Mohammed N. Mazher : Architecting High-Impact Strategies In The Ever-Evolving Telecommunications Landscape | CEOInsights Vendor
Mohammed N. Mazher : Architecting High-Impact Strategies In The Ever-Evolving Telecommunications Landscape

Mohammed N. Mazher : Architecting High-Impact Strategies In The Ever-Evolving Telecommunications Landscape

 Mohammed N. Mazher ,   Managing Director

Mohammed N. Mazher

Managing Director

In this digital era, high-quality connectivity and data speed are empowering smart life styles, making the telecommunication industry's role more crucial, which is driving telecom infrastructure to adopt new technologies and innovative business models. With the support of seasoned engineering teams and reputable global collaborators, ACES has consistently led the way in revolutionizing the Telecommuni- cations field and IT infrastructure. ACES is an International Neutral Host Company specializing in creating and delivering comprehensive solutions across GSM/Mobile communi- cations, focusing on large public projects such as Airports, Metros, Railways, Religious places, Stadiums, Hospitals and others. Mohammed N. Mazher, Managing Director of ACES India, a wholly owned subsidiary of ACES Saudi Arabia, is a seasoned industry veteran with extensive experience, who has been guiding the industry and putting the organization on the world map through his dedicated efforts and innovative business acumen.

In an intimate interview, Mazher gave us access to a wide range of information that comprised deep industry insights and his successful professional journey.

Can you share about significant achievements in your development and the lessons you've learned from them?

After successfully graduating from the prestigious and one of its kind institution, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals. I started my career as a Telecom Engineer in Saudi Arabia. Currently, I am working as the Managing Director of ACES India and also serving the ACES Group as their Chief Business Officer, taking care of international business development. In these thorough two decades of my professional life, I have been entrusted with and integrated into several diversified roles including R&D, pre-sales, sales, projects management, investments, international business development and overseeing our international operations, witnessing ACES' transformation from a small entity to a global leader with a powerful presence across multiple regions and a substantially strong workforce.
Throughout my tenure, I have led significant telecommunications projects, including smart cities and infrastructure development for large and government clients across the GCC. Expanding beyond the Middle East, I secured long-term projects in India, such as managing Bangalore International Airport's mobile infrastructure and winning bids for Mumbai Metro and Noida International Airport. My experience with complex, mission-critical projects has fueled my dedication to innovation and collaboration. This journey has enhanced ACES' position as a front runner in the tech and telecom industry, encompassing telecommunications, software development, R&D, broadcasting solutions, data centres, and integrated security.

Embracing new technologies & practical innovations is key to adding value to public entities & driving industry progress

What strategies do you employ as the MD to steer the company's business growth strategically?

As the Managing Director of ACES India, my strategy for driving business growth revolves around securing premium contracts for public telecom networks, such as airports and metros offering 2G, 4G, and 5G high speed GSM mobile solutions. Before we participate in any tender, we pre-qualify opportunities to ensure all telecom operators are aligned for the project and check whether ACES can add a value proposition to it. During the bidding process, we strategically position ourselves by proposing advanced, shareable technical solutions among multiple telecom operators, reducing overall project costs and capital expenditures (CAPEX).

We offer a customized business model where clients and telecom operators can rent the network instead of investing in CAPEX, thus shifting the economic burden to an operational expenditure (OPEX) model. This approach makes solutions more affordable and quicker to implement, as operators can connect once construction is complete. By focusing on premium projects, adhering to regulations, and continually innovating, we deliver cost-effective, high-tech solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the telecom industry, bringing significant value to our clients and stake holders.

Can you outline a couple of principles that capture your leadership style in cultivating an innovation environment within your team?

A customer-centric approach is very crucial if we are looking forward to investing in a prosperous and
progressive association. We prioritize compliance with the telecom sector’s technical requirements and Department of Telecom (DoT) guidelines, ensuring that our solutions meet telecom operators' specifications and key performance indicators (KPIs). With the obligation to strict timelines and provide deliverables on time, our team is always strong on the game when it comes to delivering high-quality work. We continuously strive for technical excellence, adapt innovative solutions, meeting service level agreements, signal levels, coverage and capacity requirements to provide users with exceptional data and voice services.

We heavily invest in R&D and actively engage in new technological developments. Collaborating with approved vendors in the Indian market is crucial for building robust, future-ready networks. For example, we ensure our 4G networks can upgrade to 5G, anticipating upcoming technologies. Regular project meetings and customer interactions help us gather feedback, address concerns, and adapt to meet customer expectations effectively.

What are your expectations regarding the future direction of the market?

Our market anticipation aligns with the vision set by our Group CEO Dr. Akram Aburas, which involves diversifying into various subsidiaries focusing on defence, AI, Drones, EPC contracts and International Digital Neutral host operations. Extensive research, including engagement with international consultants, guides our market entry strategies. Specifically, in India, our research indicates a potential market value exceeding $10 billion by 2030 for indoor solutions alone, catering to mobile usage within buildings like shopping malls, airports, metros, stadiums and highrises.

We aim to become a significant player in this segment by leveraging our UL-VNO Category B license to invest in telecom infrastructure and provide telecom services to all major telecom operators. Additionally, India's booming infrastructure development, with plans for new airports, metros, bullet trains and government buildings, presents massive opportunities, further bolstering our optimistic market outlook.

Mohammed N. Mazher, Managing Director, ACES India

Mazher exemplifies the qualities of a meticulous and strategic leader, showcasing mastery in crafting and implementing effective business strategies. His profound understanding of the industry landscape, coupled with a proactive approach to staying updated on emerging trends, positions him as a contemporary leader driving success and innovation within his organization.

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