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Prof. CA.Kishore Peshori: Empowering Minds & Inspiring Futures

Prof. CA.Kishore Peshori: Empowering Minds & Inspiring Futures

Prof. CA. Kishore Peshori,  Principal

Prof. CA. Kishore Peshori


A rare and illustrious quality in leaders emerges when the pillars of intellect, empathy, and spiritual wisdom stand in perfect alignment. Such leaders, embodying the harmonious fusion of IQ, EQ, and SQ, transcend the ordinary and leave an indelible mark human progress, the world’s progress. Today, we delve into the extraordinary journey of such luminary, Prof. CA. Kishore Peshori. His odyssey began as a chartered accountant, a path that led to the achieving prestigious designations including CFA and MBA & finally PHD. Seamlessly wearing the dual hats of a seasoned practitioner and a guiding academician, he has been a progressive leader.

What motivates your daily routine?
My daily routine revolves around a simple philosophy I cherish each day as a gift from the divine. This beautiful journey motivates me to make each day better than the last. Just as yesterday was my best, today strives to surpass that test. Throughout my career, I've held the belief that life consists of three facets: IQ, guiding me through all tests and decisions EQ, nurturing leadership skills and SQ, a crucial element for leading society towards the New World Order by 2047. My aspiration is to be remembered for at least next two decades, leaving a lasting legacy of integrated intelligence, empathy, and spiritual wisdom.

Could you elaborate on how your institution tackled the challenges posed by the pandemic.
When the pandemic struck, it practically felt like a doomsday. However, in a remarkable feat, our management and faculty orchestrated a seamless transition to online lectures within a mere three days. Our unwavering commitment to upholding quality, whether during exams or admissions, remained resolute, ensuring minimal disruptions.
Highlight the significant milestones you cherish as part of MMK College?
Even during the pandemic, we successfully organized a plethora of events, including intercollegiate Music Fests and dance dramas, which garnered commendable laurels for our institution. We have introduced four new courses, including a course on Media Communication and Journalism (MCJ). Notably, our MCJ offerings are reinforced by our strategic partnerships. This collaboration equips students with sector-specific skills and valuable internships, enriching their prospects. Our association with accomplished film actresses and distinguished alumni shows our dedication to holistic education. They frequently contribute to lectures, discussions, and intercollegiate events, further enhancing our students' capabilities.

A leader with intellect, empathy, & spirituality, Prof. Kishore lights the way for a brighter future of humanity & India’s heritage

Moreover, we are proud to be the first college to launch a unique accountancy museum in Mumbai. The impact of technology is evident as we wholeheartedly embrace blended learning, effectively utilizing the digital landscape both on campus and beyond. Furthermore, we're on the brink of introducing a media room to document student activities, cultivating an interactive learning environment. Looking ahead, a community radio initiative is in progress, set to be launched in the near future.

Could you elaborate on your leadership approach and the principles that guide you in your role?
My leadership approach follows a bottom-up model. For me, the journey from the lowest level to the highest is vital. Ensuring everyone, even at the grassroots, feels satisfied and motivated to elevate their performance daily is paramount. We emphasize educating all, bridging gaps, and aligning with modern trends in NEP 2020. A self-driven, motivated ethos prevails, propelling the college's ascent. It's not bureaucratic, but democratic fostering the realization that investing time in college trumps
distractions, catalyzing personal growth.

What has been your success mantra and how have you been keeping yourself up to date and aligned with all the changes, revolutions, and evolutions happening?
My success mantra primarily revolves around faith in a higher power. God is the guiding force connects our world. And it's a privilege to have supportive management, dedicated teachers, and appreciative students. Delivering excellence is a collaborative effort, not just my own. Challenges are addressed with discipline and effective communication. We pioneered and led the way with on-campus COVID vaccinations. Such achievements stem from a belief in divine intervention. As I enter the third phase of my life SQ and spiritual growth is paramount.

Staying abreast of industry trends involves associations like Indian merchants chamber, Bombay Management Association, American Consulate and more, facilitating agile distribution of crucial information throughout the college community.

Whats your vision for both yourself and the college? Any advice for readers?
In this rapidly changing world, our aspirations surpass even the stars become better than the best. India's heritage is boundless; while we journey to Moon and Mars, who's to say when we'll reach the Sun? we could probably be the first one to do so. The dormant tiger of 1947 is now unchained, manifesting as a prideful force of innovation and prowess. We have to celebrate and rejoice Maa Tujhe Salam.

For young entrepreneurs and leaders, my advice is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' the world as one family. By 2047, India will stand tall globally. Today's Indians reshaping global multinationals. Rooted in our philosophy, Bhagavad Gita holds life-transforming insights. Beyond religion, it's a management guide, enriching human lives for generations. Imbibe its principles- it's a beacon for shaping not just businesses, but humanity's course for centuries to come.

Prof. CA. Kishore Peshori, Principal, Smt Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College (MMK)
Kishore has been elevating MMK College through visionary leadership, excellence, and a commitment to holistic education.

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