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Raman Bajaj: Pioneering Holistic Child Development Through Quality Education

Raman Bajaj: Pioneering Holistic Child Development Through Quality Education

Raman Bajaj ,   CEO

Raman Bajaj


The education industry has also been facing numerous challenges pertaining to the changing economic trends, the adoption of standardized learning, and increasing cost structures. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in education, Raman Bajaj, CEO of Millennium Education Group, is addressing the undesirable gaps across the present- day educational ecosystem with a very strong mission of providing holistic development to every child. Raman is currently spearheading Millennium Education Group, an organization headquartered in Gurugram and consisting of 150 passionate and dedicated people, all working together to provide highquality education and create lifelong learners.

To know more about Raman’s illustrious professional journey, kindly peruse the snippet of the exclusive conversation.

Throw some light on your educational and professional background. What drives you today?
I am the CEO of Millennium Education Group. Our group comprises of over 25+ Millennium Schools and over 750+ Little Millennium preschools, across the country.

I have ~20 years of experience across Education, Investment Banking and Technology sectors.

I have been heading the Millennium Education Group since 2016, and thanks to the efforts of my team we have been able to reach and serve over 200,000 children and their families, till date. Prior to this, I was with Educomp Solutions Ltd., where my work focused on Corporate Strategy, M&A & Joint Ventures, and Investor Relations.

Prior to joining the Education sector in India, I worked as an Investment Banker at HSBC and Lazard in London, focusing on Corporate Finance & Advisory. I am a Software Engineer by education and have an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

I am driven by the desire to create some thing, to bring social impact, to create high-value high impact work place culture and to develop leaders.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences IIM Lucknow offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

IIM Lucknow has some of the best young people in the country, working/ studying and growing together.The time spent on campus helped created deep friendships and great networking opportunities. For the first time, we worked in groups on different kinds of projects, and got the first taste of “collaboration”. The case study method of learning, the interaction with industry experts the case competitions, the annual management festival, etc.were all unique experiences. IIM Lucknow also gave me an opportunity to study in Sweden on an exchange program which was also a wonderful experience.

Education Leaders should create a Culture of Empowerment. Empowering Teachers will unlock high levels of creativity, and empowering students will create ownership for learning

How would you define Millennium Education Group as an organization and its current position in the education sector?
The Millennium Education Group is an organization of ~150 passionate and energetic people driven by our vision to provide high quality education and create life long learners. We believe that education should be a joyful and enriching experience for the child. To deliver on this vision, we have created a ‘hightrust high performance’ work culture that allows people to be themselves, create value for the organization and reach their fullest potential. Our culture is our strongest competitive advantage and is built around our core values of ownership, autonomy, empathy, humility and collaboration.

The Millennium Education Group is one of the leading educational groups in the country today, with over 25+ Millennium Schools and over 750+ Little Millennium Preschools operational across 150+ cities in India.

Tell us about the most effective methodology and technologies used in your organization to ensure better learning experiences for your students.
Our most effective methodology is our unique and scientifically designed curriculum, that focuses onthe holistic development of every child, at every stage of development. At the pre-school level, we do this through play activities and collaborative group work. At the primary school level, we follow the ‘project-based method’. At the middle school level, we follow an ‘apprentice based approach’, where the curriculum uses models and protagonists to teach concepts and introduce children to over 750+ professions. Finally, at the senior school level, we follow a ‘brain-
based approach’ to learning that provides strong concept clarity, critical thinking and decision making skills.

What would be your advice to the upcoming leaders in the education sector?
Firstly, I am glad that the education sector in India is attracting the best and the brightest from all over the world. There is a lot to be done and the sector needs more and more leaders to join, bring innovation and create value. I am nobody to be giving advice as I have a lot to learn myself, still. However, since I have this opportunity, I am happy to share these 3 pieces of advice:

Innovate: This is my 1-word advice at the “Business” level(or the “Product” level). The Education sector really needs a lot of innovation and thankfully (because of the Pandemic) we have seen a lot of innovative products & solutions flow in. I think the upcoming leaders really need to embrace change & uncertainty(as a normal) and experiment with various ideas to see what works “Try early, fail fast, learn fast".

Collaborate: This is my 1-word advice at the “People” level. I believe in a collaborative leadership style.Leaders should collaborate with different stake holders (Business heads, Peers, School owners, Principals, HOD’s etc.). I feel collaboration creates consensus, creates alignment and increases ownership.

Empower:This is my 1-word advice at the “Consumer” level. We are in the business of making ‘learning’ happen. Our two key stakeholders are the Teacher and the Student. We need to empower the teachers as some of the best and most impactful ideas come from them. We also need to empower the students, give them the right tools and the right environment, and they will surprise us. They will “own” their learning and enjoy the learning process.

Raman Bajaj, CEO, Millennium Education Group
Raman has ~20 years of experience across Education and Investment Banking sectors. An MBA from IIM Lucknow, Raman is currently the CEO at the Millennium Education Group, managing the operations of 25+ K12 Schools and 750+ Preschools. Previously, he has worked at Educomp, focusing on Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations. Prior to joining the Education sector, Raman worked in Investment Banking roles at HSBC and Lazard in London, focusing on Corporate Finance and Advisory.

Hobbies: Reading books, playing board games & travelling
Favorite Cuisine: European, Korean, Japanese and Thai
Favorite Book:Quiet Leadership by David Rock
'Favorite Travel Destination:

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