Shivika Sharma: A Galvanizing Leader Aspiring To Be A Change Bringer In The Indian Payments Segment | CEOInsights Vendor
Shivika Sharma: A Galvanizing Leader Aspiring To Be A Change Bringer In The Indian Payments Segment

Shivika Sharma: A Galvanizing Leader Aspiring To Be A Change Bringer In The Indian Payments Segment

    Shivika Sharma,    Chief Investment Officer

Shivika Sharma

Chief Investment Officer

The rapid penetration of technology coupled with the increasing awareness on digital banking has helped the Indian finance system to make impressive strides in the last couple of decades. With that said, there are still many prevalent gaps in this sector which is holding back the true potential of this industry. Operating with an aim to address this issue is Payomatix Technologies, the only platform in India that allows businesses to integrate multiple PSPs under single API integration with just a few clicks and make payment processing hassle free. With a strong foundation that includes enthusiasm for innovation, a problem-solving mindset, dependable resources, and, most importantly, a fantastic team, Payomatix Technologies has been able to develop into trail-blazers in the industry. Through their unique offerings, the company aspires to eliminate segmentation and provide unification to your payments, giving you complete control over transactions, as well as better risk management and security. All this helped them to break new business frontiers and strive for greater heights in the industry.

Shivika, Chief Investment Officer at Payomatix Technologies has been one of the primary cornerstones behind the sustained success of the company. With her at the helm, Payomatix Technologies is aspiring to achieve greater things not just for them but also for their valued customers.

In An Exclusive Interview With Ceo Insights, Shivika Gives More Insights Into Her Professional Journey And The Unique Business Operations Of Payomatix Technologies.

Can you talk briefly about your professional background and how has been your experience as a
business leader?
started my career in the field of business development and this experience exposed me to the dynamic world of sales. After that I moved to the Times Group where I worked directly with C level executives. I was in charge of developing training programs and executive seminars that addresses the company’s most pressing issues. Even during my stint with the Times Group, I was looking at the Indian payments industry and was working on how to enter the
segment. My passion and love for the payments ecosystem was instilled by Ruchi, she is the driving force behind my constant hustle to work towards this space. She has been a guiding light throughout this journey and I have been working closely with her since then. The pandemic helped me to slow down and research more about the payment’s infrastructure in India. During this time, I saw multiple prevalent gaps in the industry and that’s when I decided that we need to create a payment infrastructure system that can not only bridge these gaps but can also stand at level pegging with some of our western counterparts. This pursuit for excellence is what led me to this domain eventually.

We are an innovative payment system that aspires to change the payment system story in our country

Treating Payomatix Technologies as my own baby has helped me to cater to almost all the facets of our operations and this has given me a holistic view on our operations. Apart from wearing multiple hats at the same time, as an entrepreneur, you are also required to come up with business solutions on your own and this pushes you to develop a broader aspect of looking at things. Also, for me, entrepreneurship is a constant endeavor and me being a passionate learner has helped me to consistently reinvent myself. So, I
would say, being an entrepreneur is a constant learning experience for me.

Can you give us a brief overview on Payomatix Technologies?
We are an innovative payment system that aspires to change the payment system story in our country. Through our offering, we aspire to revolutionize the payment landscape in India and take it to the next level. Apart from this, we have been working on different consultancy projects across the globe for over a decade now as well. We have been able to handhold many clients and be a part of their success journey.

What were some of the major challenges that you faced in the industry and how did you overcome it?
Challenges are part and parcel of running a business but facing these challenges constantly has helped me in my development into a better business leader. With that said, out of the many challenges, catering to the highly dynamic Indian market brings with it, its own unique set of challenges. Faith, client experience, technological innovation, and a never-ending drive to be the best are the pillars on which we operate as an organization. All this has helped us to tackle the challenges we faced and move forward in our pursuit for business excellence. Apart from that, we are a company that prioritizes on creating a balanced personal and professional life. This has helped me and the rest of our employees to not overwork ourselves which in the long run can adversely impact our personal and professional life.

What are some of the major future plans of the company?
We are still in the process of settling down in the market but going forward, we are aiming to expand our horizons even further and explore more opportunities in different technologies and market spaces.

Shivika Sharma, Chief Investment Officer, Payomatix Technologies
Shivika is a forward-thinking business leader with a passion for building a business from scratch in a dynamic market segment. Over the years, she has also developed a strong expertise in diverse fields owing to her versatile nature and passion to learn constantly.

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