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Rahul Ghose: Empowering Investors With State Of The Art Tech To Have A Fighting Chance

Rahul Ghose: Empowering Investors With State Of The Art Tech To Have A Fighting Chance

   Rahul Ghose,    Founder & CEO

Rahul Ghose

Founder & CEO

As it becomes essential to democratize investment and empower individuals to secure their financial futures, there is a growing need for user-friendly platforms that protect risk and provide access to a diverse range of investment opportunities & products. The solutions must offer risk management tools to help retail investors make informed decisions, thus bridging the gap between institutional and retail investors

Filling this lacuna is Rahul Ghose, Founder & CEO of Octanom Tech, who brings with him a wealth of expertise honed through years of dedication to the trading arena. His journey, which began as a precocious 17-year-old trader, has evolved into a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex world of finance. Rahul's experience spans over fifteen years, during which he has steered countless traders and investors toward understanding the intricacies of sustainable financial success. With Octanom Tech, over the next two years, Rahul plans to roll out groundbreaking products that the world has not seen in this space, poised to make a significant impact in both the Indian and U.S.markets. Let’s hear more from him.

Could you provide a brief summary of your professional background and experience? What inspires your pursuits in the financial market?
My entire career has revolved around the financial markets since I started trading at the age of 17. Even during my college days, I spent my free time trading at the campus Internet cafe. Over the past 15+ years, I have held various management positions, including being the former country head of Moneyflix and later serving as Vice President at one of the largest broking houses in India. I firmly believe that trading and investing are fields that are often misunderstood but unparalleled globally. It is the only space where you solely rely on your intellect to have a great outcome without any intermediaries, factories, or labor issues involved. My motivation lies
in making this wonderful field in its right form to be accessible to every retailer in India and across the world.

Could you describe the distinctive opportunities available at SRM University Chennai and the non-academic lessons you learnt on campus?
SRM University Chennai stands out for its balanced approach toward both academics and extracurricular activities. While this might be a common claim among colleges today, back when I attended, SRM had one of the most extensive and impressive college campuses. It offered a wide range of activities, and the infrastructure was top-notch. The university fostered an environment where students were not forced to conform to a specific mold or pursue things they were not interested in. This freedom allowed us to explore and discover our passions, and such experiences undoubtedly enriched our lives beyond the academic realm.

My motivation lies in ‘reducing the losses’ of retail participants of India & all across the world

How would you define Octanom Tech as an organization and its current position in the market?
Octanom Tech is an organization that stands out in the Indian Financial market space and runs Hedged, the only platform in India that specializing in the 'Hedged Style' of Investing & Trading. In a market where approximately 90 percent of people face losses in the financial space, particularly those with smaller capital sizes, Hedged aims to address this issue and 'Reduce these losses.' Our mission revolves around making a significant positive impact in the financial markets by helping people navigate the complexities and pitfalls of trading and investing through the Hedged approach.

Our commitment to low risk strategies sets us apart, and our unique tech driven approach prioritizes risk management, ensuring greater success rates for our products. While Hedged did not initially aim to achieve high product success rates, its focus on risk management has naturally led it towards having some of the highest success rates among all platforms and portals in India.

We aspire to create a legacy as the company that made the most substantial difference in improving outcomes for individuals & insti
tutions in the financial markets, aligning perfectly with our motto 'Reducing India's Investment Losses, One hedge at a time.'

Could you describe your leadership approach and the principles or strategies you follow as a leader?
I believe that one of the major mistakes made by leaders and founders nowadays is attempting to handle everything on their own. They often feel that they can perform tasks better, leading them to neglect delegation. However, delegation is only one of the three crucial skills essential for effective leadership. The second key skill is people management, which involves not only instructing individuals on what to do but also supporting them in their endeavors to achieve excellence. Encouraging their personal growth and empowering them fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability within the team. The third and most vital quality of a successful leader is Emotional Intelligence: Leaders with emotional intelligence can comprehend and manage their emotions while empathizing with the emotions of others. This skill enables them to handle conflicts, motivate their team, and establish strong relationships through effective communication.

What is your envisioned future destination?
We have set an ambitious goal of reducing global losses by over a ‘Billion Dollars’ in the coming decade. Our aim is to be renowned as the organization that made the most significant positive impact on individuals & institutions in the financial market. We are here to empower every trader and investor by providing them with the right Know-how by leveraging technology. The essence of the word 'Hedged' itself explains what we do and is also a risk management strategy to counter losses, and Octanom Tech embodies this concept as your protective shield to mitigate big losses through its platform. We are determined to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our technology is always ahead, anticipating and effectively countering any challenges such as recessions, market crashes, and volatility. We also plan to launch our tech in the U.S, Canada & parts of Europe in the times to come.

Rahul Ghose, Founder & CEO, Octanom Tech
Rahul Ghose is a visionary & highly skilled trader, capital markets expert, and the Founder & CEO of Octanom Tech, revolutionizing safe trading & investing for retail investors. Rahul's innovative approach has earned him recognition as a leader in the finance market industry.

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