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Mohamed Hatem: Leveraging Technology In Building Business Driven Solutions

Mohamed Hatem: Leveraging Technology In Building Business Driven Solutions

Mohamed Hatem,   CEO

Mohamed Hatem


Leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve a shared objective”, Jeff Weiner. Mohamed Hatem, CEO, Mobily Infotech India is one such inspirational leader who has been building leadership skills in his people through his exceptional business insights. He has a demonstrated history of leading the IT & telecom industry for more than 20 years. He started his journey with Mobily Infotech as the Senior Manager of the offshore development and prior to being the CEO of the company he has gone through various designations playing the roles of Executive Manager Enterprise Architecture, CMMi Implementation Head, and Director of IT.

He has also been the Innovation and Digital Service Manager of Etisalat MISP Egypt piloting various teams of multiple departments within the company. He is a proactive & and optimistic leader, who is passionate about taking on new challenges and solving them analytically. He is capable of balancing several critical duties and also building trust and respect for himself as the leader of his team. He is an industry expert with his expertise in integration, innovation cycle, ideation process, managed services, digital transformation, e-commerce, IT development, and entrepreneurship. Throughout the professional journey, Mohamed has been able to impact, influence, and inspire the lives of many young professionals. Let’s hear it from him.

What boosts your perseverance to constantly deliver your expertise in the telecom IT services industry?
I have always been passionate about IT domains, especially Telecom. I am in the Telecom
industry for more than 17 years and I have been loving each day of my job. I began my professional career as a developer, from there I moved on to managing people and soon positioned myself as the CEO. The journey has been immensely satisfying. Every day is a challenge for me to achieve and grow more than yesterday. I am passionate about delivering a lot more than I did the day before. I have enjoyed every minute of working in this industry. As the CEO of Mobily Infotech, I give equal opportunities to people and lead a vision to make the company grow. Giving my best to my people and my company is my driving force.

My passion is to work with my employees and guide them to move towards success and build their own leadership skills

Define Mobily Infotech India’s position in the industry and how does it create differences among its peers?
Mobily Infotech India is an extended IT arm of multi billion dollar Mobily KSA. We are more than 300 employees leveraging technology to manage business processes and enable end users to improve efficiencies and effectiveness by adopting a business driven framework for integration, allowing it to implement and deliver new services rapidly. In the last threeyears we have been able to successfully achieve our KPIs. We have taken up multiple projects and have been successful in delivering each project with excellence. As a captive sourcing company, the cost of our products is very critical and delivery is very important, it is through the spirit of our teamwork that we have been able to succeed in our goals and accomplish even
higher levels of proficiency in our business.

You are said to believe in an open door philosophy with a focus on strategic issues and initiatives, what do you think are the impacts that can be drawn from this, and how?
I believe the open door policy has the potential to bring great value to any business; therefore, I believe in always being open to communicating, I listen to my employees, understand their problems, and try to find the best solutions. The objective is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any concerns employees may have. Even during the pandemic, we encouraged the employees to work from home and prioritized their safety. We have taken a lot of initiatives to create a better work culture within the organization. For which we have been recognized in May 2021-2022 as a great place to work by Great Place to Work Certification. My passion is to work with my employees and guide them to move towards success and build their own leadership skills.

What is the vision you look forward to accomplishing in the road ahead?
We have started to adopt new projects with in Mobily and recruit trained people to work with our cutting edge technologies. Our newly formed team has been contributing at a large scale towards the success of the organization. We are also planning to grow multiple departments within the company and also gather as much support as possible across the market of India and Saudi Arabia. The main aim is to make the people and the company grow.

Mohamed Hatem, CEO, Mobily Infotech India
Having an engineering degree from Cairo University, Mohamed with his exceptional understanding of the Telecom industry has been a vital part of the Mobily Group working in various roles such as Senior Manager, Executive Manager Enterprise Architecture and Director of IT, currently, he is a Board Member and CEO of Mobily Infotech India.

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