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Saket Dalmia: An Innovator & Progressive Strategist Working With Futuristic Approach

Saket Dalmia: An Innovator & Progressive Strategist Working With Futuristic Approach

Saket Dalmia,  Managing director & National President PHDCCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Saket Dalmia

Managing director & National President PHDCCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry

As a youngster, Saket Dalmia set out on a journey to pursue his passion for finance, attending top universities in America and the UK and working with McKinsey. However, life had other plans for him. A family medical emergency brought him back to India, where he found himself thrust into the world of marble and stone, an industry he knew nothing about.

Despite the steep learning curve, Saket quickly proved himself to be a natural. He recognized the potential for growth and innovation in the traditional marble business and began exploring new concepts and solutions. Before long, his company was exporting marble all over the world, becoming one of the largest exporters of Indian and an importer of Italian marble into the country.

But Saket wasn't content to rest on his laurels. He knew that to truly succeed in a rapidly changing industry, he needed to innovate and diversify. From natural stones to futuristic materials, their expertise in flooring and wall solutions soon made them a go-to for real estate developers, with their work gracing airports, five-star hotels, and residential condominiums. Over the years, they expanded their offerings to include a wide variety of products, such as sanitary wares, water systems, and technologically advanced solutions. With three new verticals under their wing, including Marble City Homz, Megalith and Mega Q, Marble City India has become the ultimate one-stop solution provider for those seeking to make their dream homes a reality. Join CEO Insights as we explore the inspiring story of Saket Dalmia, who, with his dedication and innovation, has transformed a traditional business into a modern-day success story.

What are the most important lessons that you've inculcated from the University of Oxford?
As an alumna of the University of Oxford's Brasenose College, I've taken away some invaluable lessons
that have shaped my professional journey. One of the most significant takeaways was learning to collaborate effectively in a diverse environment. In my class, I had the pleasure of working with individuals from over 20 different countries, which taught me how to break the ice and work efficiently with strangers, ultimately making me a skilled team player. This has come in handy during international collaborations and joint ventures, making them seamless and efficient.

Marble remains the most futuristic product that has stood the test of time, & we have been providing lasting solutions to our customers for years

Additionally, I learned the importance of participating in activities with people who may not be familiar with them. For example, many of my friends at Oxford were not familiar with cricket, a sport I enjoyed playing. Participating in activities that people may not be competent in is an excellent enabler in forging new friendships. These lessons have been invaluable in shaping my professional journey, and I've used them to great effect in my various collaborations and partnerships.

As the managing director of the company, how do you develop effective corporate growth strategies?
In today's world, where disruption caused by technology and geopolitical crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, is rampant, I have learned that agility is key. Every morning, I wake up and ask myself, 'If I were starting a business today how would I satisfy my customers?' This mindset enables me to stay competitive and maintain our edge, even as one of the largest players in our industry.

Furthermore, as the newly appointed President of the Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I have had the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse fields, as the organization comprises 150,000 member companies spread across 20 states and four union territories. Through this experience, I have realized the importance of always being willing to learn new things and incorporate them into our strategies, regardless of our size or success. I have learned that its always one big thing, but a string of many small effective competitive advantages
that culminate into effective corporate growth and competitive strategies.

What is your anticipation regarding the future changes in the market and how do you plan to help Marble City India invest its time in moving forward?
In terms of the future, my focus is on anticipating changes in market behavior and the market itself. One of the biggest challenges moving forward is the continuity of demand. Disruptions and high-interest rates have led to a pause in the consumer durable business, so immediate action is necessary to generate business and make economic progress. Looking beyond the short term, I see a huge opportunity in focusing on sustainability and environmental concerns such as recyclability, ESG circularity, and maintaining the ecosystem. We have a strong relationship with people in the building materials industry, as well as architects and NGOs, and we plan to work closely with them to offer innovative, sustainable products to our customers in India. Our focus is on offering products that are not only sustainable but also have long-lasting appeal. By doing so, we hope to become one of the most trusted and sustainable companies in the market.

Based on your experience in the industry, what advice would you give to aspiring leaders in this domain who aim to set new standards?
I believe that it's important to not just see ourselves as product suppliers, but rather as solution providers. This industry is evolving and people are looking for solutions that are both innovative and environmentally conscious. As leaders, we should strive to think of the space holistically and focus on creating products and experiences that align with our customers' desires for sustainability and innovation. So, my advice would be to keep these factors in mind while striving to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Saket Dalmia, Managing director & National President PHDCCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry Marble City India
He is a highly dedicated businessman who lives and breathes his work, often drawing inspiration from his personal life to drive his business forward. Despite finding it challenging to disconnect from his work, Saket enjoys traveling and engaging in physical activities as a means of stress relief. He also loves meeting new people and hearing their stories, especially those of younger generations.

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