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Paresh Shah: Assisting India To Emerge As A Global Leader Of Infrastructure

Paresh Shah: Assisting India To Emerge As A Global Leader Of Infrastructure

Paresh Shah,   Director

Paresh Shah


Recognizing the prolific opportunities that are good for investment, a true entrepreneur never shies away from taking risks, exploring prospects, and altering the course of his/her actions accordingly. One such phenomenon is Paresh Shah, who navigated from the fuel trading business to explore the nuances of the bitumen segment after realizing the upcoming growth in road infrastructure development. Being well aware of India's consistent strive to emerge as a global infrastructure leader as well as the existing gaps across the Indian refinery in terms of production, Paresh was certain that he will be able to craft a diverse and successful business around this arena.

Paresh laid the foundation of Neptune Tradelink in 2004 in the business of trading and it soon became a pioneer owing to quality products, commitment, and punctuality. Coming from a commerce background, Paresh is a third-generation entrepreneur to be dealing with petroleum products. Under his able guidance, Neptune Petrochemicals Private Limited is evolving exponentially to acquire more significant milestones in the near future.

Paresh engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Equipped with more than 17 years of experience, how has been your path to success & what is your success mantra?
At the initial level, every business has its own set of challenges and it was no different for us either. Starting with a small capital, we took a slow and steady path to get
good support from the market and earn the trust of our customers. We had to struggle and compete with other players to establish ourselves in this segment, meanwhile remaining aligned with our principles pertaining to punctuality, quality, and customer satisfaction. But we also learned a great deal from this journey of 17 years and we are currently leveraging all those learnings to emerge as a bigger player in this segment.

We always focus on quality and timely delivery, as it helps our customers to finish their work on time and increase their productivity

For me, the success mantra is our commitment to quality. Being in the commodity segment, we now and again envisage huge fluctuations in the prices and delivery. But, by taking innovative approaches to overcome these challenges, our commitment to quality and systems has remained unperturbed.

What are the major factors you take into consideration while suggesting your products to the clients?
We always focus on quality and timely delivery, as it helps our customers to finish their work on time and increase their productivity. So, we always look forward to helping our customers and never hesitate to walk the extra mile for them. Since our quality and punctuality will ultimately help our customers, we try not to deviate from our goal of assisting the customers in every possible way.

Tell us a little bit about your leadership style. What is your unique way of leading your team forward amidst the challenges that you face?
Starting from ever-changing government policies to facing numerous other challenges such as issues related to maintaining quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, I and my team try to take a cohesive and pragmatic approach to address all our hurdles. Success is guaran
teed when you work as a team and I am blessed to have responsible and dedicated colleagues in my team who are very much aligned with the vision of our organization, i.e. ensuring customer satisfaction. With the sole objective of benefiting our customers during their partnership with us, I and my teammates plan our strategy and work diligently around it.

Tell us about the future roadmap that you have envisioned for the company. What are the market opportunities that you will be tapping into?
Operating almost PAN India level, we are currently catering across the markets of Gujarat, MP and Maharashtra. We have recently set up our factory in Haryana and warehouse in Guwahati and Maharashtra. Remaining fixated on ur goal of minimizing the logistic costs at a PAN India level, we are currently considered a market leader for importing a drum. Functioning in the manufacturing domain at present, we are doing quite well in the last few years. Currently we are planning to enhance our expertise and work proactively for our customers, which will ultimately pave our path to emerging as industry leader.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
The first thing to concentrate on is hard work. Apart from remaining aligned with the systems, it is necessary to know that commitment and quality are very much important for entrepreneurs. So, to succeed as a new-age leader, you need to follow all these rules.

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