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Nitin Gupta: Committed To Sustainability Through Leadership In Action

Nitin Gupta: Committed To Sustainability Through Leadership In Action

 Nitin Gupta,  CEO

Nitin Gupta


Machinery manufacturing stands as a crucial pillar of economic development, primarily due to its multifaceted impact. It serves as a key driver of economic growth by not only creating jobs but also stimulating overall expansion. Further more, the introduction of machinery significantly amplifies productivity, as it streamlines production processes through automation, resulting in heightened efficiency and output. STEER is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge material transformation technology. Their mission revolves around the innovative alteration and enhancement of materials in various sectors, including pharma-ceuticals, polymers & plastics, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials, and biorefining. With a global presence spanning 5 main offices, 10 satellite offices, and 4 Application Development Centers, and a highly skilled workforce comprising more than 500 engineers, scientists, and technicians, the STEER Group extends its services to over 45 countries worldwide. Nitin Gupta, the Chief Executive Officer of STEER Engineering Private Limited, consistently contributes to the organization's daily achievements while also infusing innovation into the industry.

During a personal interview with us, Nitin shared insights into the inner workings of the organization, as well as delving into his early life and future endeavours.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional history and the experiences that have shaped it? What drives and inspires your daily actions and routines?
I began my career as a trainee engineer at Thermax a pioneer in the Energy & Environment sector. After nine years in India managing several roles, I moved to Bangkok as the Country Head for Thailand and later to Jakarta, Indonesia as the Regional Business Head for Southeast Asia. Subsequently, I joined the German process engineering major - GEA, leading one of their Asia Pacific businesses from Singapore. Prior to returning to India in 2022, I worked for five years with Tetra Pak, a world leading processing & packaging company, as a Director for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. I returned to India to become the CEO of STEER Engineering in Bangalore, marking
the end of around 16 years of working outside India. My motivation for daily routines is fueled by a combination of factors, including a commitment to my organization’s growth, a deep sense of responsibility towards my family, a dedication to societal well-being and environmental care, and a strong resolve to achieve success through ethical means. I am constantly driven to improve and become the best version of myself, serving as an inspiration to those around me and ensuring the wellbeing of my family.

As a leader, it's your responsibility to push boundaries and encourage your team to explore uncharted territory.

Please share the distinctive experiences that NITK provides, and elaborate on the non-academic lessons you gained during your time on campus.
At that time, NITs were known as Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs). What made it special was that 50% of the students came from different states across India, allowing for diverse interactions with people from all corners of the country. The exposure to various languages and cultures during the four years is a unique and fascinating aspect of NITs. The institution maintained a very high standard of curriculum, consistently ranking among the top in the nation while also encouraging extracurricular activities, fostering talent in sports, arts, and through various clubs. The beachside location was unparalleled, with its own lighthouse. The memories include excellent professors & wonderful cohort, opportunities for academic and extra curricular pursuits, and a prestigious reputation, particularly in fields like chemical engineering. I feel fortunate to have graduated from NITK.

Could you provide an overview of STEER Engineering Private Limited as a company and its present standing within the market?
STEER is a global pioneer in materials transformation technology, driven by an unwavering commitment to advancing material science through research and development. Their primary goal is to create innovative solutions that enhance material functionality, facilitating the creation of superlative products and promoting sustainability. STEER's innovations help to create products that improve the quality of life and enable quantum leaps in the way we live, work, play and stay healthy. Their cutting-edge labs and collaborative partnerships demonstrate their
dedication to progress. Their motto, ‘Transforming Materials. Transforming Lives’, encapsulates their core mission.

Please share your leadership approach, including the principles and methods you adhere to as a leader.
My leadership style has consistently revolved around being an inspirational leader. Bringing out the best in people is paramount for a leader, as it leads to motivated and high-performing teams. This entails creating an environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential, guiding them to achieve their goals, and setting a positive and high-performance standard by leading by example. Emotional intelligence is crucial to connect with and empathize with team members, fostering strong relationships and a positive work environment. Another key aspect is strategic thinking, looking beyond the obvious and focusing on long-term objectives. Staying informed about emerging trends and best practices, encouraging innovative thinking, and adapting to emerging technologies are essential. Diversity and inclusion are also emphasized to bring in diverse ideas. Lastly, mentoring and coaching teams are essential, as it requires an investment of time to nurture their growth.

What is the ultimate goal or destination you aim to reach in the future?
My future objectives encompass a diverse range of goals aligned with my vision of making a positive impact on both the business world and society. One central aim is to lead an innovative Indian company to global prominence, emphasizing technological advancement. Additionally, I aspire to showcase India's technology and engineering expertise on the international stage, contributing to global solutions. Sustainability is a core value, and I intend to lead businesses that prioritize eco-friendly practices and ethical resource management. Furthermore, my commitment to the circular economy concept will drive me to lead businesses that actively engage in and promote waste reduction and resource efficiency.

Nitin Gupta, CEO, STEER Engineering
Nitin Gupta, an accomplished business leader, possesses extensive experience in commercial operations, sales management, strategic marketing, and business development. He is passionate about implementing sustainable solutions and integrating Industry 4.0 technologies to establish a responsible growth ecosystem that generates a positive impact for both business & environment. Nitin has a track record of building and advancing large-scale global technology business operations, supported by solid technical qualifications

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