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Rishi Choudhary: Developing Success For Every Business

Rishi Choudhary: Developing Success For Every Business

 Rishi Choudhary,   Vice President- Marketing & CRM

Rishi Choudhary

Vice President- Marketing & CRM

A marketing and CRM expert with nearly two decades of industrious experience, Rishi Choudhary, Vice President Marketing & CRM, Fixigo The Future of Auto Services, possesses excellent & powerful skills in developing and establishing businesses.

Rishi’s professional journey started long back and long before the digital revolution had even begun. Over the decades he has been a vital part of founding teams in various organizations where his key role has been to set up key performance metrics and create demand for the product, as well as build a marketing and CRM landscape along with key verticals for the companies. His involvement with reputed Luxury Retail Partners of Audi and Mercedes- Benz, BWM & Jaguar Land Rover has enabled him to add valuable expertise to his profile. “I began my career in automobile and after almost two decades in both OEM and Luxury Automobile Retail, I feel there could not have been a journey more satisfying than mine”, says Rishi.

Even to this day, the accomplished business leader has the earnestness to learn from people around him and share his experience and knowledge with them, and perhaps this is what keeps him going every day. As the Vice President- Marketing & CRM, he believes FixigoThe Future of Auto Service thrives on technology, and hence, he keeps innovation at the core of everything he does. Along with his team, Rishi is playing the role of an advisor to his customers
& Workshop partners and enabling them to transform their business processes through technology. Below is a snippet of CEO Insights’ exclusive interview with him.

Tell us about the learning experience from IIM Rohtak and what are the important lessons that you inculcated from the institute and carry in your professional journey to date.
The time spent IIM Rohtak have been extremely dynamic. Ever since my graduation, I wanted to equip myself with knowledge in the domain I am in and IIM Rohtak had the exact course to help me achieve that. It gave me the opportunity to understand and comprehend the product and brand concepts in detail which I am still leveraging in my current profile.

I had been able to stick to my roots always which has helped me stay grounded I believe with the right intent and passion nothing is impossible

Define FIXIGO as an organization in the Vehicle Repair and Maintenance domain. Tell us about the services and what are its greatest strengths.
Fixigo The Future of Auto Services is an Auto Tech Startup in the Car Repair & Repair maintenance ecosystem founded by Sami Shaik and co-founded by Ajay Pahwa and Tarun Malhotra. Our greatest strength lies in the way we have positioned our brand we are a team of automotive consultants who are trying to educate our customers on the predictive and preventive maintenance of a car as per the manufacturer’s mandate. We see a huge opportunity in the repair and maintenance space in India and Fixigo The Future Of Auto Services wants to leverage this ever-growing car market via a consultative approach to reach out to more and more customers. Having serviced more than 20,000 customers so far
we want to be a one stop shop for all automotive requirements be it Periodic Services or Body & paint work Accidental Insurance Claims. We also have an on-demand car wash segment as one of our revenue streams.

Describe your leadership style and what has been your success mantra.
Laissez-Faire Leadership has always been the leadership style I believe in which emphasizes empowering my team to take decisions and perform any tasks with efficiency and creativity. I had been able to stick to my roots always which has helped me stay grounded I believe with the right intent and passion nothing is impossible. Even after so many years in the industry, I have been able to take up newer roles and responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and commitment as I did at the beginning of my career.

How do you bring out the maximum potential of your team?
My team has been given the authority to take crucial decisions and own them without having to worry about the outcome. I believe one must not micromanage the team, they should be given the confidence and motivation to take independent decisions. Having said that as leader of the pack one must not forget the larger business objective.

Drawing from your experience in this industry, what advice would you give to budding business leaders?
Throughout my professional journey, I have believed in the mantra of living life to the fullest and taking up challenges as they come and that is exactly what I had been doing for last so many years. Budding leaders must give their 100 percent in whatever they do without having to worry about consequences.

Rishi Choudhary, Vice President- Marketing & CRM, FIXIGO
An alumnus of IIM Rohtak, Rishi is a proficient marketing professional with almost 20 years of experience in Automotive Luxury Retail with stints in top luxury brands in a senior leadership role.

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