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MB Sahni & KD Sahni: Driven By The Vision To Ensure All Round Customer Satisfaction

MB Sahni & KD Sahni: Driven By The Vision To Ensure All Round Customer Satisfaction

MB Sahni & KD Sahni,     MD & Joint MD

MB Sahni & KD Sahni

MD & Joint MD

Having many choices provided to customers, some may question if the quality is still important, and the answer to this is a clear – Yes! Quality is not all about providing a product or service that meets customer expectations; it's also about earning a respect for continually providing an exceptional customer experience. If a product is good, customers return, and a high-quality product fosters unwavering consumer loyalty, which contributes to further opportunities. Eventually, establishing a solid relationship with the consumers and stakeholders will enable a company in creating a strong brand identity in the marketplace. Elofic is an excellent example of a firm that has been committed to providing high-quality products since its inception in 1951.

Established by Late Sh. Mohinder Singh Sahni, Elofic was taken further to greater heights by his sons MB Sahni and KD Sahni, who are currently operating the organization. Throughout the 70 years, Elofic has maintained its top place in the automotive industry owing to its quality products and the team of experts.

Below is an excerpt of MB Sahni and KD Sahni’s interview with CEO Insights.

Take us through your professional journey and what motivates you today as an industry leader?
KD Sahni - I joined Elofic in 1979, since then, I've been actively involved in the operations of the firm alongside my brother, MB Sahni, who is the current Chairman and Managing Director of Elofic. Furthermore, when it comes to motivational elements, the position that we now hold in the business and preserving it is a key driver. And
now, more than 10,000 individuals including their families are dependent on the company's operation, and keeping them moving ahead is a major motivator for us. Also, what we do for society and, at the end of the day, delivering a good value to the products that we provide to our clients, as well as the relationship that we have with them is important to us.

And no client who has ever been connected with Elofic has ever left us, and we've known them since we first opened our doors

Define Elofic as an organization and its current position in the industry?
MB Sahni - As I previously stated, Elofic is a family owned business, yet it operates at a very high level of professionalism. The organization is divided into several departments, each with its vision, but the ultimate purpose of every division is to align with the overall organizational goal. Furthermore, given our existing position in the industry, we are one of the most prominent players. Elofic is a synonym of filtration, and we offer revolutionary products for clean air technology or filtration for numerous process sectors, in addition to being in the automobile industry. Elofic is also one of the world's leading filtration companies today.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Elofic that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
KD Sahni Any buyer looking for a decent product considers quality, delivery, and pricing, which are the relevant theoretical factors that everyone evaluates. And what we do is, without a doubt, offer high quality products at an affordable price. But, apart from that, we must have the right attitude, strong relationships, and trust with the buyers. And persuade clients that you are a trust worthy partner that is committed to
developing innovative products. Be there for them and fulfill their needs and aspirations. That is our ideology, and that is what distinguishes us from others. And no client who has ever been connected with Elofic has ever left us, and we've known them since we first opened our doors.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
MB Sahni - I believe in the principle of “Karam kiye ja falkiichha mat kar ae insan, jaisekaramkaregawaisefaldega Bhagwan”, as my success mantra. You must perform your part with a sincere and committed approach despite regard for the benefits; once you have worked with complete devotion in a certain direction, success will come automatically. You should avoid taking shortcuts and completing tasks correctly while maintaining your honesty and integrity. And you must instill confidence in all of your employees and business partners, demonstrating that you are there for them and that you understand what they are going through. Half of your issues will be solved if you recognize these factors.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that have bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?
KD Sahni For me, satisfaction comes from individuals showing respect and acknowledging the work that we have done. It's when your staff adore you; just the other day, I was implying that I may retire, and then there was a large email from everyone in the organization saying that we don't want you to retire. The teammates'love and affection for you and the level of respect your customers have for you and your organization is a significant milestone for me. Again, this is a continual process and as I mentioned, we do not work towards achieving any reward we continue to perform our duty and all the success or the accolades will keep coming.

MB Sahni, Managing Director, Elofic
MB Sahni has a degree in commerce from Delhi University and joined the family firm Elofic in 1973, where he has worked continuously since then.

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