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Srividhya Deshpande: A Quintessential HR Leader Aspiring To set New Benchmarks

Srividhya Deshpande: A Quintessential HR Leader Aspiring To set New Benchmarks

Srividhya Deshpande,Senior Director - Human Resources

Srividhya Deshpande

Senior Director - Human Resources

Today, thriving in this globalized world overwhelmed with technology, we abundantly witness new industrial platforms, geo political shifts, global competition, and changing consumer demands reshaping the business world. As a result, to keep ahead the dexterous business leaders can be seen thinking of bringing about a radical change in the process and execution to steal the deal, however it is explicitly the HR leader who plays a critical role throughout the modern workforce bringing in the right talent and resources in locale for the plans to work out. Outclassing amongst this shining set of HR leaders is Srividhya Deshpande (Senior Director - Human Resources at SpringML), a proficient HR professional holding over 16 years of experience in the field.

To get to know more about Srividhya and her inspirational journey so far, delve into the following excerpts of anexclusive colloquy between her and CEO Insights.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. What inspired you to start your professional journey in the HR industry and what drives you today?
As an engineering graduate I started applying for software jobs. During the process of interviews, I realized that HR has such a major role in defining so many candidates’ careers. Fascinated with the world I get to explore, I chose Human Resource Management as my professional career. Having worked for some of the well-reputed companies like e-Quest Consulting, iGATE Global Solutions, Intelligroup (NTT Data), Monsanto (Bayer), Joules toWatts Business Solutions, and now SpringML, I am adept in the HR industry beginning with Staffing, IT Procurement, Category Strategy, Resource Management, Business Growth, Sourcing,IT & HR services procurement to Vendor Management.

Each day brings a new challenge to handle, it is all about ‘People’ Yes, interacting with as many people and discussing opportunities which enhances their work profile gives me a high each day from the past 16+ years.
How would you define SpringML and its position in the market? Also, how does your company differentiate itself from the competition?
SpringML is all about driving customer’s data into meaningful insights to focus on the core business performance. Using AI-ML there are limitless possibilities to explore with cloud platforms. Compared to the market, SpringML stands tall with great culture and cutting-edge training on latest technologies. We were chosen as Google Cloud ' s Partner of the year 2020 (US State and Local Govt).

Every day is an opportunity to discover something new and improvise HR practices to ensure employees’ happiness

Equipped with more than 16years of professional, what is your success mantra?
Innovation at work is my Ikigai. Every day is an opportunity to discover something new and improvise HR practices to ensure employees’ happiness. I have been chosen as Diversity champion in my earlier organization, successfully implemented many improvisations in projects related to employees’ life cycle management HRMS tool, payroll automation, background verification systems and best partnership. Being in a product company as well as with services industry experience helped me as a VicePresident in my previousorganization which heavily involved staffing, business growth and expansion in various locations. Current learning curve takes me to new heights in setting up the company’s culture.

In each role, I aspire to learn from all interactions and ideate to create the best version of the HR team.

SpringML interacts with its customers at every stage of the journey to help them obtain value, how do you contribute towards this approach?
It is people who make a company. We hire talented people with the right attitude, our L&D squads consisting of great mentors, scale up and create perfect contrivance for the project needs. Peaceful mind is all we need. I have created pods of dedicated HR folks to proactively reach out and find what employees need to mark a high happiness index. We have an open door policy where my employees feel free to connect with me anytime and share their happiness or challenges to be able to work out together towards career growth.
How has been your response to the challenges posed by the COVID-affected market and the need for new strategies? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
Working from home comes as a mixed bag. While we were always open to it, knowing your employees becomes a herculean task through the emojis. Strategic decisions had to be taken with immediate effect, I will always be thankful to the supportive leadership team in making the right investments for HR support.

Mental wellness is taken as a top priority and we have arranged for Employee Assistance programs. We have expert partners for taking care of family fitness, 24x7 EAP support, webinars guidelines for healthcare, mandatory breaks fun engagements and many more activities with reminders quoting the need of the hour. We engage in CSR activities, the most recent ones were in supporting the infrastructure for COVID impacted patients and funding the supply of oxygen cylinders to underprivileged hospitals. We received appreciation for SpringMLs contributions.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee as a leader?
I wish I had a crystal ball to foresee. The job market seems to get more volatile with the growing opportunities and highly dynamic situations are anticipated in the industry. During these unprecedented times we should be prepared with more resources to handle the turbulence and safeguard employees’ interests. Research a lot on the best practices, stay in touch with ground reality to provide the best possible from the organisation and most importantly be empathetic.

Srividhya Deshpande, Senior Director – Human Resources, SpringML
A B.Tech. graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, she is a seasoned leader into HR who loves to break the myths about HR stereotypes and aspires to create a cult in the industry.

Hobbies: Research on latest trends and about human behaviour. Travel and experience cultures in different locations.
Favourite Cuisine: Indian version of Chinese and Mexican dishes.
Favourite Book: Ikigai-The Japanese secret to a long and happy life.
Favourite Travel Destination: Paris

Awards & Recognition: Have received several performance related awards, but the most cherished one is the 'Ethics Awards’ won during her stint at Bayer Company.

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