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Maneesh Jaleel: Adept Strategist Establishing Global Footprints For International Brands

Maneesh Jaleel: Adept Strategist Establishing Global Footprints For International Brands

  Maneesh Jaleel,     Group Managing Director

Maneesh Jaleel

Group Managing Director

The establishment of regional offices is vital in supporting the growth and expansion of international brands. These offices act as strategic hubs that enable direct customer engagement, an understanding of local preferences, and the ability to tailor business strategies accordingly. With a local presence, brands can navigate cultural intricacies, comply with regulatory requirements, and foster strong relationships with local stakeholders. Regional offices also play a significant role in conducting market research, competitor analysis, and developing efficient distribution networks. Considering this, Maneesh Jaleel is an exceptional leader with a proven track record of successfully establishing regional offices for international brands, facilitating their growth and market expansion.

Maneesh Jaleel is a dynamic and accomplished professional who serves as the Managing Director of TECUMEX. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse sectors and industries, Maneesh has established himself as a trusted leader in the field. His expertise lies in the Oil & Gas, Port, Construction, and Utilities sectors.

Below is an excerpt of Maneesh Jaleel’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

You possess over twenty years of experience. How has your professional journey been so far and what is your success mantra?
With over two decades of experience, including a decade in CXO roles, I have consistently strived for excellence in navigating the Oil and gas, Marine, and Industrial sectors across the MENAI region. My career transition from an Electrical and Electronics Engineer specializing in Industrial Automation to becoming a Regional Sales Manager and eventually a Managing Director for multiple international brands has been both personally and professionally enriching.

How would you define TECUMEX as an organization and its current position in the market?
TECUMEX stands as a customer-
driven organization, characterized by its lean, flexible, and approachable ethos. We specialize in delivering unique products and services to global clients in the Oil and gas, Marine, and Industrial sectors. Our commitment is evident through the significant resources invested in developing tailored solutions and establishing a notable industry presence. With a highly experienced team boasting over a century of cumulative project expertise, TECUMEX ranks as a premier turnkey engineering solution provider.

With a remarkable team boasting over 100 years of cumulative project work experience, TECUMEX stands as a premier turn-key engineering solution provider

We've strategically established state-of-the-art Engineering and production units across various global locations, adhering rigorously to world-class standards. Our Integrated Management System conforms to ISO standards (9001, 14001, and 45001), and our technical certifications, such as DEKRA and DNV, underscore our dedication to delivering topnotch products and solutions. Serving clients across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America, TECUMEX exemplifies global reach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect from your products and services.
TECUMEX, along with our group entities, offers a comprehensive array of products, solutions, and services to various industries. In the Oil & Gas/ Industrial sector, we provide a range of solutions, including Hazardous Area Panel Solutions compliant with ATEX/IECEx/UL standards, OffShore/On-Shore Container Packages certified per DNV/ATEX/IECEx, E-House Solutions meeting DNV/ ATEX/IECEx certification requirements, Electric Vehicle Conversions with ATEX/IECEx certification, Solar Power Skid Packages complying with DNV/ ATEX/IECEx standards, Analyzer Shelter Packages following DNV /ATEX/IECEx certification,LV/MV Electrical Panel Solutions, LV/MV Drive & Starter Packages, Industrial
& Process Automation (PLC/ DCS/SCADA) packages, Process Skid Packages, Lump Sum Turnkey Solutions(LSTK) and Electro Mechanical Contracting for Industrial Projects.

In the Marine sector, TECUMEX specializes in Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems, offering DP1, DP2, and DP3 solutions, as well as TCS Thruster Control System(CPP & FPP), MPCS Main Propulsion Control System (CPP & FPP), SCS-Steering Control System, ECS-Engine Control System, AMCS-Alarm Monitoring & Control System, PMS-Power Management Systems, SPC-Shore Power Converters, TGS-Tank Gauging System, FMS-Fuel Monitoring System, F&G Detection System, Variable Frequency Drives & Soft Starters(LV/MV), Electrical Switch boards, MCC, PCC (LV/MV), and NAVCOM Systems.

Moreover, TECUMEX offers Technical Training that encompasses Certification of Personal Competency (CoPC) as per IECEx and Industrial Automation Training covering PLC/SCADA/ DCS/Instruments, and more. Across these sectors, TECUMEX and its affiliated entities strive to provide high quality and diverse solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

What prompted the establishment of companies like MEXXOR Middle East, MEXXOR Oil & Gas, ELITE OIL & GAS, and AARTICAA Middle East, alongside TECUMEX?
MEXXOR is the group entity with companies under the brands TECUMEX, ELITE Oil & Gas, and AARTICAA functioning as associate companies within the group. As the Group Managing Director, I oversee the functioning of the entire company. MEXXOR and ELITE predominantly cater to the Energy Sector and AARTICAA is a brand that caters to the retail sector.

MEXXOR along with the associate companies are positioned to encourage cross-selling within the group companies besides focusing on bringing multiple value-added products and services to our valuable global clients from a vertically integrated system.

Maneesh Jaleel, Group Managing Director, Tecumex Middle East Fzco
Maneesh Jaleel is a seasoned senior management professional with 20+ years of expertise, including a decade in CXO positions. Specializing in oil & gas, marine, and industrial sectors in MENAI, he founded TECUMEX Middle East FZCO, heads MEXXOR Middle East DMCC, and acquired ELITE OIL & GAS, expanding the MEXXOR Group's services.

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