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Mahesh Vodela: Architecting Success & Building The Future

Mahesh Vodela: Architecting Success & Building The Future

 Mahesh Vodela,  Managing Director

Mahesh Vodela

Managing Director

Startups in Telangana have been experiencing remarkable growth in recent years, capitalizing on the state's favorable business environment and infrastructure. Among these innovative ventures, HMDA Truck Dock Logistics, led by entrepreneur Mahesh Vodela, has made a significant impact in the logistics and warehousing sector. His background in architecture and design expertise has been pivotal in creating industrial architecture and organized warehousing solutions that have set new standards.

HMDA Truck Dock Logistics now boasts over 2 million square feet of cutting-edge Grade A warehouse facilities and a comprehensive logistics ecosystem. Mahesh's unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence has garnered recognition through numerous awards and testimonials, solidifying his reputation as a forward-thinking archipreneur influencing the logistics landscape in Telangana and beyond.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Mahesh shares the imperious details of her journey and future road map for HMDA Truck Dock Logistics. Let’s hear it from him.

Why did you choose Telangana as the location for your company's breeding ground, and how has this location benefited your operations thus far?
I chose Telangana as our company's breeding ground because of its strategic location and significant growth potential in the logistics and warehousing sector. Hyderabad, being centrally located and well-connected via strong road networks, emerged as an ideal hub for warehousing operations. The city's infrastructure, combined with the support of a thriving ecosystem, made it a natural choice. Moreover, Telangana's proactive policies and the cooperation of organizations like TSIC and APAC Corporation have created an environment conducive to our industry. The response from potential partners and investors has been overwhelming, reinforcing our belief that Hyderabad is the right place for our company's growth.
Can you provide an overview of HMDA Truck Dock Logistics as an organization and describe its current standing in the market?
HMDA Truck Dock Logistics is a unique semi government company with a strong partnership with the Government of Telangana, specifically the Hyderabad Metro Development Authority (HMDA). As the pioneer of logistics parks in Telangana, we played a pivotal role in shaping the state's Civil Logistics Policy. The concept of our logistics park, comprising HMDA Truck Dock Logistics and KCP Purchasing, has garnered excellent feedback and driven land values up.

In architecture and logistics, success lies in the fusion of innovation and sustainability, where design shapes the future, and warehouses connect the world

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to maintaining Grade A specifications, meeting international standards, and adhering to local regulations and design requirements. Beyond providing top-tier warehousing facilities, we have established an ecosystem that includes a pharmacy, private health center, banking services, entertainment options, dining facilities, and childcare support through anganwadi creches. Additionally, our park ensures that all government benefits reach the local workforce, elevating their quality of life and transforming the region by creating dignified employment opportunities for thousands.

What are your flagship products or services, and what additional value do your customers receive from these offerings?
HMDA Truck Dock Logistics is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to cater to the needs of truck drivers, labor force, and businesses alike. In addition to top-notch logistics facilities, we offer a "walk-to-work" concept that provides truck drivers with essential amenities and rest areas during their long journeys. Our logistics park encompasses dormitories, separate cooking facilities, a primary health center, and counseling services through collaboration with NGOs. Moreover, we are committed to upskilling the workforce, bridging the gap between traditional and modern logistics practices, and creating a thriving social and economic environment.

What is the future direction you envision for your company?
Looking ahead, with a substantial initial investment of 1.5 million square feet and a long-term perspective in mind, we aim to develop a 5 million square foot portfolio that goes beyond mere numbers. Our goal is to create a value-added campus that remains relevant for at least three decades, focusing on diverse units, including textile and light manufacturing, with a commitment to sustainable practices like waste recycling, rainwater harvesting, and solar energy utilization.

Situated strategically along the Vijayawada highway and in proximity to Hyderabad's airport, our infrastructure is poised for growth. We're also keen to expand to burgeoning locations like Vizag, Vijaywada, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta, and Chennai, recognizing the immense potential these regions offer for our future endeavors.

Drawing from your extensive industry experience, what advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?
I would advise emerging leaders to hold steadfast to certain principles. First and foremost, do not compromise on quality. Creating a lasting and relevant footprint requires a commitment to excellence, avoiding shortcuts, and adhering to fundamental standards like turning radiuses. Short-term goals should not overshadow the value of precious land resources, which should be utilized wisely, and underutilized lands should be irrigated to benefit all. For this, measures by both governments and individuals are crucial for effective land use planning. In this field, a long-term perspective and ethical, sustainable practices are key to achieving enduring success and making a positive impact.

Mahesh Vodela, Managing Director, HMDA Truck Dock Logisticsc
Mahesh Vodela is a seasoned architect and founder of HMDA Truck Dock Logistics, specializing in industrial architecture and organized warehousing. He earned his architecture degree from Bangalore University and pursued a Master's in architecture and interior design in Hyderabad. With over two decades of experience, Mahesh has worked with renowned companies such as Subarna, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and various design firms, and has won several recognitions including awards and testimonials. He is also an active member of the architecture community, involving students in live projects and contributing to ecosystem sustainability initiatives.

•Favorite Hobbies: Spending some time in solitude every day
•Favorite Cuisine: Dal- Chawal
•Favorite Travel Destination: Europe, Japan

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