Rethish Varghese: A Prolific Strategist & Innovation Officer Equipped With An Entrepreneurial Mindset | CEOInsights Vendor
Rethish Varghese: A Prolific Strategist & Innovation Officer Equipped With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Rethish Varghese: A Prolific Strategist & Innovation Officer Equipped With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Rethish Varghese,Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Rethish Varghese

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

The position of the Chief Strategy Officer or CSO is a comparatively new concept within the industry. It has become quite ubiquitous in the C-suite within the past decade as digital advancements and growth strategies have continued to thrive in complexity. As top C-level executives, CSOs are often equipped with framing, facilitating, and communicating an organization’s tactical inventiveness and future goals. Working closely with the senior leadership teams for navigating the business to greater heights, CSOs play a prominent role in deciding the organization’s longterm and short term strategic initiatives and guiding the organization accordingly. Conveying strategies to people throughout the organization and helping them see how their work can prosper in accordance with it, CSOs are prolifically engaged in crafting change initiatives and decisions that align with strategic objectives at all levels.

"“A leader needs to be authentic to inspire and lead the team and provide a platform to take risks and learn quickly"

Festooned with the vision, tools, and frameworks of an adherent strategist, Rethish Varghese(Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Ospyn Technologies) has been able to carve his identity as one of the prolific strategists and innovation officers of the country. As a part of the core team of Ospyn Technologies, Rethish is predominantly engaged in guiding the organization to shape overall growth strategy (organic & inorganic), product innovation and customer value. Exceptionally well in handling strategic partnerships and driving thought leadership for the firm’s overall growth, Rethish’s expertise lies in driving strategic initiatives around key customer engagements, developing product and company strategies, inspiring employees, and increasing customer loyalty. Through out his highly illustrative career, Rethish has been associated with multiple organizations across all geographies and has helped them across verticals pertaining to marketing, presales, UX, product management, market validation, and so on.

Rethish engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

What is the motivation that keeps you going as an industry leader?
I have pursued challenging goals throughout my career that constantly keep pushing my limits. I have tried to make sure that the challenges taken up have a positive impact and add value to the organization, the group of people involved in the whole process, and society. A leader needs to be
authentic to inspire and lead the team and provide a platform to take risks and learn quickly. It helps us align the team with the vision create an open culture for learning and accomplishing the desired goal without losing focus.

“I have worked with various organizations at different levels pursuing challenging goals, constantly pushing my limits across all those ventures. I have remained aligned with my motto of being optimistic and opportunity oriented

Define Ospyn Technologies as an organization and its current position in the market?
Established in 2009, Ospyn Technologies is a Low Code Content Services Platform vendor offering DMS, BPM & process automation solutions to enterprises. With a strong client base across India, the Middle East, and Africa, Ospyn has raced through a notable digital transformation journey alongside our happy customers. Ospyn has partnered with 80 plus enterprises in theirdigital transformation journey and evolved as the most reliable digital transformation partner around the globe.The low-code capability of OspynDocs Platform enables quicker creation and rollout of process centric applications without the need for vendor support. It helps in replacing disconnected business processes, paper dependent workflows, and fragmented repositories. It allows the stakeholders and end users to acquire real time visibility and provide faster service delivery through automated workflows and centralized content management.

The innovative solutions provide customers with business agility enhanced efficiency, comprehensive customer view, and enhanced transparency, among many other business benefits. Our portfolio includes low code Document Management, Business Process Management, Records Management solutions, and many more that cater to banking, government, and enterprise processes.

What is the USP of Ospyn Technologies, that keeps the firm distinguished amongst the other players?
Flexible product pricing model and composable UX are the key factors that give us an edge in the market compared to the competition. We help our clients identify the bottlenecks in their error-prone business process and implement automation solutions across those areas during our product onboarding and service delivery stages. Apart from assisting them in identifying visible advancements, our transformation process requires a great deal of management
commitment, training, grooming, and so on, which Ospyn offers with quality and accuracy. Our customers act as evangelists for our OspynDocs platform, and that is also giving us a lot of traction and visibility in the market.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, how do you apply your strong professional experience across the company’s operations?
I was instrumental in bringing up the marketing, pre-sales, UX, product management, and delivery departments, along with setting up international operations for Ospyn Technologies. As a unified approach, I align all the leaders within the organization to deliver the expected strategy across different teams.

Being a product company, product vision and an efficient GTM strategy are two elements we particularly focus on. Since the market has been changing consistently, I guide my team in analyzing the market changes and creating a product roadmap to be competitive in the space. As part of our strategic initiatives, I drive potential product partnerships, acquisitions, and so on. This is what my role can be summarized to.

Which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction both personally and professionally?
I had the privilege to try out different career options during my professional journey salaried employment and entrepreneur ship. During my entrepreneurship, I got the opportunity to work with customers across all the regions, and that gave me a whole new perspective with respect to skills, knowledge, and experience. One of the inspiring milestones was building a gamified employee advocacy platform based on social media for enterprises. Ospyn was also my customer during my entrepreneurial journey, and after a long association, I joined them to drive product strategies and growth.

What advice would you like to give to the budding professionals who aspire to become strong agents of organizational growth?
My journey as an entrepreneur has given me a lot of perspective in my life, especially in my career. Getting into the shoes of an entrepreneur can help you look at the problem differently. Rather than just being an employee, I would suggest everybody have an entrepreneurial mindset that enables them to be innovative in their respective roles.

Rethish Varghese, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Ospyn Technologies
As an eminent Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Rethish has led, nurtured, and developed excellent teams across functions like strategy & product innovation to foster his organization’s long-term success, Ospyn Technologies. He is responsible for guiding the organization to shape overall growth strategy (organic & inorganic), product innovation, and customer value.

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