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Noorul Ameen: Passionately Shaping The Future Of Civil Engineering & Sustainability

Noorul Ameen: Passionately Shaping The Future Of Civil Engineering & Sustainability

  Noorul Ameen,    CEO

Noorul Ameen


Civil engineering is a field that demands more than just technical knowledge; it requires an unwavering passion towards the kind of work. It entails dedicating long hours to fieldwork, overseeing grassroots-level workers, and translating plans from paper to reality alongside a diligent labor force. The intricate dance between calculations, designs, and onsite execution is where the true essence of civil engineering resides. Success in this challenging domain is reserved for those who are genuinely passionate about it. One such passionate individual is Noorul Ameen, who started from humble beginnings in the field has risen to the pinnacle of the industry.

Noorul, CEO, K2K INFRASTRUCTURE, a civil engineering services provider, has a 30-year career in real estate development. He began his career at an architectural firm, and then transitioned to a real estate development company. In 2011, he joined the Prestige Group to lead K2K INFRASTRUCTURE. Noorul's expertise in design and engineering bridges the gap between architectural vision and practicality of construction. He mentors construction professionals and advocates for sustainable practices, incorporating recycled materials into every project. His commitment to the environment and innovative design serves as an inspirational model for emerging professionals in the field.

Brief us about your professional journey and what keeps you going.
I embarked on my professional journey back in 1987, and it's been a fulfilling 36-year voyage in the civil engineering and construction field. My journey began working alongside an architect. This initial experience provided me with valuable insights into the intricacies of building design, including setbacks, bylaws, and the transformation of 2D drawings into vibrant, livable spaces. My passion for architecture predates my career; I grew up being enthralled by building blocks and Lego sets, sparking my interest in construction and architectural design.

Adapting to technological advancements has also been a crucial aspect of my journey. Although I initially had reservations about computers and social media, I recognized the importance of staying updated to keep pace with the younger generation. Consequently, I ventured into platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, where I actively engage with my professional and social circles, fostering valuable insights and experiences. This continuous learning has led me to where I am today; ready to face future challenges and opportunities in the
ever-evolving field of construction and engineering.

I'm quite a hobby enthusiast with a diverse range of interests. Model railroading is a passion that keeps me engaged. I've built an extensive collection and even have a layout at home, which serves as my stress reliever. Another fascination of mine lies in HMT mechanical and automatic watches, boasting a collection of over 100 time pieces. Additionally, I've nurtured a fondness for fountain pens, and my eclectic assortment continues to grow. These hobbies bring balance and vitality to my daily routine.

My background in civil engineering & my innate fascination with architecture have synergized, enabling me to add substantial value to projects by harmonizing construction processes & preserving architectural intent

Define K2K INFRASTRUCTURE as an organization.
K2K INFRASTRUCTURE, a part of the renowned Prestige Group, was established to enhance operational efficiencies in the construction industry. The company aims to streamline and elevate contracting services standards, focusing on established contractors who consistently deliver exceptional quality and reliability. In an industry where names like L&T and JMC represent top-tier excellence, we bridge the gap, offering unparalleled expertise in construction. Our dedication to quality is not merely a promise it's a certified commitment. Holding the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we adhere to international management system standards, ensuring that every project we undertake, be it residential, commercial, institutional, or hospitality, meets the highest quality benchmarks. As an integral part of the Prestige Group, our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional quality and reliability, thereby redefining industry standards. At K2K INFRA- STRUCTURE, we don't just construct buildings; we craft legacies of excellence.

As the CEO, what factors do you consider when developing an effective corporate growth strategy?
As the CEO, I prioritize three key aspects when developing corporate growth strategies. Firstly, meeting project deadlines is our topmost priority, ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining our company's credibility. Second, managing costs effectively within allocated budgets is crucial for profitability while delivering value. Balancing cost-efficiency with high-quality standards is imperative. Lastly, our core strategy revolves around delivering top-tier products and upholding our parent group's reputation for quality.

How do you guide your team to take feedback from clients and improve further?
Being a contracting company, we specifically choose the team members who are passionate about their work, given the demanding nature of our field operations with grass roots workers and migratory labour. Our workforce primarily consists of individuals with agricultural backgrounds who transition into various construction roles during non-agricultural periods. This is the workforce that delivers world-class buildings. However, Regular client feedback drives our continuous improvement efforts.

Embracing technology is a cornerstone of our operations. We use state-of-the-art technology, including SAP-ERP, to streamline our operations. Our teams are trained to use various software tools, such as Cubic Cost for quantification and BIM software for efficient project delivery. This tech integration helps us maintain control and efficiency in an otherwise unorganized sector. We conduct regular training programs, covering everything from communication skills to client presentations, to ensure our team is well-rounded and adaptable to the modern construction landscape.

Describe your leadership approach and guiding principles for leading your team.
You must keep your ear to the ground and be an active listener as a leader. In our industry, it's crucial to understand that you can't achieve much on your own; team work is paramount. As a leader, my key focus is on teamwork, motivation, and employee development. We encourage and motivate our team members to excel and provide ample opportunities for growth. Our low attrition rate reflects the positive work environment we create, emphasizing happiness and comfort at work. We understand that employees spend a significant portion of their time at work, and our goal is to ensure they are content and motivated.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
We annually target a 20 percent growth, maintaining steady progress. Our diverse business verticals, developed over our 14-year journey, include a precast unit Konkretez Klinkers producing panels and construction essentials, a fenestration company Falcon Facades specializing in various glazing solutions, a painting company Krayons, and Iron Smith, a steel factory that optimizes steel usage. These ventures enhance our efficiency and cost control. Looking ahead, our vision encompasses waste recycling from construction materials, a sustainable initiative underway through waste collection and reuse in our processes. We plan to scale this up further, establishing a centralized recycling yard and crushing plant in the coming financial year.

Noorul Ameen, CEO, K2K Infrastructure
Noorul Ameen is a passionate and experienced leader in civil engineering, blending architectural vision with practicality. He's committed to growth, sustainability, and innovation, guiding his team to excellence. Under his leadership, K2K INFRASTRUCTURE aims for continuous progress with environmental responsibility.

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