Rohith M Patil: Emphasizing On Achieving 'Education To All' Under The Right To Education Act | CEOInsights Vendor
Rohith M Patil: Emphasizing On Achieving 'Education To All' Under The Right To Education Act

Rohith M Patil: Emphasizing On Achieving 'Education To All' Under The Right To Education Act

Rohith Patil ,Founder & Managing Director

Rohith Patil

Founder & Managing Director

While the majority of technology courses offered online as well as at higher education institutions are geared towards English speaking students, there is a size able portion of the workforce who prefers to gain knowledge in their native tongue. Because language and acquiring knowledge are intertwined, everybody in the world deserves access to relevant information in the selected language. It's important to note that the language used for learning should be of the same caliber as the students. To provide quality digital education to the students and professionals who chose native languages as a medium of learning, EdTech platforms that cater to this population should generate diversified educational content in local languages.

Rohith M Patil established Vidwath Innovative Solutions in response to the language barriers that government school students face when attempting to access digital eLearning content. Students who want to study in their native language can access study materials through this digital learning platform. Furthermore, to improve the quality of education provided in government schools, Rohith has created a number of software and hardware tools that can benefit both teachers and students.

Tell us what inspired you to establish Vidwath Innovative Solutions and what motivates you today?
I've been in the business for nearly two decades,starting with a telecommunications product sales company in Bangalore, and then gradually progressed to security related products, and then to computer hardware products. However, in 2009, we had to incurred significant lose, and immediately relocated to Mysore with nothing in my hand and no balance. Further, in Mysore, started a new venture, this time as a one man army, and ran everything from my house. I began a business
selling smart school hardware components. In the first year, I made a one crore business on my own and then opened a small office in 2014.Later,received a government order worth 1.5 crores which resulted in the formation of Vidwath Innovative Solutions. established this content development platform with a team of 30 individuals, and we were the first to create content in Urdu; nobody in our country has Urdu educational content. Hence, we began developing Urdu, post which, we thought, why only Urdu content? We can also develop Kannada content, as such, we started developing educational content in Kannada. Our main objective at Vidwath is to build an environment in which every student has access to our educational materials.

Our main objective at Vidwath is to build an environment in which every rural student has access to our educational materials and achieve their dreams

Define Vidwath Innovative Solutions as a digital education platform.
Vidwath Innovative Solutions primarily develops content for government school students in regional languages. We have a team of PhD scholars, subject matter experts, and highly qualified animators and master's degrees holders. They create the content, with animation and finally the entire content is introduced into desktop and mobile applications.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Vidwath that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
We are the only company that offers both hardware and software products or services. There are companies that only do software, but we are a company that can provide both hardware and software. We have six patents and a manufacturing facility in Mysore. All of the products we create are one of a kind, including an interactive projector that can turn any surface into a participatory surface, as well as a projector with our software embedded in it that is distributed to all schools. It is unique and extremely beneficial to all government schools as content reviews off line.

Another unique product is Vidwath
Touch, which is essentially an LED panel that ranges in size from 55 to 85 inches and includes our content /software. Following Vidwath Light is a tab that includes our content. During the difficult times of the Covid pandemic, we performed numerous CSR activities, including providing free content to all government schools. In addition, nearly 30,000 to 35,000 students have benefited from our content, and they have performed exceptionally well in their exams as a result.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
We always stick to the fundamentals. We under stand what the teacher requires because we have been functioning in this sector for nearly eight years. Further more, we have been continuously upgrading the content year after year, based on the requirements of all the teachers, as we analyse the teacher's requirements at the most primitive level. Many times, some organizations have only provided hardware to government schools, and the teachers are not well versed on how to use them. And the government has spent crores on these products. Neverthe less, in our case, we have ensured that all of the teachers have been properly trained and that they can effectively use both our content/software and hardware to achieve positive results. That is the main mantra I live by.

Our primary goal is not to simply make money and conduct business rather we want to create some thing that will benefit government private school teachers and students.

Rohith M Patil, Founder & Managing Director, Vidwath Innovative Solutions
Rohith Patil is a Graduate in Electronic Engineering who also holds an MBA in Marketing. Rohith established Vidwath Innovative Solutions in 2013, and the company has won the "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" at the International Achievers Conference for being the fastest growing company in the field of Digital Education.

Excellence Award for being The Fastest Growing Indian Company at the International Achievers Conference in the year 2018 at Bangkok.
•Distinctive Citation Digital Content of the year at IDA Awards Corporate 2018.
•Achievers Award conferred to Rohith M Patil, CEO & MD from Vijaya Karnataka of Times Group in Mysuru on 19th, August 2019.
•Times business award for excellence in Kannada and Urdu in the year 2020 at Mysuru.

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