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Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan: Driving The Company Forward With Futuristic Ideas

Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan: Driving The Company Forward With Futuristic Ideas

  Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan, Founder & Director

Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan

Founder & Director

A true entrepreneur is one who has the ability to mobilise resources in the best possible manner for achieving the business objectives. One such leader transforming the businesses with his innovative vision and robust strategies is Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan, Founder & Director of Digi Carotene Private Limited.

"Digi Carotene is committed to help startups and SMEs to grow their business by providing them with digital marketing solutions that are specifically aligned to the clients business or marketing goals". Digi Carotene has highly experienced digital marketers with the knowledge of working with clients from various industries such as retail, SAAS, E-Commerce and many other industries. They develop strategies through extensive market research and, endeavouring Client's business objective to plan accordingly.

In an interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Palakolanu shares his insights on the company's value propositions, his experience in the digital marketing industry, vision and mission of his company.

Could you tell us what inspired you to start the company?
COVID-19 has adversely affected the economy, whereas digital marketing has positively impacted the businesses during the pandemic. It has become a gateway for the startups & SME's to make their product or service to acquire more business. Digital marketing has given businesses a chance to reach out to the higher intent audience at a better cost. I've seen a lot of businesses fail because of lack of proper marketing knowledge and go-to-market strategy.

There is a common perception for the small business owners that digital marketing is about using tools like Facebook & Google to promote their business, but there is so much more and the right marketing strategy based on the stage of business and aspirations, is the key for growth. There is a lot of science involved behind digital marketing. In one way the content that is created by the businesses should evoke the user's perception to know about the product or service that they are promoting. Businesses need to create their marketing funnels to amplify their business through digital platforms. Likewise there is a lot about marketing tactics but businesses are missing them out.

I've always been passionate about business, so I learned digital marketing from my college days. I worked as a freelancer after college and had the opportunity to work with multiple businesses, which helped me in learning and implementing new things in digital marketing. After I completed my MBA, I got a job at ICICI prudential, but I had to move to Hyderabad for family reasons. That's when I got
another chance to work in digital marketing. I've been enjoying working on it ever since!

Digi Carotene has started in 2020 with a team of digital marketers who have years of experience and knowledge in working for various industries. We partner with our clients to provide solutions that solve their business problems. We use data and analytics to improve our client's marketing performance. We take over the lead generation and marketing activities so startups can focus on building their core business.

Digi Carotene partner's with clients to provide solutions that solve their business problems, use data and analytics to improve client's marketing performance and take over the lead generation and marketing activities so that startups can focus on building their core business

How do you help clients address digital marketing challenges?
Digital marketing has been a buzzword for a long time now. The advent of online marketing has made it easy for businesses to increase their visibility. With proper utilisation of tools & technologies, we help our clients to acquire the first set of customers. We help our clients move from offline to online by setting up the right marketing platforms, driving traffic and increasing digital conversions. Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients to provide solutions for the challenges they face.

We help companies that are trying to enter into new markets with the Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy and also we help companies that are looking to expand their business. Our services include web development, designing, social media marketing, PPC, Content marketing, online reputation management, SEO, email marketing and many more. Our services are customised based upon the client's business or marketing goals. We do our research to identify their target customers and the platforms they are active on and build a customised campaign strategy based on the business stage.

What according to you are some of the methods to enhance digital marketing tasks?
These days, the marketing funnel commonly starts with the written word. All the shoppers these days generally research about the product or service before they make their buying decision and also there is another set of shoppers who buy any product or service only if they are very familiar with the brand name. This means it is vital for brands to show them self-online for the brands success. The way of enhancing the marketing tasks changes from industry to industry. For the retail industry Social Media will be the best option for the brand
to influence their target customers by painting it in the most positive light possible. By promoting the content relevant to your business and the product, you effectively build awareness, spark engagement, and position yourself as an influential thought leader within your industry.

Our content marketing team consistently goes above and beyond the norm, taking advantage of every opportunity to give them the best possible content that engages their target customers. Digi Carotene understands real time insights, cultural changes, behaviour patterns of the customers and draws a great Marketing Strategy. Digi Carotene strives to use every possible way to generate maximum profit for our clients. We believe in making our marketing campaigns more personalised and innovative to mature the viewer's attention on any platform.

Some of the tasks that we do for every client to provide better results from marketing campaigns:
-Narrow down on the Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) to attract/source high intent leads
-Build user personas based on geography and psychographic behaviours
-Develop customised plans based on existing challenges
-Feature building
-Value based marketing instead of hard
-selling the product or service
-Campaign strategy includes diversified channel approach, while keeping the costs low
-Have a Close watch on data, conversion metrics and loop back insights for campaign optimisation, MQLs, conversion rates and funnels

What are your plans for the future?
Right now we have clients across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka in India and we have few clients from the United States. Fortunately, we have seen rapid growth of our agency with many happy clients. We would like to continue making our clients happy through our result driven digital marketing services, leading to their business growth. The new thing that we are bringing into our system is neural marketing and we are excited to bring that in the coming months.

Neural marketing is all about measuring physiological and neural signals to get insights into ICP. By leveraging technology and new age tools, we can adopt deep customisation techniques to showcase customised content, identify niche areas, and get high intent leads by understanding customers' motivations, preferences, and decisions. This will help us to progress in that direction and will help further in bringing down the marketing costs for our clients, and help achieve lower CAC for their businesses.

Palakolanu Sai Narasimhan, Founder & Director, Digi Carotene
Palakolanu is a marketing and advertising practitioner who heads the path breaking brand in the world of Digital Marketing. He is a graduate in B.Tech from SRM University and pursued an engineering career, and also found true passion when started dabbling in Marketing.

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