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Saransh Tiku: A Trailblazer In The Oil & Gas Industry

Saransh Tiku: A Trailblazer In The Oil & Gas Industry

   Saransh Tiku,     CEO

Saransh Tiku


Technology has made our lives easier and our future a lot better. One of the technological upgrades which directly helped us in upgrading our living standards is the concept of doorstep delivery. Earlier it was only food, clothes, groceries, or essentials that could be delivered to the doorstep. But now, even energy is being delivered online with Diesel being the first petroleum product to reach its end-users.

Romulus Oil & Gas is one such company that is at the forefront of this technological revolution. The company operates as a Cloud Petrol Pump to deliver Diesel directly to Companies such as Transporters, Logistics Companies, Ready Mix Cement Companies, Stone Crushers, etc. By providing Diesel through an innovative in-house delivery mechanism, the company is reducing Diesel wastage and saving up to 1.5 Million Tonnes of Carbon per customer per year.

In this interview with CEO Insights, we are introducing the brain behind this technology, a multitalented member of the fraternity, Saransh Tiku, Founder of Romulus Oil & Gas.

Could you walk us through your career journey?
I have completed M.Sc Human Resources and Organisation International Employee Relations from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). After completing my studies, I joined LuxferGTM Technologies, LLC as a Business Development executive in which I learnt about business operations, sales, among other things. I always knew I wasn’t meant for a normal job. My passion to be an entrepreneur was growing. Post Luxfer, I worked in Tata Motor Finance as a Dealer Relationship Manager (JLR Division) for 4 years handling Fuel Loans, Diesel Loans, augmenting IOCL & HPCL Loyalty programs. While working in automotive space for some time, I figured out a common issue late
payment delivery between the Automotive company and the transporter. Truck owners faced a lot of financial issues when it came to fuelling their vehicle while transporting goods. To unload their burden, we designed fuel loan program in partnership with leading oil companies. With this offering, transporting companies could ensure smooth operations of their fleets. Fuel finance by TMF is a working capital credit line offered for cashless purchases of diesel and lubricant from any HPCL or IOCL outlet across India. During this period, I learnt about delivering diesel directly at the doorstep of an end user. This what led to the cornerstone of Romulus Oil & Gas.

Romulus offers diesel directly at the doorstep of the end-user, which has a cumulative effect.

Could you share some insights on the services that you offer to customers?
Romulus is known for its cloud petrol pump that provides ondemand diesel delivery from refinery to table, using Bowser Trucks & Diesel Automated Teller Machine (DATM).

The company disburses diesel in 2 Modes DATM Diesel ATM and through Barrels. Romulus’ Bowser trucks are vehicles that can transport 4k-6k litres of diesel/trip. They will be filled at the Indian Oil refinery, from where they will transport diesel directly to cranes, stone crushers, generators, heavy immovable objects at the customer site.

DATM is an automatic (stationery) diesel dispenser, that is placed at a customer’s premises. It holds 2k litres of diesel at any point. Customers’ trucks can drive upto the ATM and refuel. When the tank goes below 500L, Romulus is intimated and one of our bowser trucks refills it. Romulus' Flagship project provides Diesel to customers, in fixed on the ground tanks that are constantly monitored online. We maintain 500-2000 Litres of Diesel in them at all times. We constantly maintain supply and charge only at the point of dispensing.

The best part of our company is that our teams operate 24x7 in multiple
shifts and we make sure that at no point do you run out of diesel. We offer these at highly competitive and best in market prices per litre.

Can you please highlight some of the benefits of your services?
The supply of fuel is a very painful process, even for petro pumps. Even for petrol pumps to take fuel from the refineries. With the help of our business model and using robust technology,we can provide you diesel in any condition, whether you need a 24 hour supply, or a smaller one shot supply from 2000 to 6000 litres at a time! We've got you covered.

Romulus offers diesel directly at the doorstep of the end-user, which has a cumulative effect. For example, on average our customers own 150-200 trucks each. If each truck has to travel 5kms to a petrol pump, we save each customer 750 kms running per day, or 22,500 kms per month.

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur?
The Oil and gas industry is a difficult space to be in. Our industry is still not on GST. We are still paying value add taxes in the country. So be patient, don’t get overwhelmed with all the complexities. If you give it some time, you can become a great entrepreneur.

Where do you see Romulus in the near future?
We see ourselves growing throughout the country. We are revolutionizing the way diesel is delivered to end users in India. We are a solution to most of the problems in the oil and gas industry. We believe we are one of the reliable and finest diesel and petrol suppliers in the industry. Backed by a robust technology, expertise and experience, we are well positioned to be a leading service provider across the globe.

Saransh Tiku, CEO, Romulus Oil & Gas
Saransh is a founder of Romulus Oil. As an expert in the Oil and Industrial Gases Sector, he is spearheading a new approach to Fuel and Energy Sector in Mumbai for Industries and Companies. Previously, he has worked as VC in LSE Alumni Association Mumbai for five years. He has also represented Jaguar Landrover's In house Finance team in Mumbai and maintained relationship with the JLR dealers to increase the Finance business at the JLR dealers in Mumbai and meet the sales targets of the Branch.

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