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Mukesh Surana: Driving Financial Excellence With Strategic Leadership

Mukesh Surana: Driving Financial Excellence With Strategic Leadership

 Mukesh Surana,  CFO

Mukesh Surana


In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a pivotal role in orchestrating financial strategies that balance efficiency, growth, and sustainability. This critical position involves steering financial planning, optimizing operational costs, and ensuring prudent capital allocation. In this context, Mukesh Surana stands as a beacon of financial leadership.

With a rich background in diverse industries, Mukesh has demonstrated exceptional prowess in steering financial strategies. As the current CFO at Granules India, Mukesh continues to drive financial excellence in the dynamic pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, exemplifying a harmonious blend of vision and fiscal acumen.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Mukesh shares the imperious details of his journey, leadership philosophy and much more. Let’s hear it from him.

Since its establishment in 1984, how has Granules India managed to sustain its presence and competitiveness in the industry?
Since our inception, Granules India has undergone a remarkable transformation. Initially an API pharma company, then we pioneered and introduced PFI, forward integrating further into formulation dosages over the last one and half decade. Recently, we unveiled our organizational purpose, 'healing lives responsibly' with a focus on green science and initiatives, aligning with our chairman's passion for sustainability and ESG. Our strategic plan for backward integration of API, manufacturing KSM and KRM based on green initiatives, reflects our responsibility to society and a commitment to making a positive impact on lives and the environment. Furthermore, our expansion in formulations and robust R&D pipeline will ensure sustained long-term growth.
As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Granules India, what specific measures do you prioritize to ensure the consistent financial health of the company?
As Granules India's CFO, my foremost priority is ensuring the financial health of the company through a nuanced approach. I closely monitor Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), since it guides us in assessing whether all our assets yield adequate returns and identifies areas for improvement or untapped opportunities. This financial compass enables us to navigate gaps and make the most of possible prospects, ensuring a robust financial foundation. I believe it's about leveraging financial drivers to propel business growth, fostering a dynamic equilibrium between prudent financial management and strategic expansion. In essence, it's about ensuring that every invested rupee contributes meaningfully to our sustainable success.

In business finance, success goes beyond numbers—it's about making strategic decisions that not only drive economic growth but also positively impact lives & society at large so that it is sustainable

What criteria do you employ to assess the profitability of potential investments and make strategic financial decisions for the company?
I weigh the probability of success meticulously, aligning financial decisions with strategic priorities. Every rupee invested must promise adequate returns, and the investment landscape should be navigable with a defined payback horizon, emphasizing the need for clarity on the gestation period.

Can you elaborate on your leadership philosophy and the principles or methodologies you adhere to in your role as a leader within Granules India?
In my role as a leader at Granules India, my philosophy centers on a delicate equilibrium between task management and people-centric leadership to ensure business growth and development of people. Recognizing that optimal results stem from balancing productivity and human aspects, I strive to
navigate this dual focus. Leadership style should be dynamic and one must be able to flex leadership styles based on the situation.

Given your extensive professional background, what advice would you offer to emerging financial leaders looking to make an impact in the industry?
My advice to emerging financial leaders in any industry is to embrace a continuous learning mindset. Each day presents a learning opportunity, whether it's gaining business insights, honing commercial acumen, or refining functional skills. This dedication to ongoing learning not only enriches personal growth but also translates into meaningful contributions to the organization's growth and development. Stay curious, stay engaged, and let the pursuit of knowledge be the driving force behind your impact in the industry and your valuable contributions to the growth of the organization you're associated with.

Mukesh Surana, CFO, Granules India
Mukesh Surana, a highly accomplished Chartered Accountant, commenced his career as a CA trainee at Indian Oil Corporation and quickly rose to prominence, securing the role of Unit CFO at SRF Polymers in Chennai. His Mumbai stint at Asian Paints saw him pioneer centralized process audits and lead risk management initiatives, then ventured globally as International Business Finance Head. Mukesh's international experience extended to Dubai with Export Trading Group, marked by successful M&A endeavors, Digitization and financial planning as Group Dy CFO. Returning to India, he served as CFO at Garware Technical Fibers, achieving remarkable financial milestones such as cash from operations and Return on Invested Capital and tripling the company's market cap, earning recognition as Asia’s 100 Power Leaders in Finance from White page International and receiving the coveted Best CFO award from Business World. Currently, as CFO at Granules India, Mukesh continues to steer financial strategies for the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry.

•Favorite Hobbies:Playing Lawn Tennis with my Children
•Favorite Cuisine:Indian, Chinese, Italian
•Favorite Book:Reading business news and articles

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