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Sathish Ramalingam & Karthick Subramaniam: Assisting Smes In Mitigating Risks By Optimizing Revenues With Expansion Prospects

Sathish Ramalingam & Karthick Subramaniam: Assisting Smes In Mitigating Risks By Optimizing Revenues With Expansion Prospects

Sathish Ramalingam, Director,   Karthick Subramaniam, Director - Operations

Sathish Ramalingam, Director

Karthick Subramaniam, Director - Operations

Accounting firms and CFOs are sometimes out of reach for small enterprises because of their restricted budgets and lack of resources. As important as accounting and paperwork are to your company's success, one should remember that handling these chores alone may limit the company's potential for development. The long term benefits of having a well trained, hardworking finance staff at your firm are immeasurable. As a result, consulting Virtual CFOs like Sathish Ramalingam and Karthick Subramaniam, who can keep an eye on your finances and analyze your income and expenditure, is a worth while consideration.

Intending to make legal services easily available and economical for small businesses and startups, Sathish and Karthick founded Eauditor Office Private Limited. Eauditor Office is a very well recognized brand in the world of company legal and accounting services, and it employs the most approachable, highly trained specialists, mainly Chartered Accountants. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Sathish and Karthick described their entrepreneurial journey so far and how they have assisted SMEs with financial decisions.

What inspired you to take a profession in the VCFO domain, and what motivates you today?
Satish With a background in commerce and experience in the accounting, auditing, and taxes fields in India and abroad. I was motivated by the fact that although big organizations have a robust internal control system and a CFO, SMEs are unable to get this service.
As one of the largest contributors to GDP, small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) often complain about the difficulties of recruiting a CFO because they cannot afford one. That's when I started thinking about how I might leverage this opportunity and came up with the concept of a Virtual CFO.

Eauditor's success is largely due to the hard work of my team since I believe that achieving excellence is a team effort

Karthick Over the last decade, I have worked in the accounting/compliance industry. The sector is still largely reliant on old fashioned methods, and the use of technology has been limited. There fore, Eauditor Office was founded as a result of my desire to introduce more technology into the sector.

Define eAuditor as an organization and its current position in the industry. What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its clients?
Satish Eauditor is a private limited business that was created last year,but its activities began in 2019. When we first began Eauditor, we made it simple for our clients to interact and communicate with us through email. We don't need our clients to set up an appointment or visit us to use our services. They may just visit our website and call us at the number given. After that our teammates will get in touch with them to provide the services that customers need.

Karthick A fast paced economy means that entrepreneurs want their ideas implemented and completed as soon as possible. Even a 60-minute workday is too long for some individuals. We were able to increase the pace of our operations by a factor of ten while maintaining a precision of one hundred percent across the board. Because of this, our consumers are quite satisfied.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Satish Eauditor's success is largely due to the efforts of my team since I
believe that achieving excellence is a team effort. They are the most determined, and we adhere to the three virtues of being humble, honest and hungry. At Eauditor, we are highly respectful of our customers, and since we have access to their data, we are committed to being honest with them. Furthermore, we are eager to assist our clients and to learn. This is our key to success.

Karthick Young Indian entrepreneurs are looking for the best advice and the quickest implementation. We are a team of young Indian entrepreneurs that know what a young Indian entrepreneur desire.

Based on your strong professional experience, what advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the same industry?
My first word of advice would be to concentrate primarily on your leadership abilities and to be persistent in delivering this message to your subordinates. While making money it is important to keep learning and make it a practice. If you're an aspiring leader, I encourage you to trust in your team's potential to thrive on their own and enable them to continually develop. Because I followed the same path in my professional life, I started this firm by myself and now employ 30 individuals, and you could say that we've prospered professionally as well.

Karthick Subramaniam, Director Of Operations, Eauditor Office
For the past decade, Karthick has worked as a certified public accountant and compliance professional. Karthick has always had a desire to increase the prevalence of technology in this field, which is why he founded Eauditor Office.

Sathish Ramalingam, Director, Eauditor Office
Sathish possesses a master's degree in commerce from Bharathiar University and is an Accounting and Finance specialist from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Further, Sathish started his career as an Audit Assistant at Auditor Office. In 2019, he embraced the entrepreneurial role and founded Eauditor Office.

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