Mahadevan Iyer: A Multifaceted Leader Helping Businesses And Organizations Reach Goals And Objectives | CEOInsights Vendor
Mahadevan Iyer: A Multifaceted Leader Helping Businesses And Organizations Reach Goals And Objectives

Mahadevan Iyer: A Multifaceted Leader Helping Businesses And Organizations Reach Goals And Objectives

Mahadevan Iyer,   Managing Director

Mahadevan Iyer

Managing Director

A leader has his/ her own way of leading organizations and entity in terms of profit, growth and consistent success. With experience, comes greater vision, better planning and a honed set of leadership expertise. Mahadevan Iyer, Managing Director, IMA-PG India is one such charismatic leader who, in a career spanning over three decades, has worked with many global corporations in positions related to Sales, Marketing, Strategy and so on. His acute business senses and excellent handling of P&L responsibility have helped the organizations achieve consistent growth, profits long term sustainable advantages among the peer organizations.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insiders, Mahadevan sheds some light on his future roadmaps for IMA-PG, factors behind his success and motivation and much more.

Tell us about IMA-PG India and how is it positioned in the industry. What is the unique proposition it offers to its clients?
A leader in providing packaging solutions to its clients, IMA-PG India is focused on being a one stop quality product provider while raising the customer experience across all verticals of the organization. IMA-PG offers customized solutions, technically superior products and agile customer service to its customer based on indepth study of their requirements as it leaves no stone unturned when it comes keeping customer interest at the core. We have the best technical team of more than 135 engineers in the entire packaging industry and our strong engineering capabilities give us an edge above the rest.
What are your proudest accomplishments that you have achieved so far? What is it that keeps you motivated and going?
The success of IMA-PG and the endorsement of our success by all stakeholders is something that always motivates me to aim for higher outcomes. Knowing the fact that hard work of the team that I lead and perseverance will help me achieve greater professional success is what keeps me focused on my objective. I feel that aligning the company's vision and values is one way to achieve that.

Building an organization with a growth mindset while delivering profitable growth has been my goto mantra which keeps me going

There are many memorable accomplishments and it’s hard to single out one of them. However, I would like to remember the moment when I was called by the owner of a leading pharmaceutical company to thank us for the support in keeping their plants running during the pandemic lockdown times. I still remember the phrase that he said to me “Hey Maha, Together we saved some lives”.

How do you define success and what has been your success mantra behind delivering positive outcomes at every level?
Building an organization with a growth mindset while delivering profitable growth has been my go-to mantra which keeps me going. I strongly believe in setting goals and benchmarks in mind, which helps me in my endeavours. For me,the definition of success is excelling at what you are doing. Setting right goals, building right strategies to work on those goals, setting priorities, developing right expertise and skills in organization and above all challenging myself and looking for tougher challenges to crack has been my major motivation.

What the vision you look forward to accomplishing in the road ahead? What are your future plans and roadmaps set for IMA-PG India?
Our engineering capabilities and ability to deliver innovative packaging solutions are second to none, and even our clients can vouch for the same. In terms of future plans, we are set to continue investing on talent and technologies which in turn will make our solutions better and more useful for our customers.

We are also investing in digital plat forms, artificial intelligence tools to bring in changes in existing solutions that we offer. Our primary focus has been the continuous improvements in processes which make us more efficient and drive our profit ability. In terms of experience, we aim to be the most preferred organization to work with for our employees,customers and other stakeholders.

How do you handle stress at work? Any piece of advice for the young professionals and budding entrepreneur?
A piece of advice for the young profes sionals and budding entrepreneurs is to engage yourself in doing things that you love the most. These days, stress at work is a very common thing. According to me, acting in sync with your daily to-do’s rather than reacting to unnecessary incidences helps in bringing you closer to your objectives while it also keeps stress in check.

Mahadevan Iyer, Managing Director, IMA-PG
In a career span of over 3 decades,
Mahadevan Iyer has worked with many global corporations while honing his skillsets in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and so on. Presently working for IMA-PG India as its Managing Director, Mahadevan has already steered it towards a continual growth trajectory with a clear vision for the future roadmaps already in place. A great mentor and an efficient team player, Mahadevan has helped set quality standards and excellent customer experiences for the organizations he has been a part of

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