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N. M. Sarma: Driving The Growth Of Business Through Innovative Business Strategies

N. M. Sarma: Driving The Growth Of Business Through Innovative Business Strategies

 N M Sarma,  Founder & CEO

N M Sarma

Founder & CEO

Phygital Insights is a pioneering business organization that combines data from Physical and Digital assets to unlock the true potential by identifying new channels of growth and profitability for a business. The company’s capabilities in Analytics, Research, and Product Development, along with their expertise in Big Data, make them a unique entity in the digital analytics services space. To cater to the varied requirements of their clients, the company has created a diversified service portfolio that can be classified into five verticals a)Digital- under this vertical, Phygital Insights offers data engineering, data analytics, IoT, and digital transformation services; b)Business Analytics- here, the firm offers business research, customer analytics; market analytics, sales analytics, and engineering analytics services; c)Industry Analytics within this vertical, Phygital Insights offers e-Commerce analytics, FMCG analytics, and retail analytics. d)Talent Augmentation- here,the company offer staff augmentation, and flexi staffing services and e) Technology- this vertical includes AI and IoT services.

Offering all these different arrays of services to a multitude of clients is no cake walk and the person who oversees and guides Phygital Insights from the front is seasoned industry veteran N M Sarma who is the founder and CEO of the company. With over three decades of domain expertise, N. M. Sarma has business accumen take Phygital Insights to greater heights.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Sarma talks more about his professional journey and the unique business operations of Phygital Insights.

Can you talk more about the inception story of Phygital Insights and its early days in the market?
I always fancied bringing the digital and physical worlds together even
during my academic days. So, when I started of my entrepreneurial venture, I named my company Phygital and from the day one, our focus was to offer the best value for money services to our clients consistently.

Also, having a great family especially my wife who supported me throughout my professional journey is key to my success

Building a business from scratch gave me a holistic experience that helped me to learn about more things and look at things from different perspectives. I also believe that every problem has a solution and we tackled every challenge we faced during our journey with this philosophy. For me and my team, this business is more passion driven than and we believe that Profit and Loss is an outcome of that passion that we put into the business. Even though, there were stretches where we struggled in the market, we got break throughs in the US, Japanese, and Australian markets by helping clients with IoT solutions and building analytics services.

Elaborate more on the current market position of Phygital Insights?
I always believe that any organization is a small speck in a large ocean of opportunities and possibilities. For us, what is important is staying focused to offer solutions and services around data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. So, as of now, we have built a reputation as a business that is focused in these emerging technologies providing innovative solutions and services. We have been recognized for our quality of services even by the market leading Indian IT giants receiving a mandate to help them with their staffing. We also provide staffing support across emerging technologies, data science, AI and ML requirements. This just goes to show that business regardless of their size is starting to acknowledge our potential.

Can you talk more about your team and the work culture at Phygital Insights?
We follow 3Cs philosophy that everyone working in this organiza
tion comes through a known Connect with the right Competency and they are Career oriented. This allows them to be accountable for both the work they do, and the commitments we have with each other. Apart from this, we provide them with 4Ps- Passion, Progress, People and Package. This means that, we look for people who are passionate in the work they do, the progress they make in the organization. Our organization is people-centric and provides a holistic package by giving its employees the best working environment.

I also want to mention that all of my six functional heads are women and all of them are doing their current role for the first time and for one reason or another they all have taken career gaps in their journey. I prefer to employ those kinds of professionals and help them have a second chance to achieve success and satisfaction in the work they do.

What is your success mantra?
I have over 33 years of corporate experience and I have had the opportunity to work in different industry verticals, job positions, companies and countries. This has helped me to develop a holistic view on Business, Corporate and Technology realm. Throughout this long journey, anything new or abstract attracted me. I followed my passion and started my entrepreneurial journey by being a mentor to various startups and helping businesses scale.

I was lucky to have great mentors right from my P&G days. I want to mention one special person, Shri. Vara Prasad Rongala, MD of Invensis Technologies and Phygital Insights . He is my well wisher who helped reshape my thinking process.

Also, I am blessed with a great family, especially my wife, N. Balambal who has over two decades of experience in the pre-school industry. She has supported me throughout my professional journey, and is key to my success. I believe that, if it was not for her, I wouldn’t be here.

N.M.Sarma, Founder & CEO, Phygital Insights
This seasoned veteran aspires to be a change agent in the industry and aspires to help the coming generation find their feet in the industry.

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