Piyush Gandhi: Designing & Building Most Modern Office Projects For Leading Global Companies & Interiors For Top-Ranking Hotels | CEOInsights Vendor
Piyush Gandhi: Designing & Building Most Modern Office Projects For Leading Global Companies & Interiors For Top-Ranking Hotels

Piyush Gandhi: Designing & Building Most Modern Office Projects For Leading Global Companies & Interiors For Top-Ranking Hotels

Piyush Gandhi,  Managing Partner

Piyush Gandhi

Managing Partner

With an aim to build world-class workspaces, ANJ Group was established in the year 1979, and grew across all major cities of India, delivering 80 million sqft of Offices for Fortune 500 Companies & further expanded into other sectors like Hotels, Hospitals etc. The company brings best of the global design trends and manufacturing practices in the Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality industry in India. A well charted BigVision, Process &Technology centric approach, and a pool of Talented Individuals, are the three pillars of the company’s growth. Under the leadership of Piyush Gandhi, the company is seeing phenomenal growth and harnessing full potential to become a widespread player in Indian &Global market serving top ranking MNCs and Indian Corporates.

Piyush Gandhi, a Mechanical Engineer, completed his MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) and then went on to do Executive Management Program in Real Estate Development from Harvard Business School, Boston USA. After completing his Engineering, he started his own venture into power generation equipment under the brand name Stanbro Technologies. Post ISB, Piyush worked with JLL, a leading International Property Consultant in diverse leadership roles for 15+ years. Currently, he is working as the Managing Partner at the ANJ Group, and with his extreme knowledge and passion for growing Companies and Individuals, he has brought-in various changes,putting the company on strong growth trajectory for coming many years. Piyush Gandhi engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, let’s hear from him.

Tell us about your leadership approach and what are the guidelines you follow to lead your team.
My leadership style is primarily drawn from my entrepreneurial capabilities, and I believe two things are very important for any leadership style to be successful –“Ability to Build Winning Teams” & “Building Businesses which are Creditable and Trusted by your clients”.
Equally essential is having focus on the changing market needs and carving solutions which makes you the top solution provider for those emerging needs. The entrepreneurial leadership style also means thinking Out of the Box and providing solutions that are beyond the normal trend followed by the people. A Company, as per me, is primarily a group of people with common motive and diverse skills. It is very important to keep the team motivated and with a drive to achieve top outcomes and that’s where my strong belief and focus is.

Always look out for the macro picture and make the right move

Define ANJ Group as a leading Design and Build Firm in the architecture and planning industry and its current position in the market.
ANJ Group is a very entrepreneurial, young in style organization which has some amazing strengths and capabilities to design and deliver world-class offices, hotels, and other real estate spaces for the global companies. ANJ Group has built its reputation as the leader in this area in India. The company has an in-house 80+ architects team for designing. A huge and fully robotic manufacturing plant spread on 22 acres near Mumbai, which is one of the best-inclass in India in the Interior industry. The Company has a very high focus on using technology in manufacturing and deploying high-tech equipment at the construction site. Talking about ANJ’s position in the market, while being the leader, we believe the journey towards growth has just begun and we feel we are very well placed for the next big leap. As India's growth story picks, we are very ambitious to play a significant part in this industry and plan to go global.

What are the factors you consider when developing long-term business goals?
I always enjoy focusing on Macro Business Environment and where the world is heading. This helps me to make moves in the right direction. Further, my focus is always on how to make the foundation of the organization strong, especially through culture and best practices. The long term business goals have to make best use of people, processes, and the technology. Another important element, I am very conscious of is the diversity in the business, and the fact that businesses need to expand in multiple directions, to avoid any risk. I also feel, its high time Indian Corporates need to go global, which will help both in learning from global
developments as well as contributing to the global developments. These are some of the strategies, I focuson while developing long-term business goals.

How have you been guiding the team to draw valuable insights from the market to help the companys stay afloat in the industry?
I am myself a keen observer of the market trends, and discuss same during my meetings with team members on a regular basis. This helps me both to share and learn from others. For example, there has been a remarkable shift in the construction & interiors industry from on-site to factory-fabricated construction. This means quickly adopting the change from the earlier established processes. In our case, we established a state-of-art manufacturing facility with three assembly lines with all robotic machines which can turn large volumes with high levels of quality and safety. Simultaneously we also pushed our design, procurement and site teams through trainings for increasing items that can be factory fabricated. Similarly, the new-age offices require much detail capabilities on Technology & Sustainability systems and we have brought-in strong capabilities towards same in our project delivery. The key to success is looking beyond what is visible in day-to-day life and in being pioneer and leader in upcoming trends.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What is your advice to budding leaders in this industry?
In the next few years, I feel, our business might grow 4-5 times from where we stand. We look forward to taking this industry to the next level through our presence in diverse geographies& sectors and providing premium quality offerings to many businesses. The next focus is also on making a sustainable business model where we have the best teams, driving the best processes, through the best technology.

My advice to budding leaders is that don’t become too functional,find some time regularly to think beyond your day-to-day function on the direction you need to go and broad strategies. Secondly, always stay very transparent in your work and build a business based on trust with your clients and employees.

Piyush Gandhi, Managing Partner , ANJ Group
Passionate about marketing and fine execution, Piyush Gandhi has working experience in both the entrepreneurship and corporate industry for over three decades.

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