Pratish Raj: Redefining The Way People Approach Physical Activities And Sports For Comprehensive Health And Wellness | CEOInsights Vendor
Pratish Raj: Redefining The Way People Approach Physical Activities And Sports For Comprehensive Health And Wellness

Pratish Raj: Redefining The Way People Approach Physical Activities And Sports For Comprehensive Health And Wellness

  Pratish Raj,   Founder

Pratish Raj


Sports transcends mere physical activity it catalyzes holistic well-being. Beyond the physical benefits, it nurtures mental resilience, fosters social connections, and instils vital life skills like discipline and teamwork. In the pursuit of fitness and excellence, individuals discover emotional balance and a sense of accomplishment. Sports is a multifaceted realm that harmoniously integrates both physical and mental health, fostering a well rounded and vibrant life. It's a reminder that true wellness extends beyond the body; it encompasses the mind and soul, with sports as the guiding light. With a shared ideology and a vision of reshaping India into a sports-oriented nation, where sports transcend being just a leisure activity to become an integral part of daily life, Pratish Raj founded Machaxi.

Today, within the sphere of sports and fitness, Pratish Raj is renowned as an innovative entrepreneur and the driving energy propelling Machaxi, a dynamic enterprise reshaping India's sports panorama. As the Founder of Machaxi, Pratish Raj carries an unmatched fervor for sports, a sharp entrepreneurial drive, and an unwavering dedication to revolutionizing how individuals participate in physical pursuits.

Below is an excerpt of Pratish Raj’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional journey and tell us about the inspiration behind the establishment of Machaxi?
I graduated from XLRI Jamshedpur and embarked on a fulfilling journey with Tata Administrative Services within the esteemed Tata Group. Later, I joined Amazon, where I played a pivotal role in launching and, making significant strides in the product management domain.

With a shared passion for sports,
my co-founder Tushar and I established Our vision is to bridge the gap in sports centers’ offerings using technology. Since our inception in July 2022, we've rapidly expanded and we are now operating 11 sports centres in Bangalore and serving over 7,000 enthusiastic users daily at our Sports centres. Our three core verticals - Learn, Play, and Shop, offer coaching, immersive playing experiences, and sports equipment selection for purchase. In addition, our unique reward points system allows customers to earn discounts on sports gear with instant delivery.

At Machaxi, our mission is to promote sports and fitness across all age groups, providing exceptional experiences and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Share with us your academic experience from XLRI Jamshedpur. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
XLRI is a unique place where brilliant minds coexist in a tight-knit community for two years. It's not just an academic institution; it's where I found lifelong friends. XLRI taught me the significance of kindness and the power of democratic values through student-run committees that oversee everything from placements to campus culture. The campus exudes energy, emphasizing the importance of benevolence. Most importantly, XLRI instilled in me a deep commitment to ethics, which is increasingly vital as businesses integrate AI and technology. In summary, XLRI's enduring lessons encompass kindness, lifelong friendships, democratic values, and unwavering ethical considerations, shaping my perspective as a business leader.

Define Machaxi as an organization and its position in the Health, Wellness & Fitness sector.
Machaxi's vision is to revolutionize India into a sporting nation. We believe sports is the ultimate conduit for mental and physical fitness, fostering social bonds that, in turn, lead to heightened happiness in daily life. Our current journey reveals a remarkable shift; many of our customers now allocate more wallet share to Machaxi than they do on popular food delivery platforms. This transformation stems from the growing awareness of personal health data, fueled by smart watches and advanced diagnostics. As data accumulates, people will naturally gravitate towards activities
that promote long-term emotional and physical well-being with sports being a prime category to drive that change.

As the Founder, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
Our corporate growth strategies revolve around three pillars. First, we strive to make sports adoption more accessible, addressing the challenge of finding playing partners. Secondly, we aim to encourage more Indians to embrace sports as a career, either as coaches or players, to nurture a thriving sports culture. Lastly, we focus on building a robust sports infrastructure through our partners, providing attractive returns for investment to create a conducive environment for sports enthusiasts. In essence, our strategies aim to drive sports adoption, professionalization, and infrastructure development, all contributing to our vision of a healthier, happier India.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
In the short term, Machaxi is on an ambitious trajectory for the next 24 months. We are determined to establish a significant presence in five prominent Indian cities by operating more than 100 cutting-edge sports centres. Our primary objective during this phase is to serve the diverse needs of over 1 million customers, spanning coaching programs for kids and adults, immersive playing experiences, and a comprehensive sports equipment shopping platform.

Looking ahead to the next decade, our vision becomes even more expansive. We aspire to operate a network of over 1500 sports centers across major Indian cities, not only promoting sports for fitness but also nurturing future sports champions. We're committed to leveraging AI technology to streamline the sports equipment selection process and enhance training through video analysis, making significant strides in reshaping India's sports landscape.

Pratish Raj, Founder, Machax
Pratish Raj, an XLRI Jamshedpur graduate, is an entrepreneurial visionary. His career spans leadership roles at Tata Group and Amazon. As the Founder of Machaxi, he pioneers sports, wellness, and technology integration.

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