Mirae Asset Financial Services: Committed To Serving Modern-Day Consumers' Financial Requirements In A Fast, Convenient & Transparent Manner | CEOInsights Vendor
Mirae Asset Financial Services: Committed To Serving Modern-Day Consumers' Financial Requirements In A Fast, Convenient & Transparent Manner

Mirae Asset Financial Services: Committed To Serving Modern-Day Consumers' Financial Requirements In A Fast, Convenient & Transparent Manner

 Krishna Kanhaiya,  Director & CEO

Krishna Kanhaiya

Director & CEO

Over the past two years, the financial services industry has successfully demonstrated its ability to navigate unprecedented levels of uncertainty. From real estate to insurance to investment management to capital markets, financial services organizations across the globe faced the pandemic with remarkable resilience and adaptivity, helping people, organizations, and governments get back on their feet. The influence of tech-savvy consumers, the looming threat of big tech companies, and the shifting attitudes of regulators toward new tech are all impacting the financial services industry. With a mission to provide fast, easy and secure lending services, Mirae Asset FinancialServices aims to offer comprehensive financial services to Indian consumers.

A new-age Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFC) with an innovative online platform, Mirae Asset Financial Services strives to provide financial assistance to clients when they need it and from wherever they need it. By bringing innovative digital products to cater to the financial needs of Indian consumers, it believes in creating actual value in relationships and adhering to its core values of respect and integrity. CEO Insights recently engaged with Krishna Kanhaiya, CEO and Director, Mirae Asset Financial Services, here are the highlights from the interaction.

Give a brief account of Mirae Asset Financial Services' position across the finance sector. Describe its brand persona and what it represents.
Mirae Asset Financial Services(India) is the lending arm of Mirae Asset Group in India, aiming to help consumers with their financial requirements in the most convenient and simplified manner. In this modern age, we want to bring innovative lending products without
the hassles of visiting branches, completing tons of paperwork, or any hidden charges. With our online platform and expertise in the financial industry, we aim to bridge gaps at every stage of traditional lending. As a brand honesty, and transparency are at the core of all our actions. We want to assist our customers in making the right and well-informed financial decisions. The company has a fantastic team of solution driven, like minded individuals working toward the financial needs of consumers. Customer first has always been Mirae Asset Group's core value and our customer's success is our success.

As a brand, we want to educate and guide customers in making the right financial decisions

Tell us about the transparent features of the company's loan products and what value additions customers can expect from them.
As part of our first product folio, we have started our journey in the lending business with Loan Against Securities, i.e., Loan Against Mutual Funds and Loan Against Shares. One of the primary issues customers faced with Loan Against Securities was the complicated physical application process, a lot of paperwork, and the overall time taken to complete the process. Today, customers expect the services to be quick, convenient, and 24x7 at their fingertips.

Understanding this gap, we are providing Loan Against Securities via an end-to-end digital process, removing all the hurdles the customers face with the traditional application process. Loan Against Securities (LAS) allows one to raise liquidity against their mutual funds and shares investments as collateral. The person can use Mirae Asset Financial Services mobile app to lien mark/ pledge his mutual funds and shares digitally to avail of an instant limit. He can continue to enjoy ownership of his investments and their associated benefits.

Tell us about the company's Loan Against Securities (LAS) features and benefits.
Loan Against Securities is beneficial for anyone looking to protect their long-term investments from short
term expenses. It allows you to leverage your investments and use them for more than just earning returns. With Mirae Asset Financial Services, you can pledge your mutual funds and shares online and get an instant loan against your mutual funds and shares as collateral. Mirae Asset Financial Services is one of the first companies to provide an end-to-end digital loan against securities via mobile app without the hassle of paperwork and visiting branches.

Customers can pledge from an extensive list of approved shares and mutual funds and create a loan account on the same day with a LAS limit from Rs 10,000 to up to Rs.3 crore The loan will be made available as an overdraft facility from which customers can withdraw the required amount via the mobile app whenever and wherever they need it. The amount is directly credited to the customer's bank account on withdrawal. An interest rate of nine percent p.a. will apply only on the amount utilized and for the duration.

What are the major strategies made in the organization to ensure a hassle-free experience for the customers?
Speed and convenience are two major factors that customers expect in today's world. Hence we have made our products with customer experience as the corefactor of our strategy. Customers can avail of loans from anywhere and anytime with our mobile app. We have invested significant time and effort in planning, developing, and testing our systems to meet our customers' expectations. It has been an iterative process, and we strive to make the over all experience even smoother and faster every day.

What is the future destination envisioned for Mirae Asset Financial Services?
As a brand, our vision is to be one of the most trusted names in the lending business. We can achieve this only by being transparent and honest with our customers. We aim to make a difference in our customers' lives by providing them with innovative financial products or making things easier and faster. We aim to bridge gaps faced by customers and thus add value for them. As a brand, we want to educate and guide customers in making the right financial decisions.

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