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Sony George: Catalyst For Growth & Transformation

Sony George: Catalyst For Growth & Transformation

Sony George, Managing Director

Sony George

Managing Director

A vibrant campus teeming with intellect, innovation, and spirit of exploration, NIT Calicut, serves as a beacon of brilliance – igniting the flames of passion and nurturing holistic leaders. Among the elite alumni of NIT Calicut, Sony George is a noteworthy name for his entrepreneurial excellence in business consulting and corporate training. Sony George's transformative experience at NIT echoes the institution's commitment to fostering a culture of academic rigor and holistic development. Within the halls of NIT Calicut, he encountered a melting pot of intellectual stimulation, where ground breaking ideas took flight and innovation was celebrated.

After completing his Master of Science in Mathematics from Mangalore University, Sony pursued Masters of Computer Applications from NIT Calicut. He began his career with Asian Paints hired from the campus and later joined TCS in 1993. He then ventured overseas, working in the UK for two years before moving to the US, gaining valuable experience at Ciber, Analysts International, and EFUNDS International(now FIS).

In 2001, Sony returned to India and joined Wipro as a Project Manager, quickly progressing to the role of Delivery Manager. He further honed his expertise at IBM, where he served as a Program Manager and eventually rose to the position of General Manager. With a successful two-decade career in the IT industry, Sony embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, co-founding two technology ventures in 2011 and 2012: Digital Future of India aimed to provide tablet solutions and catering services to educational institutions, while TRIP2SUCCESS served as a marketplace for competitive exam study material. Despite their innovative nature, these ventures, faced market challenges for being ahead of time in an unready market.

True to the saying of Winston Churchill, “Failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts”.
Sony George established SKILLUP GLOBAL in 2018, dedicated to providing individual and corporate training programs. While Sony George continues to make significant contributions as a leader, CEO Insights is thrilled to interview him.

I believe that true learning happens when participants not only acquire knowledge but also experience personal transformation

How would you define SKILLUP GLOBAL as an organization and its current position in the market?
SKILLUP GLOBAL is established for empowering individuals to achieve success in their careers and personal lives by enhancing their personality and developing essential soft skills, particularly leadership skills. Recognizing the challenges faced by corporate organizations in terms of lacking soft skills and communication abilities among their client-facing staff, the company shifted its focus to corporate training, aiming to make a significant impact on society and the country as a whole.

What sets us apart as the preferred choice for companies seeking staff training is the exceptional caliber of our trainers. These trainers possess a unique combination of extensive corporate experience across various industry levels, international exposure, and a genuine passion for teaching. By incorporating best practices and methodologies from highly successful companies worldwide, SKILLUP GLOBAL ensures that training participants stay ahead of the competition.

With its strong focus on delivering high quality training programs and incorporating best practices, SKILLUP GLOBAL has positioned itself as a leading organization in the market, serving as an invaluable resource for companies looking to enhance the skills and capabilities of their workforce.

What are your flagship offerings and what value additions can customers expect from them?
Firstly, we provide leadership training, focusing on developing effective leadership skills and strategies. Secondly, our pre-departure orientation training prepares individuals for international assignments, equipping them with cultural awareness and necessary skills. Thirdly, our campus to corporate
training program assists fresh graduates in transitioning smoothly into the corporate world. Lastly, we offer inter viewing skills training specifically designed for leads and managers, enhancing their ability to conduct successful interviews.

What factors do you consider to develop effective corporate growth strategies as trainers?
In our middle management and senior management training programs, we offer the value of strategic thinking, cultivating a mindset focused on strategic approaches. When receiving a training request, we arrange a meeting with the leadership team to gain insights into their challenges and identify areas where they desire their teams to develop. Utilizing this information, we design highly tailored training programs that address their specific requirements.

What methods do you practice to stay up-to date with the ongoing industry trends?
To stay aligned with industry trends, we focus on delivering tailored solutions that address the unique requirements of our clients rather than relying on standardized offerings. Currently, we are expanding our range of value added services to encompass comprehensive offsite team building and training needs. This involves establishing partnerships with complementary service providers, such as companies specializing in outdoor meeting/training facilities and accommodations. By collaborating with them, we aim to offer complete packages that provide enhanced value to organizations.

Where do you see your organization headed in the upcoming years?
In the present year, our primary goal is to establish a strong presence in the Kerala market. Looking ahead, our strategy involves expanding to Bangalore and Chennai, where I have extensive connections in both cities from previous long term work experiences. We have valuable relationships with former colleagues who now hold senior positions in various companies, and we believe these connections can be utilized to our advantage in expanding our reach and impact.

Sony George, Managing Director, Skillup Global
Sony George, a passionate trainer driven by a love for teaching, is committed to delivering impactful learning experiences. With a focus on individual participant benefits, he strives to make every training session valuable and meaningful.

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