Narayan Balakrishnan: A Leader With Exceptional Range & Expertise In Both System-Level Architecture Design & Scalable Product Development | CEOInsights Vendor
Narayan Balakrishnan:  A Leader With Exceptional Range & Expertise In Both System-Level Architecture Design & Scalable Product Development

Narayan Balakrishnan: A Leader With Exceptional Range & Expertise In Both System-Level Architecture Design & Scalable Product Development

 Narayan Balakrishnan,    CTO

Narayan Balakrishnan


One of the most important roles in every software development company is that of the chief technology officer. With so much riding on their shoulders, these experts must rely on a wide range of abilities, including interpersonal and technical expertise, as well as creative problem solving, strategic planning, and more. With the help of a skilled CTO, the company can efficiently manage the teams and overall workload and get their product to market on schedule using the latest and greatest tools and technology. Narayan Balakrishnan, Augray's CTOs and a driving force behind the company's ground breaking solutions, is a prime example.

Augray, led by Narayan, is developing innovative XR solutions, aiming for infinite product scalability while also advocating for and practicing component reusability and modular design. Narayan is an extremely versatile CTO who excels in system level architecture design and scalable product development. He is well versed in developing new solutions, from scratch, and introducing them to the world using top-tier marketing approaches.

When it comes to managing and satisfying stakeholder needs, Narayan has excelled. This includes endless expansion, exit strategies, and merger and acquisition initiatives. In addition to being an outstanding team leader and collaborative partner, he has a deep understanding of the latest technology. Below is an excerpt of Narayan’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What factors influenced you to take the leadership role at Augray?
Since my undergraduate days, when I developed an attendance and productivity tracking system for Madura Coats' government subsidies, I have approached academics with a view on prompt and practical application. Even now, after almost 14 years in the field, I still enjoy constructing products since it fulfils a desire I've had since childhood. One of the primary
motivators for me to always push myself intellectually is that Augray is entirely focused on its products and patents. That's the spark plug, and it's all the fuel I need to keep my interest in technology burning brightly. This is why I'm here!

Successful product development relies on several factors, including the product's continued conformity to evolving market demands & technological standards

Define Augray as an organization and where is it positioned in the industry. What are the company’s greatest strengths and unique propositions that it offers to its clients?
AugRay is an industry leader in providing solutions in the most efficient manner possible, particularly through unparalleled immersion. Since its inception, AugRay's mission has been guided by a commitment to realizing its vision of omnipresent immersion. It's important to remember that seeing a product in action has a far greater effect than reading lengthy descriptions about it. Augray has this belief and capitalizes on it. Augray has stood out as the market's leading and most original supplier of extended reality solutions. Our customers have always been thrilled by the results of our digital transformation into XR spaces through AR, VR, and MR, providing cutting-edge representations of their products and services and giving users out-of-this-world encounters.

As CTO, what technological approaches have you developed that have brought financial success to the company?
We've spent almost five years developing a generic XR SDK that works with any XR technology. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) are examples of technology verticals, whereas industrial verticals are self explanatory. The purpose of the SDK was to speed up the process of creating an app for any industry, freeing up developers to concentrate on user experience. Nowadays, the speed at which a solution may be implemented is a key factor in determining its success. That's why we came up with the idea of creating a product an SDK that can enable augmented reality (AR) in real time across native applications, online apps, desktop apps, and virtual reality
(VR)and augmented reality(MR) headsets.

Today, we spend much less time on programming and content generation and more time on imaginative visualization of the solution narrative as a result of all our hard work. Due to this, we can put into action around a dozen new strategies every single quarter. I would say that we are six times more successful than we were only a few years ago.

When deploying new technology to enhance Augray's services and strengthen customer satisfaction how do you assess its effectiveness?
We primarily serve the manufacturing, educational, and fast moving consumer goods sectors. Here, 'success' indicates how effectively the information is absorbed by the learner. As a result, we may deduce thatease of use, functionality, and transparency are the most important factors for users. Our SDK is constructed with this in mind, with special attention paid to loading times, rendering quality, and the positioning of interactive features. By default analytics is included in the SDK to track business and performance metrics, and these data are fed into our deep learning frameworks to inform our suggestions as we strive to become the world's best solutions platform.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
To be successful in today's fast paced environment, all you need is passion and time sensitive efforts. One must have the initiative to provide innovative solutions while keeping the time to market in mind. As a chief technology officer, I have always assessed a concept's commercial viability and preparedness, and I have made it a personal mission to time the launch of a new product so that it is seen by consumers as novel and exciting. Also, successful product development relies on several factors, including the product's continued conformity to evolving market demands and technological standards.

Narayan Balakrishnan, CTO, AugRay
Narayan completed his B.Tech from RVS College of Engineering and MBA from Pondicherry University. In his professional journey so far, Narayan has been part of various prominent companies like Infosys, Prokarma, and Codeneuron Technologies. He began his journey with Augray in 2015 as the Principal Architect and is currently serving as the CTO.

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