Shrikant Devanpelli: An Entrepreneur Offering End-To-End MEP Solutions For High Value Projects Across India & Outside India Also | CEOInsights Vendor
Shrikant Devanpelli: An Entrepreneur Offering End-To-End MEP Solutions For High Value Projects Across India & Outside India Also

Shrikant Devanpelli: An Entrepreneur Offering End-To-End MEP Solutions For High Value Projects Across India & Outside India Also

  Shrikant Devanpelli,   Founding Chairman & Managing Director

Shrikant Devanpelli

Founding Chairman & Managing Director

The key to a successful project is having the proper people working on it. The services of an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, IBMS & CCTV) consulting business are essential to the success of any building or restoration project. Consultants in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting (MEP) collaborate closely with building designers and proprietors during all phases of a project, from planning to construction to operation. By using this method, MEP experts may put in place systems that not only conform to the building's architectural design but also function as intended while keeping occupants safe. The services of MEP experts like Prashanti MEP Consultant' Chairman & Managing Director Shrikant Devanpelli may ensure that a building's performance is maximized and operational expenses are reduced during construction or refurbishment.

Shrikant Devanpelli founded Prashanti MEP Consultant, a multidisciplinary turnkey design and management consulting firm with headquarters in Mumbai, India. Shrikant received his Mechanical Engineering degree from India's VJTI College, widely regarded as one of the best in the country. He has since spent the better part of 17 years working as a utility engineering consultant on projects of all sizes and types including those for High Rise Residentials, Townships, hotels, hospitals, office towers, shopping centres, schools, government buildings, ware houses, and even whole towns.

What factors influenced you to establish Prashanti MEP Consultant?
I have around 17 years of experience in the MEP business, during which time I have worked in a variety of firms and on a variety of levels of responsibility. In light of all
that I've accomplished in my professional career, I decided in 2020 to become an entrepreneur. As a result, Prashanti MEP Consultant was established in Mumbai with the overarching goal of providing high quality unified professional engineering consulting services.

Define Prashanti MEP Consultant as an organization and its current position in the industry.
When it comes to engineering firms, Prashanti MEP Consultant(PC) is among the most reputable names out there. Prashanti MEP Consultant offers comprehensive MEP Design Services for all kinds of building projects, as well as industrial and infrastructure endeavours. Prashanti MEP Consultant provides a comprehensive MEP service solution under a single roof for all major projects located anywhere in India.Commercial, residential, five star hotels, hospitals and numerous Mega infrastructure projects like Business parks, Townships, Warehousing, and so on. are just a few of the many sectors that Prashanti MEP Consultant serves.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, one of my primary objectives for the firm is to encounter rapid expansion and acquire more clients

Describe the various engineering projects undertaken by Prashanti MEP Consultant. Also, what are the vision and mission of the company?
We have built hotels, resorts, tall highrise buildings, residential and township areas, offices and commercial spaces, information technology(IT) hubs, educational institutions, commercial complexes, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals, and bungalows. More importantly, Prashanti MEP Consultant strives to reach par excellence in the execution of projects for all of its clients, whether they be infrastructural, Industrial, residential, or commercial. Our mission is to provide unmatched quality of service, dependability, safety, and attention to our customers. Concurrently, we aim to achieve client satisfaction by going above and beyond what is expected of us. Prashanti MEP Consultant aims for the highest standards of quality, honesty, and efficiency in everything
that we do.

Prashanti MEP Consultancy also has a longterm goal of improving the lives of its employees and the general public through the development of innovative solutions. Further more, we want to achieve the highest levels of client contentment via the provision of services of the highest possible quality within the specified time frames. In this way, we can guarantee that it will result in increased revenue from recurring customers. As a leader, one of my goals is to facilitate the development of a source of knowledge and skill that can provide optimal services. The goal is to hire, train, and develop a team of loyal employees that will take pride in their job and help the firm and its clients gain prominence in the industry.

How has the Prashanti MEP Consultants' journey been so far?
Our firm is one of the fastest growing in the industry, and in only the last two years, we have near to finish to 120 projects. Our greater response rate and the fact that we provide technical solutions with added value are the two primary factors that have contributed to the growth of our business. Timely service and completion of projects under budget and on the schedule are two of the main reasons why our clients choose us over the competition. In general, the voyage of the firm has been quite successful, and I feel that we have established ourselves as a leader in the sector.

What plans have you developed for Prashanti MEP Consultantas the MD?
As an ambitious entrepreneur, one of my primary objectives for the firm is to encounter rapid expansion and acquire more clients. As another point of interest, in tandem with the expansion of the market, we want to expand the capabilities of each of our business divisions.

Shrikant Devanpelli, Chairman & Managing Director, Prashanti MEP Consultant
Shrikant has worked for almost 18 years and is now a Senior Associate Consultant. In order to fulfill his goal of providing comprehensive Professional Engineering Consulting of the highest quality, he later established Prashanti MEP Consultant in Mumbai.

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