knowledge and updating your skills to remain relevant in this segment.

Lakshman TL, COO, HCG Suchirayu Hospitals
Lakshman holds a productive career of twenty years that reflects pioneering experience and year-on-year success in achieving business growth objectives in well established organizations. Having worked with various industry verticals such as Banking, Coffee (Beverage), Primary Healthcare, Birthing Centres, Hospitals, and Agriculture (Farming), Lakshman is a change agent who has outstanding reputation in developing go-to-market plans that result in successful product launches and has achieved significant milestones in the career in the course of working with Global Companies.

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