Nasir Shaikh: Giving It Back To Society As An Impeccable Educational Leader Of The Country Nasir | CEOInsights Vendor
Nasir Shaikh: Giving It Back To Society As An Impeccable Educational Leader Of The Country Nasir

Nasir Shaikh: Giving It Back To Society As An Impeccable Educational Leader Of The Country Nasir

  Nasir Shaikh,    Group CEO

Nasir Shaikh

Group CEO

Education has a profound effect on societal development which leads the civilization to a future that is promising and full of possibilities. Binding society with the advanced educational programs and learning methodologies to coxswain its developmental course, educational leaders deserve more appreciation and limelight. Responsible for instilling a strong educational value followed by a uniquely personal experience amongst the students of The Lexicon Group of Institutes, the role of Nasir Shaikh as the Group CEO of the premier group of institutes engaged in redefining education in the sectors of pre-schools, high schools, hospitality studies and post-graduate management studies remains unchallenged.

An ace stalwart of the hospitality domain in his previous career, Nasir changed his course of action to explore the nuances of the education sector by leveraging the leadership skills and expertise that he has garnered so far. As the Group CEO - Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit & EduCrack conjointly, Nasir shoulders the responsibility of giving it back to society by the virtue of his role as an impeccable educational leader of the country .

Below is an excerpt of Nasir’s interview with the CEO Insights magazine

As a leader in the education industry, how do you seek to revolutionize the present-day educational framework?
We instil a mindset of ‘Believe Yourself in all aspects’ amongst the students, which is also our motto. By setting in that confidence in our students, we not only ensure the elimination of self-doubt but also enable them to focus on their strengths. This strategy also moulds the students into confident, self-assured, and self-driven individuals as they grow. I strongly believe that these are the most essential skill that is required in the competitive world when it comes to students.

Move your mindset from ‘Why Me?’ to ‘What Am I Learning?’… to How do I turn this Adversity to Advantage and you will see your life changing for you to reach your true potential

In addition to this, we've always remained ahead of the curve, we started teaching coding to our students in 2015 from Class-I onwards. It later became a craze with a few companies in 2019-2020. Apart from academics, we are also focused on the 360° development of our students and by integrating the Multiple Intelligences theory we encourage the students to be the best at what they are and explore their true potential.

Nurturing a curious mindset in our students, that encourages them to ask all kinds of questions, we have also made advanced technologies accessible for our students. Starting from developing our own ERP to our learning management systems as well as our whole placement process is automated. Their campus training and recruitment training happens along with an AI based interview model where they're able to see their progress. There's a lot of emphasis on experiential learning and we take our students across grades be it preschools, high schools, hospitality students and
post-graduation students for multiple industry visits,field trips and experience programs.

Could you give a brief account of latest technologies adopted by you in your institution, which helps the students to achieve something.
Since technology is constantly evolving, we are trying to remain aligned with it. Through our placement software, we track down everything related to placement such as job creation, interview process and so on. Equipped with a prolific technology team, that has created a customized ERP for us, we are now looking at integrating technology into the transportation

Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit and EduCrack
Coming from a family of engineers, Nasir followed the footsteps of his family to get himself enrolled into Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at the Aeronautical Training Centre India. There came a point where he realised that this is not what he desired and what he wanted to do in life, Nasir went ahead and changed tracks to study hospitality and complete his Graduation in Hotel Management and post that his Master’s degree. Nasir is now pursuing his Phd and from what I know of him this will be a continuous journey. A big believer in ‘Learning Is Constant’ Nasir is continuously looking at adding value to himself and grow as a professional through various courses and certifications. Nasir recently completed his PCC certification through ICF and has, his credit close to 1800 coaching hours wherein he has coached various Leaders and Executives.

•Hobbies:Golf, Painting and Reading
•Favourite Book:As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
•Favourite Cuisine:Japanese

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