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Prashant Singh: A Key Player In Empowering Artisans & Preserving Heritage

Prashant Singh: A Key Player In Empowering Artisans & Preserving Heritage

Prashant Singh,    Founder

Prashant Singh


India is known for its rich and diverse handicraft industry. The handicraft market in India is extensive and provides employment opportunities for millions of people, particularly in rural areas. One person who has been making a significant positive impact in this industry is Prashant Singh, Founder of Haath Ka Bana. As a critical thinker and startup architect, Prashant has brought his extensive experience in business and customer management to this industry, helping to create new market opportunities for Indian artisans. Through his efforts, Prashant has helped to revive and promote traditional handicrafts, which not only preserve India's cultural heritage but also contribute to the growth of the country's economy. Prashant's dedication to the handicraft industry is commendable, and his efforts are a true testament to the potential that lies within this industry. Let’s learn more about him in below interview snippets.

Give a brief account of your professional journey and what inspired you to start a venture in the art and craft domain.
I have a diverse professional background spanning over 20 years in the banking sector and 10 years of entrepreneurship experience. My passion for creating good spaces in homes and offices led me to venture into the art and craft domain about 15 years ago. Initially, I started by building Cricket memorabilia, but my love for art pushed me to explore more. However, my inspiration was not limited to personal interest alone. I also wanted to create a business that would impact lives at the grassroots level. At the time, handicrafts were looked down upon in the domestic market due to their lack of standardization, adaptation, and quality. This presented an opportunity for us to recognize the potential of traditional arts and crafts in India, which are rich in heritage and cultural value. We made it our mission to promote Indian culture and create livelihoods for the artisans, who are the key custodians of Indian identity.

Drawing on our corporate experience, we focused on bringing
quality and authentic handicrafts to our customers, and this story continues to this day.

Can you describe your leadership style and what principles have led to your success?
My leadership style can be described as democratic, where I value the input of all team members, including Karigars, Vendors, Customers, and Employees. By collaborating and allowing everyone to contribute, we can make informed decisions that lead to a greater commitment from all parties involved. Additionally, this approach creates an opportunity to cultivate responsible leaders for the future. As for my success mantra, it's simple: work for excellence, and everything else will fall into place.

Our goal is to broaden our outreach by exploring the realm of GI products, as we believe it embodies the future of the handicrafts industry

Can you explain what Haath Ka Bana is as an organization and its market position?
Haath Ka Bana has established itself as a prominent player in the Handicrafts Industry, with a primary focus on creating livelihoods for artisans. Our business model is predominantly B2B, and we have built a vast network of around 3500 artisan families and have access to over 100 art and crafts in India. As a result, we are currently the largest handicraft solutions provider for bulk markets in India. We have earned the trust of corporates, ministries, and their subdivisions due to our commitment to creativity and authenticity. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our reach by tapping into the world of GI products, which we believe represents the future of the Handicrafts Industry.

What factors do you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
In today's dynamic business environment, change is happening at an even faster pace than before. To create effective corporate growth strategies, it is essential to keep a close eye on consumer behavior and how it is influenced. By regularly reviewing these factors, we can develop better strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Currently, the handicraft market is crowded due to the increase of mushrooming handicraft entrepreneurs as a result of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, this has led to unethical sourcing practices that focus on immediate supplies rather
than long term thinking. At Haath Ka Bana, we recognize this issue and have implemented a project called Jai Bharti- A reflection of true India, which promotes Geographical Indication (GI) tagged products. This certification verifies the origin, authenticity, and ethical sourcing of our products, further solidifying the trust of our customers.

What measures have you taken to cultivate a culture of learning in your team, allowing you to glean valuable insights that can assist the company in meeting the demands of the market and customers?
In an open office organization like Haath Ka Bana,we recognize that learning opportunities are fleeting and must be quickly seized. Therefore, while we do offer systematic training for all employees, we have also created an efficient workplace that facilitates internal transfers. We have many employees who have been with us for over five years and have honed their expertise in specific functions, which allows them to better cater to our customers. These employees also take on mentoring roles to promote a culture of growth and learning throughout the organization.

In terms of your future career plans, how do you intend to allocate your time? & what advice do you give to upcoming leaders while hacking new opportunities?
Moving forward, my focus will be on leveraging technology to facilitate growth and creating a team that is singularly dedicated to providing sustainable livelihoods for our karigars while producing exceptional, high-quality handicraft products.

My suggestion is to remain steadfast and not get distracted by the vast array of possibilities in this sector. Instead, remain focused and revisit your purpose to ensure that you stay on track.

Prashant Singh, Founder, Haath Ka Bana
Prashant Singh is a critical thinker and innovative leader with over 30 years of industry experience. He is the Founder of Haath Ka Bana, an organization that promotes traditional handicrafts in India. In 2013, he established The India Art Investment Company, a specialist art firm offering diverse services to art patrons. He is passionate about promoting Indian handicrafts and preserving the country's cultural heritage. Through his efforts, he has been instrumental in creating new market opportunities for Indian artisans, which has contributed to the growth of the country's economy.

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