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Mayank Singh: The Driving Force Behind XPO's Success in India

Mayank Singh: The Driving Force Behind XPO's Success in India

 Mayank Singh,  Managing Partner

Mayank Singh

Managing Partner

The global logistics market is estimated to grow from $258.7 billion in 2022 to $445.8 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.5 percent, as per markets and markets research. In this industry, Mayank Singh, Managing Partner at XPO India, is playing a positive role by empowering the sector and supporting the organization. With 23 years of experience, primarily in F&A and IT, Singh has worked for renowned companies such as Accenture, Maersk, Genpact, and Thomson Reuters. His education includes an MBA in Finance and an M.Tech in Computer Science, which have equipped him with the necessary skills to lead the organization.

Mayank’s strategic vision and focus on employee engagement have led XPO India to achieve great success in the industry. He values his employees and provides them with opportunities to develop their potential, leading to a positive work culture. His leadership has helped XPO India to invest in proprietary technology and implement industry-driven framework practices. Singh's commitment to safety and mental health has created a safe and supportive environment for employees. His dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has enabled XPO India to constantly align its processes with global standards. Overall, Mayank Singh's leadership and expertise have contributed significantly to the growth and success of XPO. Let’s learn more from him in the below interview snippets.

"Staying Up To Date With The Latest Industry Trends & Developments Is Essential To Remain Relevant & Adaptable To Changing Market Conditions & Customer Needs"

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional journey and share the key factors that have contributed to your success in achieving positive outcomes?
During my 23-year career, I have gained valuable experience primarily in captive and non-captive business process out sourcing. Continuous learning has been a crucial aspect of my professional journey, and I believe it has been a significant factor in my success. I have learned that staying up to date with the latest industry trends and developments is essential to remain relevant and adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.

My focus has always been on achieving high quality outcomes, which means being open to feedback, continuously improving processes and practices, and constantly seeking ways to innovate and push boundaries. Having a positive attitude and a clear, focused mindset are prerequisites for success. Approaching challenges with a can do attitude, staying motivated and enthusiastic even in the face of obstacles, and
maintaining a strong sense of purpose and direction are all keys to success.

How do you create effective business goals for the long term, and what factors do you take into consideration?
Developing long term business goals is a critical responsibility for any organization. At XPO in India, we believe that aligning these goals with our overall organizational objectives is essential. This approach ensures that our business goals are not only precise and focused but also contribute to our company's overall success. We take several other factors into account when creating our long term goals. For instance, we regularly review and analyze market conditions and business dynamics to remain up-to-date with any changes that may impact our operations. This enables us to proactively address any challenges or opportunities that may arise, and adjust our long-term goals accordingly. We also evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, as well as any gaps that may exist and employ this information in our goal setting process. As a result, we ensure that our goals are practical and attainable and that we possess the resources and abilities necessary to achieve them.

The Establishment Of XPO India Was Motivated By The Desire To Leverage India's Skilled Workforce & Its Reputation As A Center Of Excellence For High-Quality Technical & Financial Expertise

Can you share information about the establishment and progress of XPO in India, as well as your contributions to the overall success of the organization?
XPO India was founded as a captive center in 2019 to provide finance and IT support to the entire organization. The establishment of XPO India was motivated by the desire to leverage India's skilled workforce and its reputation as a center of excellence for high quality technical and financial expertise. The objective was to create a center that would not only provide transactional assistance but also add value at the corporate level and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

The progress so far has been impressive, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in a relatively short period. XPO India has become a crucial and strategic component of XPO's expansion, not only due to cost savings but also due to the value and quality of assistance that our team delivers to the organization.

How are you meeting global market standards in terms of IT and financial services? What sets XPO India apart from competitors in supporting offshore businesses?
XPO's shared services strategy focuses on consolidating work and enhancing efficiency. In 2019, the company integrated the polling site and expanded shared services to various roles. To meet global market standards, XPO invested in proprietary technology and applies industry driven framework practices. The team has adopted Agile practices to improve productivity
and deliverable quality, and the company has a Process Improvement Division and Quality Department to ensure constant alignment with global standards. XPO's employee engagement initiative, 'Better Together,' sets it apart from industry peers as it recognizes the positive impact of engaged employees on performance and innovation. The initiative fosters a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated. With leadership support and a continuous improvement mindset, XPO's shared services team drives innovation through a defined and scalable approach to problem solving. Overall, XPO's approach to shared services goes beyond cost-cutting and prioritizes efficiency, employee engagement, and global standards to provide optimal support for offshore businesses.

Can you explain the company culture at XPO India that supports a healthy work life balance? What opportunities are available to help employees reach their full potential?
XPO India places great importance on promoting a positive work-life balance and creating a supportive work culture. The company recognizes that its employees are its most valuable asset and offers several programs to help them find a balance between their work and personal lives. The employee engagement team organizes social events and celebrates festivals to create a happy and motivated work environment.

XPO India's values are more than just words; they are put into action. The Employee Assistance Program aligns with the values of 'Always Improve' and 'Be World-class in Every Way.' This program helps employees access specialized and professional assistance to improve their mental well-being. The company's commitment to the value of 'Be Safe' ensures the safety and well-being of employees. Strict safety measures have been implemented across all offices and transportation networks to create a safe working environment. XPO India's diversity ratio of 34 percent is above the industry average, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive work culture where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.

Mayank Singh, Managing Partner, XPO India
Mayank Singh is a highly experienced professional with 23 years of experience in F&A and IT. He holds an MBA in Finance and an M.Tech in Computer Science. Before joining XPO India, Mayank worked with several leading organizations such as Accenture, Maersk, Genpact, and Thomson Reuters. As the Managing Partner of XPO India, Mayank plays a crucial role in empowering and supporting XPO's global operations. He has been instrumental in implementing shared services strategies, investing in proprietary technology, and ensuring industry driven framework practices. Mayank is known for his leadership skills and employee engagement initiatives, which have helped XPO create a positive and supportive work environment.

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