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Piyush Pathak: Transcending The Ordinaries Of The eCommerce Market

Piyush Pathak: Transcending The Ordinaries Of The eCommerce Market

  Piyush Pathak,     Founder

Piyush Pathak


Piyush Pathak is an elite alumnus of BITS Pilani who has been setting new benchmarks in the eCommerce ecosystem through his industry experience, strong leadership acumen, and skills in software development. Right from the beginning of his career, leadership & mettle were deep-rooted within him. Starting his professional journey with Mediology Software as a mobile app developer to establishing Notation Software Labs (CommerceUp), Piyush explored a unique journey of understanding eCommerce technology and business strategies which gives him varied and vivid approaches to strategizing and solving problems.

He aspired to be a leader and pursued it with grit and determination. Today, he stands as an inspiration to the one who wants to shine. To honour Piyush as a leader and one of the successful alumni of BITS Pilani, CEO Insights engages in an exclusive interaction to explore his unique expedition. We sincerely hope that our endeavour will be able to motivate several youngsters with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Tell us about your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into entrepreneurship?
After graduating from BITS Pilani in 2012, I started my career with Mediology Software. Initially, I explored IOS and Android app development and got an opportunity to understand multiple technologies for almost six years. My profession grew from software engineer to tech lead, and principal engineer & tech architect.

I decided to move out of my comfort zone and took a break from the
corporate world. During that transition period, I worked for several digital publishing apps developing the applications for them. I always had the urge to explore different industries and this time it was eCommerce. The aspiration to start something on my own and explore the eCommerce sector marked the start of my entrepreneurial journey by establishing Notation Software Labs in 2018.

Offering a modern and powerful cloud-based eCommerce platform that is built to solve complex problems for D2C (direct to- consumer) brands

What were the interesting learnings & experiences that you acquired from BITS?
BITS has been an institute that doesn’t force studies on you. The college has no attendance policy a allowing students to devote their time to activities they enjoy. As a person interested in music apart from academics, I joined hands with four of my peers and started a separate department dedicated to music called Gurukul Department of Music. It began like a bootstrapped startup to train people interested in music but doesn’t hold any professional experience. It was in the third year we were funded by the college, and it has been successfully running till now. This experience exposed me to different things from funding to leadership and managing people.

What is your guiding leadership philosophy? What values do you practice while working with your team?
In my opinion, a founder has to be a jack of all trades. One has to do things first before training and or leading a team by telling them what to do. Only then your delegated members will take a step ahead and work because you’ll be capable of guiding them properly based on your experience. My way of leadership is to sit with the team, discuss things and solve problems together.
Moreover, we strongly believe that everyone should follow their passion. We work to live a life and do not live life to work, so there is no concept of overwork or overtime at Notation Labs.

Define Notation Software Labs as an organization and its current position in the market.
Notation Software Labs is a digital solution for enterprise eCommerce businesses. We have launched a product called CommerceUp under Notation Labs to help eCommerce companies build an online brand. It is an end-to-end SaaS platform to create dynamic and responsive eCommerce websites. We act as an extended team for SMEs, small retailers, brands, and entrepreneurs to set up their eCommerce platforms.

We are not just another website builder that provides a platform for just implementation. We focus on providing cutting-edge technologies with full-spectrum services and multiple market place integrations, enabling the clients to easily sell on other eCommerce platforms. At present, we are active in the UAE market, especially in Dubai.

Going forward, what is the future roadmap you have envisioned, and what market opportunities you would like to tap into?
We currently have one product that helps to build eCommerce websites, which sets the base of the business for our clients. Our next goal is to build sub applications such as marketing tools and others to help them increase sales or acquire more customers. We envision building some amazing products and capturing more of the GCC and Middle East region. Once we achieve this goal, we might tap into the Indian market as well. But our major aim is to build one of the best eCommerce platforms in the market, working on the modern tech stack and solving complex problems of all the D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands across the world.

Piyush Pathak, Founder, Notation Software Labs (CommerceUP)
Piyush is highly skilled in the design & development of software applications & has a strong knowledge of eCommerce technology to launch scalable businesses.

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