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Sharath Kashyap: Carving A Niche In Real Estate Domain

Sharath Kashyap: Carving A Niche In Real Estate Domain

  Sharath Kashyap,  CEO & Founding Partner

Sharath Kashyap

CEO & Founding Partner

Coming from a lineage of engineers, Sharath Kashyap, CEO and Founding Partner at Niranthara Build Tech has a deep-seated passion for engineering that is inherent in his family's genes. He completed his undergraduate studies in Electronics and Electrical engineering in Bangalore, followed by postgraduation in Electrical and Computer Engineering stream from National University of Singapore, which laid a solid foundation for his subsequent research and development career. Over the course of nearly a decade, Sharath worked with multinational giants such as Seagate in Singapore, General Electric, Bosch, and Mercedes in Bangalore. Let’s hear more from him.

Why did you select Mysore as the hub for your company's activities, and how has the location supported your operations thus far?
Mysore, being the cultural capital of Karnataka, presents both advantages and challenges as a choice of location. It boasts excellent connectivity to Bangalore, a significant presence of state and central government offices, and a tranquil environment that appeals to both locals and newcomers seeking their ideal home. The Niranthara group conducted a comprehensive analysis of these factors and introduced an innovative concept called 'Customized Construction' from the very beginning. This approach offers customers a higher degree of freedom when selecting their villa, considering both design and cost perspectives. It has also made homeownership accessible to lower-income groups such as teachers, police personnel and nongovernment professionals, enabling them to design and construct their dream homes within budget constraints.

Mysore's intrinsic, stress-free environment attracts individuals of all age groups to invest in real estate. The demand for housing has steadily increased, with more people choosing Mysore as their retirement destination. Young IT professionals find Mysore appealing for their 'work from home' arrangements, and middle aged families are drawn to the city due to its cost efficient provision of education, medical services, and entertainment. Mysore also benefits from a readily available pool of skilled and unskilled labor, which effectively meets the rising demand.
How would you characterize Niranthara Build Tech as an organization and its current standing in the market?
Niranthara Build Tech has established itself as a highly reputable organization in recent years. Our reputation has primarily spread through word of mouth, a testament to the trust people have placed in our organization and their willingness to invest in our hassle-free dream villa offerings.

We are delighted to share that we recently marked a significant milestone, having successfully completed the construction of 200 villas in a remarkably short period. This achievement has had a transformative impact on the local real estate market, leading to a remarkable 150% increase in property values in that particular region. Our commitment and contributions to the sector have not gone unnoticed, as NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council) Mysuru chapter recognized our efforts and honored us with the 'Best Budget Group Housing' award in July 2023.

I 've always held the belief that the most effective marketing strategy is built on trust. The impact it generates surpasses that of any other physical or digital marketing platform

Niranthara Group has carved out a unique niche in the budget housing segment of Mysuru. I am proud to announce that we are currently leading the market in this particular sector, cementing our position as a trusted and innovative player in Mysore's real estate landscape.

How has Niranthara Build Tech Group managed to establish trust among the public in such a short timeframe, and what steps is the company taking to sustain this trust?
Niranthara Build Tech faced significant challenges during its initial stages when we introduced conventional group housing with fixed designs and costs. Unfortunately, this approach not only led to a setback in sales but also a sharp decline in inquiries. This prompted us to embark on an extensive research endeavor, ultimately giving rise to the innovative concept of 'Customized Affordable Group Housing.' At the time, this concept was groundbreaking and provided our clients with a higher level of freedom, enabling them not only to personalize the villa's design but also to tailor their budget accordingly.

This finely-tuned, customized, and transparent working model became the cornerstone of our success
story. It ensured that we never had to turn away any inquiries, as we had a range of options at our disposal to accommodate their budgetary constraints.

What is the next direction you are aiming for in the future?
Mysuru has experienced a significant increase in purchasing power across various sectors, and the real estate industry is no exception. As a result, Niranthara is gearing up to broaden its focus on the luxury segment in the near future, encompassing apartments, independent villas, and commercial properties. The company has established clear objectives for scaling up its workforce and, consequently, boosting the number of units sold. As part of our long-term vision, we have an ambitious plan to create over 500 jobs in Mysuru alone.

When I want to talk about my future destination, I would like to see myself heading a chain of institutions be it in hospitality, service or any product based enterprise. Though I haven't been able to brainstorm on any idea, eventually I will concretize one and nurture it to the fullest. The chain which I am conceiving of will be unique and incomparable. My intentions here is not only about businesses, margins, projects but it's also about creating jobs, creating trust and setting up ethical examples.

Drawing from your extensive experience in the industry, what guidance would you offer to emerging industry leaders?
Real estate investment presents both lucrative opportunities and challenges from a buyer's perspective. People often harbor inherent apprehensions when it comes to investing with an unfamiliar entity. However, if the same investment is recommended through word of mouth by trusted and dependable sources like friends, family, and colleagues, the fear factor is significantly reduced. Our partners unanimously agree that we successfully eliminate this intimidation factor through the power of trust.

I would like to offer guidance to our like-minded emerging industry leaders to prioritize and focus their efforts in this direction.

Sharath Kashyap, CEO & Founding Partner, Niranthara Build Tech
Sharath comes from a lineage of engineers and has a deep-seated passion for engineering that is inherent in his family's genes. He has a strong foundation in research and development built on his education which includes an undergraduate degree in Electronics & Electrical engineering followed by post-graduation in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore. Going forward he envisions building on Mysuru’s impending growth and scale up Niranthara Build Tech’s workforce and the number of units sold.

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