Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan: A Power Couple Transforming Home Experiences Through 'Ishatvam' | CEOInsights Vendor
Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan: A Power Couple Transforming Home Experiences Through 'Ishatvam'

Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan: A Power Couple Transforming Home Experiences Through 'Ishatvam'

Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan,   Owners & Directors

Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan

Owners & Directors

The Home decor industry is a growing market that encompasses a wide variety of products and services,including soft furnishings, furniture, lighting, home accents and decor, art and artifacts, sculptures, and accessories.

Led by the innovative entrepreneurs Preeti & Vishal, Ishatvam offers an extensive range of products that cater to the unique needs and preferences of their clients. By providing high-quality personalized products and services, Preeti and Vishal help individuals to elevate and transform their homes into beautiful and comfortable spaces. ‘Traditions for contemporary homes’ is what they proudly claim.

CEO Insights recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with this duo. In the following interview snippets, we'll learn more about their entrepreneurial journey and their passion for home decor. Let's read.

Tell us about your professional background and experiences, Preeti and Vishal.
Preeti: With nearly 2-decades in the hospitality and service sector, my strengths lie in Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Customer Service Bench marking. I began my career with ITC's hotel division through WMI. My previous position was Director of Business Development at HVS India, and I also consulted with HVS Executive Search for the MEA region. I currently divide my time between managing my lifestyle company, Ishatvam, and philanthropy with Akshaya Patra and Titiksha which is a platform to showcase art by artists with disabilities.

Vishal: I have track record of leading and managing startups in diverse business background ranging from retail, manufacturing, and sourcing. Having started my career with
sourcing of apparels and accessories three decades ago, I thereon moved to manufacturing and exporting of fashion knits to US and UK. My last 15 years have been into retail, where I have represented both domestic and international brands at board levels. My strength lies in leveraging a strong consumer base to build brands and businesses, building and energizing teams, nurturing talent, and leading culture and growing shareholders’ value.

I would say that leadership should be inclusive & collaborative. Keep things short & simple is our mantra

Tell us about Ishatvam as a company and where it stands in the market? What is the special offer that your company makes to customers?
Ishatvam is a Sanskrit name pronounced as (e-shtvum ) and the closest translation would be ‘unity with the divine power’. Ishatvam is a center for home decor and a lifestyle brand that adds value using its designs to create narratives. Each product is the ideal fusion of traditional values in a contemporary context thereby creating timeless and unique designs. Diverse tastes and price ranges are not seen as a limitation, rather as an opportunity. Our goal is to give our customers the greatest quality and service. Our design story is to complete the story our clients want to tell.

Tell us about the expertise used to create your products and how you ensure quality.
Our ability to showcase artisanal skill sets is one of our strengths. We collaborate closely with artisans working with a variety of mediums to assist them in designing items that are relevant, sometimes creating unique products by amalgamating different processes. Our in-house design team is constantly working with fresh ideas and methods to attain the high standards that Ishatvam is known for.
How can you ensure a superior customer experience from the moment you interact with a client?
A tour through Ishatvam is an experience. Not only do we house beautiful products, we also tell their narrative. Wherever we can, we customize services for our customers after listening to their needs. Our knowledgeable staff that is trained on the product and the procedures involved creates a holistic client experience, which is the key factor in our steadfast customer loyalty.

Tell us about the management's approach to leadership and the rules or procedures you employ to manage your workforce.
Leadership should be inclusive and collaborative. A sense of ownership and belonging is immensely motivating for our team and helps in creating a dynamic and positive work environment. Keep things short and simple is our mantra.

What are the upcoming market opportunities in which you plan to focus your time in order to accomplish your objectives?
Apart from the regular brick and mortar store expansion, through our company operated and franchisee route, we have a 3-pronged strategy Firstly, accelerate our online business with cross border shipping. This is one area that was underplayed in the past and we intend to change it. Secondly, with Ishatvam Design Services (IDS), we feel there is a great opportunity for interiors projects in Tier-I and Tier-II cities. IDS will attempt to tap into our rich design resources to fill this gap with the typical Ishatvam touch and feel. Thirdly, cross-border collaborations with like minded partners for our footprints overseas.

Preeti Trehan & Vishal Trehan, Owners & Directors, Ishatvam
Preeti - Belonging to an Army background, the hospitality sector was her launch pad. She is a philocalist who sees beauty in most things around her. Travel is important to her and she takes to new environments and people easily, yet remains a private person.

Vishal - Grew up in India, is married to Preeti for last 30 years with two children. The older one, Ananya, pursues her career in London while the younger one Aryaman is living his dream by playing professional football for a European Club based in Portugal.

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