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Monishaa K M: A Dynamic Entrepreneur Specializing In Product Marketing

Monishaa K M: A Dynamic Entrepreneur Specializing In Product Marketing

  Monishaa K M,  Chief Creative Officer

Monishaa K M

Chief Creative Officer

The unsung stars of the corporate world are those who climb up the ladder of achievement through sheer hard work and determination. From humble beginnings, they toil away day and night, overcoming obstacles with unwavering grit. Their commitment to their goals propels them to the top, where they stand as shining examples of what is possible when you never give up on your dreams. The story of Monishaa K M, Chief Creative Officer of Rook follows a similar trail.

As a prominent tech conglomerate, Monishaa emerges as a visionary leader, igniting innovation and shaping legacies. Combining a dynamic mix of strategic acumen and artistic perspective, she steers the company towards pioneering solutions, securing a lasting imprint in the continually evolving tech realm.

In this interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Monishaa K M, Chief Creative Officer of Rook shares her career journey and insights on achieving success through hard work.

Can you give us a brief overview of your professional journey?
To kick off my professional background, I started as an intern at a company called Rook, which was a startup specializing in SaaS tools and digital services. My initial role was in social media marketing and design. Over time, I progressed within the company and eventually became the head of social media marketing. However, my curiosity led me to explore other areas, and I transitioned into content writing and project management. Through various twists and turns, I eventually got the role of Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at Rook.

How would you define Rook as an organization and its current position in the market?
Rook is primarily focused on digital products, branding services, and SaaS tools. We address a common challenge faced by startups today the lack of guidance on building their brand from seed funding to industry establishment. Rook steps in to guide our clients through this
journey, providing insights and expertise through our services.

Could you please elaborate on some of the significant challenges you encountered during brand development as the Chief Creative Officer?
One of the major challenges we face during the brand development process is establishing trust, a universal challenge for any brand worldwide. Building and nurturing trust, both with our audience and clients, was a time-consuming and pivotal endeavor. Along the way, we encountered other challenges, such as brand psychology, color psychology, and cultural sensitivity.

At Rook, we are fortunate to have a team of like-minded individuals who make our journey smoother & provide us with the confidence & hope to tackle challenges together

Another crucial aspect was forging emotional connections with our clients. At Rook, we prioritize establishing a profound emotional bond with our clients. We aim to provide them with the same sense of comfort and ease that our homes offer us. We meticulously guide them through every step of our processes, fostering a strong client-brand relationship. This emotional connection is increasingly vital for brands today. Lastly, ensuring consistency across various platforms and upholding sustainability were among the other challenges we addressed.

Could you please highlight some of the characteristics, qualities, or principles that define your leadership style?
Certainly, when it comes to leadership, there are three key aspects I'd like to discuss. Firstly, there's a concept called 'servant leadership.' This approach revolves around prioritizing the needs of individuals at the lower rungs of an organization and working upwards. Often, those at the top find it easier to communicate, but those at the bottom may struggle to voice their ideas or concerns. I believe in providing them with comfort, removing obstacles, and offering incentives, such as bonuses, to motivate them to go the extra mile. This approach is crucial for enhancing efficiency within any organization. Secondly, I advocate for 'holacracy.' Contrary to the myth that only top-level individuals make
decisions, I believe that decision-making can and should be distributed across an organization. Anyone within the organization can contribute valuable ideas and decisions. Allowing individuals, the space to share their insights fosters empowerment and can lead to better decision-making overall.

Lastly, I follow a framework known as 'BIG.' It stands for Books, Individuals, and Goals. I discovered this through an inspiring TED Talk and it has significantly impacted my personal and leadership development. 'Books' emphasizes the importance of regular reading, even if it's just one book per month. 'Individuals' underscores the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who can positively influence both personal and organizational goals. Lastly, 'Goals' emphasizes the setting of both small and large objectives. We base our actions on achieving smaller goals, gradually leading us to our larger organizational objectives. Combining these principles has greatly contributed to my growth as an individual and leader, as well as the advancement of our organization.

How do you intend to allocate your time as you progress in your professional journey?
Time management holds immense significance, especially in the intricate landscape of a startup journey where time is limited, yet tasks are plentiful. My plan is to invest my time wisely by focusing on three core areas: the right people, the right clients, and the right resources. This strategy aims to enhance both my personal growth and my effectiveness as a leader within the organization.

These days I'm inclined toward investing in startups at their seed funding stage and those in the midst of developing their brands. Additionally, I will prioritize building connections with fellow CCOs and collaborating to brainstorm innovative ideas and strategies. This approach not only benefits me personally but also enriches our organization. This is the blueprint for how I plan to invest my time moving forward.

Monishaa K M, Chief Creative Officer, Rook
Monishaa KM is an accomplished leader who has held prominent positions at several companies, including CEO of Legacies and Director at Hlo. She is a pioneer in media innovation, with a focus on entertainment, broadcasting, and digital media. Monishaa is known for her ability to inspire creativity, facilitate growth, and revolutionize story telling.

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