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Ravi Tomar: A Diagnostic Industry Veteran Democratizing Quality Healthcare Investigations

Ravi Tomar: A Diagnostic Industry Veteran Democratizing Quality Healthcare Investigations

Ravi Tomar    ,     Chairman & Managing Director

Ravi Tomar

Chairman & Managing Director

It’s an undeniable fact that fast & accurate healthcare investigations and diagnostics could mean the difference between life and death.The covid-19 pandemic has substantiated this fact at an unbearable cost of human lives. With the recent change in consumer behavior and increased healthcare awareness, there has been a significant surge in demand for quality diagnostics. People have become more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy life. On the other hand, One third (around 34percent) of malpractice cases in the world that result in death or permanent disability stem from an inaccurate or delayed diagnosis, making it the number one cause of grave predicaments among medical errors, according to recent studies. Hence, not just patients, even the medical professionals are extremely vigilant in banking on top-notch & up-to-date diagnostic service providers who churn out ‘actionable grade’ reports.

Difference making diagnostics quality irrefutably costs an ideal proportion of high-end diagnostic technologies and insights of deeply experienced medical professionals. This precisely embraces the story of CRL Diagnostics and its founder, Ravi Tomar (Chairman & Managing Director). An iconic, ICMR & NABL approved state-of-the-art diagnostic center based out of Delhi offering end-to-end diagnostic facilities under one roof, CRL spans across 12,000 square feet built area and 10 satellite Lab and with the support of 2560 collection points across the country.

Founded in 2014, CRL today is one of the fastest growing diagnostic centers in the country. And the lion’s share of credit goes to Ravi& team, who boasts more than 26 years of professional experience in the diagnostic industry, leading several elite organizations’ healthcare endeavors in coordination with renowned government and public customers. I recently got in touch with Ravi, and he was happy to walk me through his exceptional journey over the past two decades and the company’s latest endeavors.

You have commendable experience in Pathology. What was the inspiration that led you to launch your own diagnostic company?
Prior to founding CRL Diagnostics, I have enjoyed a successful career at Renowned Pathology Labs over the past more than two decades. It was a constant learning experience and an opportunity to excel in providing state-of-the-art diagnostic services, as much as it was the right set of circumstances to comprehend the gaps in the segment.

The idea to venture CRL Diagnostics came in purview with the stance to extend world class diagnostic services so that it helps in improvising the ongoing treatment of the patients. Historically, diagnostics has always been a
neglected or side lined aspect of the healthcare system. It was considered one of the weakest links in the cascade of healthcare for many common conditions, including tuberculosis, diabetes and hypertension due to the lack of easy access to diagnostic testing. We are on a mission to transform this perception and bring diagnostics to the center stage of healthcare by democratizing access to quality diagnostic services.

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How would you define CRL Diagnostics as an organization and its position in the industry? What are the value additions offered by the company to its customers, and what is its USP?
Having started its journey with merely 25 members, CRL Diagnostics is now home to a family of more than 500 seasoned professionals who are at par in their respective fields. We are a team of experienced doctors, scientists, Sales and support staff united by our passion for performing.

We have served more than a million customers so far. As a result of the trust we have been able to establish and nurture with our uncompromised efforts, today, CRL Diagnostics is a brand that people look up to for quality and affordable pathology services. We have always been at the forefront of providing the best-in-class diagnostic services at an affordable price without compromising the quality in any way.

Tell us about infrastructure and capabilities that enable CRL to provide such a level of quality diagnostic services round the clock.
As I mentioned earlier, CRL Diagnostics comprises a team of specialist medical professionals and support staff equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technologies. We have around 100 in-house subject matter experts, including pathologists with practice experience across India. They provide a customized approach to diagnostics as a result of specialty training in disciplines such as Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Histopathology Immunohistochemistry, and Molecular Pathology. Our subspecialty experts in Dermatopathology, Gastro intestinal Pathology, Gynecologic pathology are well equipped to conduct a comprehensive range of histology assessments.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art facility spans 12,000 square feet on Seven floors. This adjoins our more than 2560 collection points across the country.

How has your response been to the challenges posed by the covid-affected market and the need for new operational strategies?
The world has changed tremendously for different sectors in different ways. For most of the verticals, it has been catastrophic.
The change has called for increased sensitivity and specificity of the laboratory results when it comes to healthcare.

We adopted an innovative approach by enabling people to book the test online via the CRL website, mobile app, and our Toll free number (1800-313-78-78). We collect samples from our patients’ homes via an expert collection agent. This ensured that people could stay safe in their homes throughout the process.

What are your thoughts on bringing back the normal and putting the industry back on the growth track in a post-pandemic world?
Going forward, I suppose the need of the hour is for all of us to come forward and form an association of some sort to help bring the much needed changes that eventually will be the key contributors to the growth of this industry.

"Dealing with one thing at a time with all your focus, along with the need for serenity, is what helps me in tackling complex situations in particular"

What is your success mantra as a leader?
Focus is of paramount importance to me because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Dealing with one thing at a time with all your focus, along with the need for serenity, is what helps me in tackling complex situations in particular.

What advice would you give to the budding industry leaders in the diagnostics domain?
My advice to all the budding industry leaders would be to focus on quality. As countries commit to achieving health for all, carefully considering the quality of diagnostic and healthcare services is imperative.

Ravi Tomar, Chairman & Managing Director, CRL Diagnostics
With over 26 years of experience in the Pathology Laboratory industry, Ravi boasts a track record of entrepreneurial success as the founder and CMD of CRL Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. He is also an internal auditor for NABL. Ravi established CRL in 2014 and has steadily guided the diagnostic network from its origins as a Pathology Laboratory to a recognized innovator and one of the best Pathology Labs in the industry. As a result, CRL has enjoyed year-over-year revenue growth and expansion since its inception.After seven years of operations, CRL was twice recognized by Zee Business as one of the fastest growing and best Pathology Labs in North India.

Hobbies:“Supporting mycounter parts, and enjoying my work,”says Ravi.
Favorite Cuisine:Indian
Favorite Book:Mythological books
Favorite Travel Destination: Kashmir

Awards & Recognition:
•Zee Business Award for Best Diagnostics Lab in North India – 2017
•Zee Business Award for Best Diagnostics Lab in North India – 2019
•National Excellence Award for Best Diagnostics lab in North India – 2019, organized by Embassy of Russian Federation
•Healthcare Leadership Award 2021 by Eminent Research for Best Diagnostic Center & Pathology labs in Delhi.

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