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Ramesh Anumolu: Steering Businesses To Greater Heights

Ramesh Anumolu: Steering Businesses To Greater Heights

 Ramesh Anumolu,  CEO

Ramesh Anumolu


Building a successful business needs a combination of different key elements, among which people are one of the most important. Employees are the driving force behind a company’s operations. Hence, finding and retaining the right people is crucial for business success and having an effective talent acquisition strategy gives companies the opportunity to attract the most talented and skilled employees available on the market. To solve this problem and to be a bridge between employers and employees Capleo Global comes into the picture, a committed employment firm with global experience in a variety of industries.

Capleo Global is dedicated to offering employers and active job seekers the finest in recruitment. The firm is entrusted by its clients to provide high-quality staffing services that enable them to fill more orders, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. Capleo Global also ensures that all skill requirements of the employers are successfully met by adhering to corporate-approved recruitment policies. Moving ahead in the guidance of Ramesh Anumolu, CEO, Capelo Global the firm has reached greater heights. Below is an excerpt from our recent interaction with Ramesh Anumala.

Could you briefly describe your educational background and work history? What drives you to carry out your daily engagements?
Raised in the small town of Andhra Pradesh, India, I joined a private company in Hyderabad after receiving my Master's in Computer Application, and then I moved to the US to establish myself in a foreign country. During my time in the US, I had the chance to meet a number of young people who were seeking employment but were having trouble finding it in the companies they desired. I saw this as a chance to direct the career pathways of the unemployed. So I started my journey to create Global Pharma Tek.

My entrepreneurial mindset is well ingrained. I've had wonderful mentors who have given me advice and led the way. Additionally, there has been an internal motivation to establish a firm and, most significantly, a desire to assist others, particularly job searchers.

How would you define Capleo Global as an organization and What position does it hold in the market?
A group company of Global Pharma Tek, Capleo Global, was founded with the lofty goal of assisting people with the proper qualifications and expertise in finding work with the best businesses. Depending on where the firm is headquartered, we can offer both local and global coverage thanks to our vast network of professionals.

What sets us apart from others is our unparalleled service delivered by an experienced, professional and equally caring team

Our success lies in the deep expertise and knowledge of the selected industry verticals we support and that include, healthcare, retail, finance, information technology, manufacturing, pharma and biotech, medical device, and light industry. Our flexible staffing services and workforce strategies are designed to help businesses of all sizes to meet their specialized talent needs. Our services include temphire, temp to direct hire, direct hire, payroll processing, and management and SOW.

What sets us apart from others is our unparalleled service delivered by an experienced, professional and equally caring team. We love combining both great resources and high-end technology to create employment connections making a meaningful impact on employers and job seekers.

Can you share some of the most complex challenges you have faced so far on your journey? What did you learn from them and how did you overcome them?
The challenge I faced was bringing into the company the right people who not only aligned intellectually but culturally too. I was lucky enough to have a team of recruiters who helped me recognize the right people for the company, who were able to take up work enthusiastically and helped me continue my journey with the same vision.

As a staffing company, one of the challenges we face is understanding the challenges of recruiting for different sectors and finding solutions for our clients. As a team, we need to have experience across vertical markets and various types of engagements, and industry technologies to have a greater understanding of the marketplace and client needs. We need to be constantly learning, stretching, and adapting to new environments and challenges, diverse markets, and engaging experiences to move ahead.

How do you perfectly manage to balance your personal and professional lives? What is the key
to your success?
I am constantly driven by the end goal and have the innate strength and tenacity to persevere through tough situations. I always keep an eye on the larger picture while also being cognizant of obstacles, difficulties, and unforeseen occurrences.

What changes in market behavior are you expecting in the future?
Change is the nature of business and in the workforce solutions industry, it is happening faster. As a staffing firm, we can leverage the right solutions and strategies to differentiate us from our clients to evolve and place more candidates into jobs they love. Demand for workers is expected to outpace supply in 2023. The need for workers will likewise increase, beyond the capacity of the local labor force. Small businesses will thus have to search outside of their immediate area for workers. To remain competitive, we need to be more proactive about our talent acquisition strategies in the year 2023.

What advice would you recommend the future industry leaders in light of your significant industry experience?
My advice to future leaders is to understand the fact that one of the most important elements of effective leadership is to create an open line of communication with your team members. A leader’s honesty and transparency should serve as an example to the team members. And when it comes to leading a group of people, a mutual sense of trust and understanding needs to happen between the leader and their team members. To achieve this, leaders need to learn to connect with their team members.

Ramesh Anumolu, CEO, Capleo Global
Ramesh Anumolu is the founder & chief executive officer of Capleo Global. His goals as the founder of the company are to partner with businesses, assisting them with achieving the highest level of professionalism within their recruiting and staffing goals. Ramesh is an active industry spokesperson in the staffing industry and is the driving force behind the company’s strategic and operational success. Capleo Global’s vision to “connect top-class companies to exceptional talent across the globe” resonates deeply with him, as he is motivated by the company’s various challenges and opportunities. He strongly believes in and works towards the company’s ultimate vision to bring meaningful and beneficial connections between corporate and employees, creating a winwin situation. Apart from spending as much time as possible with his wife and children, Ramesh also enjoys a game of cricket. He also shares his energy outside work as he volunteers for various charities.

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