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Rohan Sancheti : Leading Excellence In Printing & Packaging Industry

Rohan Sancheti : Leading Excellence In Printing & Packaging Industry

 Rohan Sancheti,  Managing Director

Rohan Sancheti

Managing Director

As a leader, a company’s Managing Director sets the firm’s vision and goals, aligning them with the evolving needs of the industry. Currently positioned as Managing Director of Tirupati Print-O-Pack, Rohan Sancheti is a distinguished provider of printing and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector. Rohan's journey to this leadership role is marked by several significant milestones. Beginning with his academic achievements, including securing admission to prestigious institutions like Daly College, Indore, and later, RIT Rochester, his educational background in print media and packaging science laid a solid foundation for his career.

Rohan's practical experience as a Packaging Engineer for Beiersdorf further enriched his expertise, where he managed promotions across Canada and implemented cost-saving projects, earning recognition for his innovative solutions. His decision to leave behind the comforts of profes- sional growth in the US and establish a factory in Indore showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to contributing to his homeland's industrial growth.

Under Rohan's guidance, Tirupati Print-O-Pack upholds the highest standards of Quality, Service, and Perfection (QSP), ensuring top-notch products and services for its clients. His blend of technical expertise, practical experience, and personal dedication drives the company forward, inspiring those around him and making a significant impact in the industry.

Beyond his professional achi- evements, Rohan's passion for cricket underscores his appreciation for teamwork, strategy, and dedication- qualities that he brings to his leadership role. He is also co-founder of Knights Cricket India. Balancing his career and personal interests, Rohan exemplifies a well-rounded leader committed to excellence in both professional and personal endeavors. Let’s hear from him.

Could you please share your academic experience at Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka? What insights did you gain from the campus beyond academic learning?

My journey at Manipal was truly enriching. The professors brought extensive industry experience to the classroom, making complex concepts easier to grasp. Beyond academics, Manipal provided a fertile ground for developing leadership skills and honing social and networking abilities. These experiences were invaluable and significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

With my family's longstanding involvement in the printing and
packaging business spanning over 40 years, I had the opportunity to directly apply my academic knowledge to our operations in Indore. This practical application made my education even more engaging and relevant.

As the Managing Director, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies for the company?

As the Managing Director, developing effective corporate growth strategies involves considering various factors tailored to the competitive Printing and Packaging industry, particularly catering to the pharmaceutical sector. Ensuring a Quality Supply chain is paramount, emphasizing high-quality products with zero defects to meet stringent industry standards. This involves implementing rigorous quality control processes, employing error-proofing techniques like 'Poka Yoke', and investing in advanced quality assurance technologies.

We justify competitive pricing to potential clients, highlighting the superior value propo- sition we offer

Skilled Labor and Management are vital components, with a dedicated and competent workforce being the backbone of success. Creating a motivating work environment, implementing Lean Manufacturing processes, and fostering a culture of teamwork and communication are essential. Continuous training programs keep employees updated with industry standards and technological advancements, ensuring efficiency even during peak periods.

Diversification and Future Vision are key to sustaining growth and competitiveness. Exploring new product lines and markets, such as digital printing or eco-friendly packaging solutions, ensures adaptability to changing industry trends. Investing in the latest printing and packaging technologies enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and maintains product quality. A long-term vision, outlined in a comprehensive three-year plan with milestones and performance metrics, guides the company's progress.

Incorporating sustainable practices and materials aligns with global standards and appeals to environmentally conscious clients. By integrating these strategies, my company remains agile, innovative, and responsive to market demands, ensuring continued success and growth in the Printing and Packaging industry.

What cutting-edge machinery and
equipment have you introduced to maintain the company's com- petitiveness in today's digital era?

Although our business does not heavily rely on digital technology, we have consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to ensure competitiveness in today's dynamic market. Our primary focus is on enhancing efficiency, precision, and versatility in printing and packaging processes. We've integrated advanced printing
presses with high-speed capabilities, automated packaging lines, and precision cutting machinery, all contributing to superior quality and faster turnaround times for our clients. While digital technology plays a role in some aspects of our operations, our commitment remains in leveraging cutting-edge equipment to uphold our reputation for excellence in traditional printing and packaging methods.

What are the ways you have been guiding the company in attracting new market leaders to be a part of your vision and mission?

In guiding the company to attract new market leaders, I've employed a multifaceted approach that capitalizes on our strengths, underscores our commitment to quality and service, and resonates with potential clients' objectives. Networking and partnerships stand out as essential strategies, fostering strong relationships pivotal in today's market dynamics.

Participation in industry conferences, trade shows, and seminars serves as a platform to connect with emerging leaders in the pharmaceutical sector, amplifying our presence and expanding our network. Additionally, employing data-driven marketing strategies enables us to identify and engage potential clients aligned with our mission.

Our sales approach is consultative, centering on understanding the unique needs and aspirations of prospective clients. We adeptly demonstrate how our solutions can propel their success, ensuring a tailored fit.

Investing in cutting-edge printing and packaging technologies enhances our value proposition, which we effectively communicate to potential clients. We offer customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of emerging pharmaceutical companies, emphasizing flexibility and innovation.

Central to our approach is the emphasis on the value and quality of our products and services. We justify competitive pricing to potential clients, highlighting the superior value proposition we offer. Moreover, we provide flexible payment terms and financing options to accommodate the financial constraints of emerging companies, facilitating mutually bene-ficial partnerships.

Through these strategic initiatives, we have successfully positioned ourselves as an attractive partner for new market leaders, aligning our vision and mission with theirs while delivering exceptional value and service.

Rohan Sancheti, Managing Director, Tirupati Print-O-Pack

Rohan Sancheti, Managing Director of Tirupati Print-O-Pack, holds a BE in Print Media from Manipal University and an MS in Packaging Science from RIT Rochester. With extensive practical knowledge gained as a Packaging Engineer for Beiersdorf, he leads Tirupati Print-OPack, ensuring top-quality products and services in the pharmaceutical sector.

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