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Mahesh P Trikha: A Magnanimous Leader Driving The Freight Forward Industry

Mahesh P Trikha: A Magnanimous Leader Driving The Freight Forward Industry

  Mahesh P Trikha,   Managing Director

Mahesh P Trikha

Managing Director

Since ever, we all have known that `Leaders are born, not made', but it's a myth now. The new leadership theory that overrules the business world today is 'Leaders are made, not born' as they are the ones who get recognized because they've discovered their true potential and with courage taken a step forward to reach their desired goal. Mahesh P Trikha, Managing Director of Aargus Global Logistics is a true personification of the same prevailing leadership trait as he self-established himself venturing amidst an industry he was hardly known to the Cargo, Freight & Logistics Industry. However, it was his passion for his entrepreneurial tenor that made him survive the thrusts without wavering off the storms of challenges in the way.

With befitting operational strategy and business development dexterity, despite the pandemic prevalent all around, it was Mahesh's strong mindedness that made him challenge the status quo and grow the company multifolds, increasing the turnover by significantly high numbers. While streamlining internal processes and boosting their business productivity, he is playing an imperative role in helping the organization to achieve its goal at minimum cost, making a long lasting impact on the target customers. Considering Mahesh as one of the innovative change makers in the Logistics & Freight industry, CEO Insights engages in an exclusive conversation with him.

Throw some light on your professional back-ground and experience. What inspired you to venture into the freight and logistics industry and what drives you today?
I started my career in the field of Public Relations & Liaison working for certain Indian and foreign companies, including some government companies. Perhaps not finding my roots in it, I wanted to do some thing on my own, and that's when someone identified I could be a good fit for the international freight forwarding domain. Also, me being a 24x7 person liked the industry as well.
Another driving factor was my wife who herself was employed with Karam Chand Thapar & Bros at the time, handling their exports wing. Hence, I chose to swing along with the idea. Before 1995, I too worked for a few American MNCs in similar fields, but somehow not being comfortable with the job left it in a jiffy, not knowing what the future had in store for me. However, by God's grace, some favorable situations led me towards custom brokerage, and thus getting the license issued through a partner I ventured into the domain. Later, I moved from custom brokerage to international freight forwarding, and since then, there's been no looking back.

We might not be the largest in revenues, but we've been managing through this high capital intensive industry quite markedly, ably partnering with the concerned airlines, shipping lines, and others

Even though I had no familiar people belonging to the industry, I still knew I could do it as the industry suited my nature of working 24x7. It's the same today too, and that's how I've been transcending along my career.

How would you define Aargus Global Logistics as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
If this question would have been posed to me the previous year, I would've defined Aargus Global Logistics as an MSME. But that has completely changed this year as we've crossed the turnover in significant crores now.We might not be the largest in revenues, but we've been managing through this high capital intensive industry quite markedly, ably partnering with the concerned airlines, shipping lines, and others. It is the worthwhile faith of the customers in our reliable services that has embellished us with many international and domestic awards.

Also, one thing that's note worthy about our company is its name ‘Argus’ a word that denotes a Greek God whose all 100 eyes are open always. It resembles our uniqueness as we characterize the same feature, staying available and attentive to serve our customers' requirments 24x7. What adds to our uniqueness is we entered into this logistics industry doing freight
forwarding for the pharmaceutical or DG Cargo businesses during the 1995-2000 period, when this industry was quite nascent and unorganized. We took that challenge and then a big client became our first account, and since then we're on the top maintaining our specialization in temperature control, even today doing it for pharmaceutical businesses and expanding across Automotive, DG Cargo, Ocean Freight, and others.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life? What is your success mantra?
The success mantra is the focus and the dedication and the passion for what you do. As I said, I am still 24 by seven though I crossed 64, I would still like to be in the office at nine o'clock and leave at maybe nine o'clock because of my passion for the company and this business and to make the customer feel that yes, there is somebody to take care. Well, perfect balance is very difficult to maintain, but the advantage we have is it's our family company and here everyone strives to do as much they can on their part. Yes, we do take out time for ourselves by not indulging in other things like TV or mobile phones much when we're at home so that we can have some time for the family too. Also, since I am a socially involved individual too. My one fourth of the day is spent on projects where I get involved in serving the community, be it a blood donation camp, a thalassemia support camp, or others. I am also a Rotarian.

In the light of your strong experience across the logistics industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
Be focused and stay close to your customers. Never look at the problems negatively, instead solving those problems look at them as a business opportunity. Today, the buzzword is digitalization, and it's the same in our Logistics industry too. Hence, to avoid being an outcast of the business, look into the digitalization and modernization of your organization.

Mahesh P Trikha, Managing Director, Aargus Global Logistics
Mahesh is ardent and self-made business professional organizing & strengthening the Logistics & Freight industry with his proficient business skills and knowledge.

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