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Ravi Deshmukh: En Routing An Extra Mile To Mark The Journey

Ravi Deshmukh: En Routing An Extra Mile To Mark The Journey

  Ravi Deshmukh,    Managing Director

Ravi Deshmukh

Managing Director

The IT services and solutions industry is a booming market segment seeing new companies entering the vertical on a consistent basis. But very few are able to cater multinational enterprises and one of the recognized names is BitString IT Services. The company offers diversified services in multiple domains such as Management Services, IT Resource Planning, Cyber Security Services, Share Point Services and many. Leveraging their deep expertise of the industry, this group of pioneering professionals goes above and beyond to offer the best results for their clients.

Ravi Deshmukh is the brains behind BitString IT Services and with him at the helm, the company has been able to break new business frontiers and reach for greater heights in the corporate realm. Even when facing over whelming odds, his composure and decision-making skills have helped BitString IT Services to come out of the situation unscraped and stronger.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Ravi gives more insight into his professional journey and unique business operations of BitString IT Services.

Can you talk more about your educational and professional background?
I am a Master’s holder in Computer Science. Since I always wanted to run a business so after completing my graduation, I along with three of my friends stepped in business world in education sector where I gained a life time experience.

As I was an inquisitive person so my thirst to learn more was never quenched so I began to work for the National Informatics Centre. I was able to work on multiple revolutionary projects during my 10 year stint there. Later, I felt the urge to learn more about emerging technologies and started to work for private companies like HSBC for over 13 years on a multitude of technological and managerial roles at global scale. After more than two decades of industry experience I wanted to pursue entrepreneurial passion, and finally in 2019
I established BitString IT Services.

How has your previous industry experience allowed you to derive positive business outcomes for BitString IT Services?
Working in both government and private entities has helped me to have a holistic and diverse view on IT solutions as well as services. My experience in IT has helped me to identify often overlooked market opportunities, and I grabbed & channelized those opportunities to drive our business growth. Also, I emphasized on collaboration and working together which has resulted in us being able to constantly improve the quality of our services.Having an inclusive and collaborative work environment has helped us to tap the right talent and subject matter experts in our organization.

Since, the industry has become more competitive and increased automation is the coming future, which will bring new innovations into the industry

Elaborate more on the market position & future aspirations of BitString IT Services.
We are in a growing phase and over the last couple of years, consistently accomplishing impressive numbers. We never backed off from challenging projects and ensured that we handheld our clients through the entire process. Our diverse expertise aids us in catering the manifold requirements in the most efficient manner within the stipulated time frame. Our honesty and transparency not only helped us to gain trust but also maintain an impressive clientele & reputation in industry.

We aspire to become one stop IT solution & global choice for multinational enterprises. Along with that we are looking to extend our reach in various domains, so as to offer diverse services. Our goal is to provide better opportunities for youth and working professionals as well as society, to ease out various aspects by integrating IT in sustainable manner by aligning with Make in India campaign.

Can you explain your leadership style and success mantra?
I believe in team work. So, I prefer giving space to my teammates and indulge in conversations so as to exchange ideas for the betterment
of the company. I also give room for experiments in workspace which helps in exploring new technologies and encourage an individual development. This makes the workspace more cohesive to tackle greater challenges in a seamless manner.

I motivate the team to boost their morale to not be afraid of making mistakes. To me, mistakes are the better way of learning. My success mantra lies in my capability of identifying talent and this has assured me to allocate required work to the right people for efficiency. Also being agile and adaptive has helped me to evolve with the changing market conditions.

However, as an entrepreneur my responsibi lities towards society are no less. My passion for business is not solely relying upon monetary benefits but they are also inclined towards the upliftment of the
society in every possible way. Our share of contribution is in the development of tribals, education of children, sanitation and more.

How do you find a balance between personal and professional life?
Though it has been very challenging to maintain a balance between both personal & professional life. But I have learned to manage to give equal importance to my family as well as my profession. The
constant effort has helped me to overcome daily hassle & to segregate my personal & professional life to establish a right balance.

What are the new future opportunities that you see in the market?
Since, the industry has become more competitive and increased automation is the coming future, which will bring new innovations into the industry. So, it is very important to evolve with the market force.

We are experiencing growth yet there is an untapped potential with a scope of improvisation in many arenas. In achieving the goals, the role of a team is vital so it becomes crucial to offer proper training and development to keep them updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Ravi Deshmukh, MD, BitString IT Services
Leveraging his domain expertise, this seasoned industry veteran has been able to guide his business organization towards sustained success in the industry. And with him at the helm, BitString IT Services is aiming to reach for greater heights in the corporate realm.

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