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Ramneek Sehgal: Driving Infrastructure Development To Greater Heights

Ramneek Sehgal: Driving Infrastructure Development To Greater Heights

Ramneek Sehgal , Managing Director

Ramneek Sehgal

Managing Director

Bridges, flyovers, tunnels, and majestic structures that defy gravity, serve as remarkable feats of engineering and design. They are not just functional connectors between two points, but also symbols of human ingenuity and innovation. The development rate of a company depends significantly on the state of a country's infrastructure. Ceigall India is playing a pivotal role in advancing this development by actively participating in the construction of highways, flyovers, bridges, and tunnels as essential components of the projects they undertake. Led by Ramneek Sehgal as Managing Director, Ceigall is setting new milestones in its domain.

During an exclusive interview with Ramneek Sehgal, he shared indepth insights into how their journey to success unfolded and shaped them into the successful company they are today. Let’s hear from him.

Provide a concise overview of your career progression or experience.
I joined my family's small business with a turnover of 60 lakhs, focused on city road projects. We later expanded to cover state-level departments but faced delays in funds and approvals. In 2013, we shifted focus to the central government, undertaking projects on a national scale. Currently, we operate in 12 states, exclusively working with the central government. Our portfolio includes diverse projects like EPC, public-private partnerships, and O&M with an order book value of the group is $1.2 billion. We have successfully completed highways construction, flyovers rail bridgesand other infrastructure projects across the country, driven by our commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

Can you share your leadership approach and success mantra in your professional journey?
In my professional journey so far, my leadership approach has been centered around taking quick decisions, learning quickly from our mistakes, valuing engineering, involving all stakeholders in the organization, and treating my employees as valued stakeholders. I
believe in being proactive and making digital advancements to drive success. As for my success mantra, it's all about being decisive and inclusive in decision-making and keeping the market trends and positioning of the company in mind. I strive to create a collaborative culture where our team of employees at all levels feel empowered to share their ideas, opinions, and feedback. By involving stakeholders from across the organization, I am able to tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of my team, resulting in more innovative and effective solutions.

We build highways, flyovers, rail infrastructure, steel bridges, tunnels, & more across the country, using diverse construction methods & expertise in various trades

What considerations do you take into account when formulating impactful strategies for corporate growth?
When it comes to our corporate growth strategy, our professional board plays a crucial role. We prioritize corporate governance and ensure that our company is run by systems with a 100 percent professional board. In terms of execution, we have focused on strengthening our presence in specific geographies. We started in Ludhiana, Punjab, and gradually expanded to Haryana, Rajasthan, and other states, with the goal of becoming stronger in our target regions outside of India. We have also expanded to West and Central regions, including Bihar and Jharkhand, where we now have significant projects, including a large expressway in Kolkata. We are constantly striving to grow and make an impact in the industry.

Tell us about your experience in project execution and the industry best practices that are evident in your approach.
One of the key factors in project execution is effective financial management. We prioritize keeping costs low and making informed decisions. Completing projects on time and getting a bonus is our USP. Additionally, we believe in improvisation by leveraging new technologies and conducting research and development within existing resources and value engineering. Innovation is also a driving force, and we constantly seek out new techniques and strategies to enhance our projects.
Our top management team also ensures that we bring in new talent and expertise to continuously improve our performance. Another best practice is our focus on utilizing existing resources to minimize waste and maximize value engineering in our projects. During project execution, we prioritize speed along with adherence to top quality and safety standards, and hence timely completion. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as our reputation matters greatly to us. Additionally, we invest in innovation, aligning with the government of India's emphasis on innovation, which keeps our customers happy and engaged.

What are your future plans and goals for the upcoming years? What is your envisioned roadmap for the future?
In the next three years, we have plans to expand our operations. We have already established ourselves as one of the largest EPC road contractors, with a track record of successfully completed 2500+ (single lane) kilometres We are actively investing in HAM projects where the government pays 40 percent and 60 percent (In the shape of Debt and Equity)and we are also exploring opportunities in metros, railway considering the huge budget initiative by the government of India. We are always open to new opportunities and eagerly look forward to capitalizing on them. In addition to our expansion plans, we are also committed to maintaining our reputation as a socially responsible organization and working on CSR activities, where we have already adopted schools and developing leisure valley. We prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our operations and actively engage with local communities to ensure our projects have a positive impact on their livelihoods and well-being.

Ramneek Sehgal, MD, Ceigall
Ramneek Sehgal has bought his small family business into a scope of work now that encompasses highways, flyovers, rail infrastructure, steel bridges, tunneling, bridges, and more, with a nationwide presence and continuous evolution in the field of infrastructure development.

Awards & Recognitions:
•In the last 2 years, the company has won 2 National Awards,
•Gold Award of National Highways “Excellence Award” in 2020 from MORTH
•Special Award for “Outstanding work in Challenging Condition” in 2021 from MORTH "Construction of Kartarpur Corridor (Indian Territory)"

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