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Mani Ganeshan: Fostering A Culture That Encourages Employee Growth

Mani Ganeshan: Fostering A Culture That Encourages Employee Growth

 Mani Ganeshan, Global Head Engineering – Travel Sellers Unit & Centre Head

Mani Ganeshan

Global Head Engineering – Travel Sellers Unit & Centre Head

Amadeus is the world’s largest travel technology organization, providing a global platforms to the travel industry’s needs since 1987. Amadeus Labs in Bengaluru, the Asia hub, is engaged in pioneering software, and IT-enabled services, connecting the entire travel ecosystem to the Amadeus Global Distribution System. It is also known for its diversity and inclusion initiatives which embrace the unique needs of every employee. From providing a rewarding work environment to benchmarking employee initiatives that aid work-life balance andcater to their continued growth, the company invests in fostering a culture of excellence which makes it the best firm to work for. To get detailed insights into Amadeus Labs and its work culture, CEO Insights Magazine recently engaged with Mani Ganeshan, Global Head Engineering – Travel Sellers Unit and Centre Head. Let’s hear from him.

Tell us about Amadeus. What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its employees?
The largest travel technology provider, Amadeus is known for its Global Distribution System (GDS) and Passenger Service System (PSS)on Open systems. One of our competitive advantages is our SaaS-based technology platform and we continue to invest 800 million euros annually in it. For over 35 years, we have been building critical solutions that connect the entire travel ecosystem to provide a better travel experience for more than two billion passengers worldwide.

Being named among the World’s Top 10 Software Companies by Forbes, and recently winning the Top Employer India 2023 award, Amadeus Labs has established a strong market and brand leadership. Our workforce has opportunities to
innovate, solve complex challenges with the latest technologies, and develop IT solutions that drive global travel. We provide various services and processes for employees to thrive in this challenging environment, from rewards and benefits to learning & development programs and international mobility opportunities.

Amadeus takes pride in creating value for its employees, customers, and travelers, and giving back to society through its focus on diversityand inclusivity

Tell us about the exposure Amadeus offers to its employees. Shed some light on the unique work culture of Amadeus.
At the heart of Amadeus Labs' success is a friendly encouraging work culture focusing on non-biased selection processes, gender-neutral job offers, equal pay monitoring, and work life balance. Our work environment is structured with opportunities and flexibilities that make it suitable for all employees to have a productive and enjoyable career.

Our vision is to build a culture that promotes respect, fairness, equal opportunity & dignity acknowledges & endorses differences based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual orientation and disabilities, as well as accepts the diversity of thoughts & experiences. Along with creating a conducive environment for our colleagues to thrive, Amadeus’ culture is based on four tenets Open, Participative, Consultative, and Inclusive.

Tell us about the technology environment the employees get to work in
Introducing some of the most advanced and customized solutions to the Indian travel industry,Amadeus Labs in Bengaluru is pioneering technologies such as Cloud-based architectures, APIs, Open Source, Big Data, Platform-as-a-service, and DevOps, providing opportunities for our workforce to explore further and develop innovative skills.

Amadeus’ massive transformation programs are not just powered by technology alone but also by innovative minds that constantly
transform technology. We are committed to encouraging our talent to focus on learning and implementing new skills that help build successful careers.

What are the growth opportunities and recognition that employees can expect from the organization?
At Amadeus, we plan and manage programs focused on overall employee well-being, and mentoring is one of our most successful tools. With over 2,000 blended learning opportunities,we invest heavily in developing employees’ knowledge base, skills, and attitudes.

We strongly believe that a global company with great innovators delivering breakthrough solutions deserve the best rewards. Hence, we offer great benefits, from annual bonuses to equity plans. We’ve developed Internal Mobility program provides employees to pursue exciting career opportunities. These efforts have made Amadeus a strong employer brand advocated by its workforce.

What does Amadeus expect from new candidates? What are the ways of recognizing top talents, and great performances within the organization?
We’re looking for innovative and passionate talent with strong work ethics, who are ready to develop capabilities and Employees must help us build a workplace of their choice and facilitate the communication, teamwork, and creativity necessary to sustain a culture of continual innovation. Additionally, candidates with an inclination to support less-privileged communities, are welcome to strengthen our commitment to being more responsible and sustainable.

Hurrah is Amadeus’ Reward & Recognition Program which includes the regular monthly and quarterly recognition opportunities. We further introduced the Advanced Equity Plan as a recurrent new equity offering for our middle management employees. Despite the uncertain economic circumstances, we are committed to recognizing top talent, and we believe that programs like these strongly support this statement.

Mani Ganeshan, Global Head Engineering – Travel Sellers Unit & Centre Head, Amadeus Labs
The world’s leading technology provider in the travel industry, Amadeus has been powering the traveler journey for over 35 years

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