Pratik Ghelani: Streamlining E-Learning Segment To Help Students Learn Effortlessly & Exclusively | CEOInsights Vendor
Pratik Ghelani: Streamlining E-Learning Segment To Help Students Learn Effortlessly & Exclusively

Pratik Ghelani: Streamlining E-Learning Segment To Help Students Learn Effortlessly & Exclusively

Pratik Ghelani,Co-Founder

Pratik Ghelani


I n the wake of the pandemic, remote learning has become a significant concept and in the last few years, numerous technological advancements have taken place in the field of e-learning across India. Fuelled by the application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in classrooms and the use of cloud based platforms, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR), the e-learning market in India is expected to reach a value of INR 312.13 Bn by 2026. While numerous e-learning platforms have surfaced in the last few years, Easemyedu has evolved as an exclusive platform that is making students understand things in a very easy way and helping them to retain as well as execute them further. A Mumbai-based e-learning startup that empowers students with personalized & adaptive online learning Easemyedu delivers specific content of IGCSE, CBSE & ICSE curriculum through a combination of Online Live lectures & video animations. Easemyedu is a unique endeavor by Pratik Ghelani, a teacher by profession & entrepreneur by choice, and Sonali Agarwal, a marketing & promotion leader as well as an education enthusiast. Their first venture in education was SPECTRUM ACADEMIA, and as a team they have created excellent results in offline coaching, guiding around 5000 students & mentoring about 70 teachers.

Pratik engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights magazine.

Tell us about your experiences so far and how are you applying those learning across your endeavors at Easemyedu?
My core intention has always been to simplify complex things for students and that’s what remains my prime objective at Easemyedu. For example, students often find it quite difficult to memorize things and then retain them for a longer period. So at Easemyedu we are trying to habituate students with different methodologies or techniques, through which they can
gain maximum information within a minimum time and retain them for an extended period.

What is the vision of Easemyedu? What technological tools and unique strategies are instilled in its services?
The company's vision is to benefit maximum students through premium and advanced learning facilities. Our platform has hired teachers, who go through very difficult selection criteria, before engaging with our students. So, our teachers are the moderators or expert moderators of different schools and they hold many years of experience in teaching throughout their careers. We also have a strict training module, which helps the teachers to make students understand things very quickly and easily okay. We are also equipped with all the necessary resources required for a teacher as well as for the students on our platform.

My core intention has always been to simplify complex things for students and that’s what remains my prime objective at Easemyedu

Describe your proudest accomplishments in your entrepreneurial journey that keep you motivated?
The positive feedback that we get from our students is the major driving force for us. So, when our students tell us that they are getting adequate benefits using our mobile applications or how they are getting benefited by following the educational modules that we provide to them, all of us, including me and my team consider those compliments as our greatest accomplishments.

What is the success mantra that helps you to deliver positive outcomes at every level?
My success mantra is about taking risks. So, I believe that a person who does not take risks will always go on missing chances. I also encourage my students to take risks because unless you try it, you can never know whether you could have achieved that milestone or not. So, if you do not take the risk, then failure is
guaranteed, but if you take the leap of faith despite the presence of risks, then there are a few chances that the situation might turn in your favor.

As an entrepreneur, what are your plans for the next five years? What is the roadmap that you have planned for Easemyedu?
Currently, we are trying to bring AI and ML into our application Easemyedu. So, after the students join our platform, our portal helps them to plan their studies and execute them in a proper format. At present, we are giving adequate access to our students to various libraries, advanced tools, educational videos, and so on, to help them complete their academics within a minimum number of days. This will also enable them to have additional time for their extracurricular activities. When the new education policy comes into the picture, students would want to be more focused on developing skills, instead of spending much time on learning, memorizing and doing iterative processes. We intend to bring in skill development as a part of our curriculum and simultaneously provide the students with simplified solutions, which will help them to achieve better results in their academics and at the same time, they can look for various skill development programs.

What would be your advice for the young students?
So, for students, my advice is to follow the ‘Three A’s,’ which are Aim, Achieve, and Analyze. You must aim higher and give your 100 percent to achieve that aim. Whether it is an academic, non academic, or any extracurricular goal, once you have decided to go for it, then you try to achieve it by giving your complete dedication, devotion, and determination. After achieving those goals, analyze the mistakes you have made, and how you can use these lessons to grow further. So, I would advise the students to accentuate these ‘Three A’s’ to achieve success.

Pratik Ghelani, Co-Founder, Easemyedu
Passionate about teaching since childhood, Pratik always wanted to create better experiences for seamless learning and making others understand concepts with ease. In 2018, he started his own chain of offline coaching centres in Mumbai to make mathematics interesting with the help of various practical tools is his forte. Through his unique online E-learning portal Easemyedu, Pratik aims to cater education to a large number of students.

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